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Companies That Stood the Test Of Time 

According to, about 25% of businesses fail in the first year and about 50% of them are kaput after five years. Check out these vintage ads from the early 1950s, all from brands that are still alive and kicking. 

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An ad for Yale | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips


Linus Yale Sr. started designing locks in his Yale Lock Shop in Newport, New York in 1840. In 1865, Linus Yale Jr. patented pin tumbler technology that was inspired by a wooden lock system used 4000 years earlier by the Egyptians. Today, Yale still manufactures door openers, padlocks, door handle-sets, smart home locks and many other security products.  

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An ad for Franklin glue | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

Franklin International 

The Franklin Glue company was founded in 1935 and was the first to make “ready-to-use” hide glue. In 1992, they developed the first peel-and-stick adhesive for the United States Post Office. Franklin still manufactures dozens of different adhesives, sealants and glues for many different industries. Titebond is their most recognizable brand on the market today. 

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An ad for Jorgensen Clamps | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

Pony Jorgensen 

Hans Jorgensen, a Danish cabinet maker, patented an improved handscrew clamp in 1901. In 1903, he teamed up with salesman Marcus Russ and former opera singer Adele Holman to form the Pony Jorgensen Company. And yes, we did say “former opera singer”. Pony Jorgensen still makes high-quality clamping products for woodworkers. 

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An ad for Plastic Wood | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

Plastic Wood  

“Plastic Wood” was bought by DAP in the 1990’s. Today, it’s marketed as a wood filler, not a radiator repair product.  

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An ad for Duo-Fast Putty Knife | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips


Duo-Fast started out in 1937 as Fastener Corporation. They made some other tools along the way but are still known for their fasteners, especially staplers. Today’s glazier’s tool looks virtually identical to this Duo-Fast Putty Knife. 

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An ad for Scotts Lawn care seeds | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips


Orlando McLean Scott started out selling farm equipment and seed to farmers in 1868. In 1907, Orlando’s oldest son, Dwight Scott, came up with the idea to start selling lawn seed through the mail. In 1928, Scotts came up with a fertilizer specifically designed for lawn grass called Turf Builder. Scott’s Miracle-Gro is still working hard at keeping backyards green and weed free. 

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An ad for Molly Screw Anchors | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

Molly screw anchor 

Okay, it’s true that the Molly Corporation is no longer around, but Molly Bolts are still a popular way to hang heavy stuff from drywall.   

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An ad for Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

Durahams Water Putty 

Duraham’s Water Putty has been mending cracks and patching holes since 1932. It was one of many of Donald Durham’s products that were sold from the automobile trunks of traveling salesmen across the United States in the twentieth century.   

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An ad for the Trade-wind clipper | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

Trade-Wind Fans 

Trade-Wind was only a couple of years old when this ad came out. They must be doing something right, because they are still making their fans and vents today in Phoenix, Arizona.

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An ad for the 3-In-One-Oil | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips

3-IN-ONE oil 

Here’s a good trivia question for you. In 1894 George W. Cole creates an oil blend for bicycles designed to perform what three functions? Answer: lubricate, clean and prevent rust. The 3-IN-ONE line has since expanded to nine different formulas including Dry Lube for locks and the RVcare product specially designed to lubricate RV slide outs and windows. Now there’s a niche market! 

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An ad for the Bilco Celladoor | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips


Bilco is still making basement doors and has been since 1926. Unfortunately, the “rumpus room” has not enjoyed the same longevity. Kind of a shame, really. 

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An ad for the Lufkin NiClad Steel Tape | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips


Edward Taylor Lufkin created the E.T. Lufkin Board and Log Rule Manufacturing Company in Cleveland Ohio in 1869. His company started out servicing the logging industry. In 1890 Lufkin became the first company in the USA to produce a metal measuring tape. Lufkin is now part of the Apex family of tool brands 

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An ad for the Skil drill | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips


Edmond Michel invented the circular saw (sometimes still called the Skilsaw) in the early 1920s. In 1924, he partnered with Joseph Sullivan to form Michel Eclectic Handsaw Company. Michel left the company in 1926 and Sullivan changed the company name to Skilsaw, Inc. In 1937 they introduced the Model 77 worm-drive circular saw. It is often referred to as “the saw that built America.” 

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An ad for smooth on cement repair | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips


You might not have heard of this company recently, but they are still making epoxies, along with rubber, foams, plastics, adhesives and more. However, most of their products are geared towards non-consumer based industries, including the movie-making business. They’re concoctions are used to make everything from prop boulders to zombie masks. Their products have appeared in all sorts of films and tv shows, including Star Wars, The Hobbit Trilogy, Iron Man, Harry Potter, James Bond, Aliens, and The Walking Dead. 

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An ad for a Delta saw-jointer | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips


For decades, Delta was known for its industrial grade tools and machinery, but that’s not actually how they started out. Herbert Tautz founded the Delta Specialty Company in 1919, and like many other successful entrepreneurs made his products in his own garage.  

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An ad a Dremel Moto-Saw | Construction Pro Tips
Construction Pro Tips


Albert J. Dremel started his company in 1932 by marketing the first high-speed handheld rotary tool, a tool they are still know for today. They branched out in the 1950s with other tools such as these sanders and the Electric Moto-Saw.