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Tips Of The Trades Vol.1

Like grandpa used to say, “A place for every tool and every tool in it’s place.” Here're some tips to help you run the tightest workspace on the jobsite.

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CPT sends out a big thanks to these folks who are willing to help out  their fellow brothers and sisters in arms by sharing these brilliant nuggets of wisdom they picked up along the way.

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Clean saw blades regularly

Keep Blades Sharp

Sap, glue and resins can gum up circ saw blades in a hurry. Cleaning and a semi-regular sharpening can help your blade last a lot longer because a clean blade does not heat up as much. Plus, a clean blade is more accurate and makes better cuts. Avoid oven cleaner and other harsh chemicals can destroy teflon and other fiction-reducing coatings. Liquid laundry detergent is on effective and inexpensive option, or you could use a product that has been specifically designed to clean blades, like Saw-Kleen from D.W. Davies.

Submitted by Jeff Kirk (@canadian_trimkat)

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Color Coordinated ConstructionFamily Handyman

Color coded construction

We color code our rebar with spray paint before we start every big job. This saves us time and the frustration of sorting through a messy pile of who-knows-what as the job moves along.

Submitted by Hollyhock Construction (@hollyhockconstruction)

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Keep a listFamily Handyman

Keep a record

In the whirlwind, scattered world of construction, keeping track of the big-picture is the main focus of any contractor. That means that sometimes, little things like keeping stocked up on screws, nails and other materials can sometimes slip through the cracks. Keeping a detailed list of everything you use during a day of work can be a great way to stay up to date on your material stock.

Submitted by Greg Maruffi (@greg_maruffi_plumbing)

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Mark your studs

Spray bright, fluorescent spray paint on the floor to quickly mark out your stud locations. This will save you a ton of time later when you start to install the base! And it’s always nice to throw the drywall guys a bone.

Submitted by Andy Moore (@modern_oak)

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Store your tracks

Wall Mounts

Track saw tracks are definitely something that you want to keep out of harms way. Mounting them on the wall with simple brackets like these makes them easy to access but also keeps them up and away from any potential dings or dents.

Submitted by @somershandbuilt

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Label after dry fitFamily Handyman

Label after dry fit

There’s nothing worse than putting together PVC for a dry fit, taking it apart to glue… and then having things get mixed up so nothing fits the same. To avoid this, I mark and numbering the PVC pieces at the joints.

Submitted by Rob Perolli (@perollibuilds)

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Remove fuzz from paint roller

Eliminate Fuzz

Having to pick roller cover fuzz off of a freshly painted wall is pretty annoying. To avoid this, roll your paint roller over a strip of tape to preemptively collect any loose fuzz.

Submitted by @boltandbeam

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Coping Saw Storage

Here’s a great way to hang and store coping saws. Usually these hangers are used for rolled-up extension cords, but they’re pretty effective for keeping coping saws corralled in a trailer.

Submitted by Andy Moore (@modern_oak)

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Keep paint lids cleanFamily Handyman

Keep paint can rims clean

Paint can rims can quickly turn into sticky, sloppy messes after just one pour. One of the best ways to keep rims clean is to poke a few holes in them with a nail. The holes allow any built up paint to seep back into the can, so you don’t have to chase it around in circles with a rag.

Submitted by Shelly Cook (@mamacookieof7)

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Strip clean with steel wool

Strip clean with steel wool

Use steel wool to strip a paint roller clean if it gets all crusted up with old, dry paint. Just one quick scrub is all it takes to get your clean and rolling again.

Submitted by 11th and T Designs (@11th_and_t_designs)

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Chain storage idea

A post shared by Rural Renovators (@rrbuildings) on Sep 28, 2017 at 5:32pm PDT

Bulky, heavy chains just laying around and getting in the way of everything? Try this trick to keep chains organized and ready for easy access.

Submitted by Kyle Stumpenhorst (@rrbuildings)

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Family Handyman

Cord control

Mount a power strip directly onto your saw stand with zip ties. It reduces trip hazards and keeps your workspace much less cluttered. Plus, the cords are easier to find and reach when it comes time to take everything down for the day.

Submitted by Lincoln Currie (@curriecarpentry)

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Label Paint CansFamily Handyman

Avoid mixups with lables

Labeling paint can lids with a piece of tape and a permanent marker helps keep from mixing up hues and making a potentially costly mistake. Just make sure you put the right lid on the right can!

Submitted by Maximilian Piragnoli (@mtpfinepainting)