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10 Things You Can Do With a Jack-O-Lantern After Halloween

Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean your jack-o-lantern should be thrown away! Check out these clever ways to repurpose the holiday staple.

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Save The Seeds For Planting

If you have a jack-o-lantern that’s fully intact (perhaps you drew on the face instead of carving), you can take advantage of the guts once Halloween is over. Scrape out the seeds, wash them, towel dry and then store them in a brown paper bag for a month. After a month, discard any seeds that show signs of rot or mold, then label your good seeds and store them in a dark, cool place until spring rolls around and you can plant them. Get in the spirit of fall with these pumpkin spice goodies.

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Compost It

Toss that jack-o-lantern in your compost pile if you’re using a heap method to compost. For more delicate composting, be sure to cut the pumpkin into smaller pieces first. Highlight autumn’s freshest hues on white, orange or pale green pumpkins.

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Make a Pumpkin Bird Feeder

DIY your own bird feeder by simply filling up your old jack-o-lantern with a layer of bird feed. Place it in the yard where you’ll get a good vantage point of the birds coming and going. You can also hang the pumpkin, carving out a large section of the back of the pumpkin to see the birds eating. Check out these 20 jack-o-lantern ideas that’ll make you wish you had a bigger porch.

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Save Them to Make Pumpkin Snowmen

If snow is around the corner in your part of the country, why not save your pumpkins and reuse them as heads for your snowmen? Take a look at these 16 crazy painted pumpkins.

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Try a Pumpkin Cannon

You’re not the only one wondering what to do with your leftover jack-o-lantern! See if there’s a local pumpkin cannon party in your neck of the woods and plan to show up and shoot your JOL through the sky! You could also build your own pumpkin catapult or trebuchet.

Have you ever considered carving your pumpkins with power tools?

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Have a Pumpkin Smashing Party

Another fun way to use your jack-o-lantern is to host a pumpkin smashing party. It’s a great excuse to get friends together and have a little outdoor fun in the fall. Ask your guests to bring their old pumpkins over and something to damage it with: slingshot, hammer, broomstick etc. As the temperature drops and leaves change, there’s work to be done. Be sure you know these 20 projects to always do in fall.

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Make a Pumpkin Flower Planter

Hollow out a jack-o-lantern that wasn’t carved and transform it into a festive fall flower pot. You can also put a whole plant in the pumpkin, then place the pumpkin in the ground. The pumpkin will deteriorate in the ground, fertilizing the plant as it breaks down. Get a complete list of tasks you should complete to get your house ready for fall. It’ll make life a lot easier this winter.

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Make Pumpkin Potpourri

Fill your house with the smell of pumpkin pie by using your leftover pumpkin as indoor potpourri. If it’s not already carved, add some vents once you’ve hollowed it out, then burn a candle inside once you’ve rubbed spices in the lid. You may also like these DIY beeswax candles made in glass yogurt jars.

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Feed Wildlife

Do you live in an area with an active wildlife population? Make use of your old jack-o-lantern by bringing it into the woods or to the edge of your lawn, away from the road, and allow deer, raccoons, squirrels and other animals to eat it the pumpkin. As the weather cools, pests start seeking warmer climates, like the inside of your house. These are 30 surefire ways to keep out fall pests.

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ThanksgivingNika Art/Shutterstock

Make a Thanksgiving Tablescape

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween! Keep a pumpkin or two around and add them into your tablescape for Thanksgiving. Add candles, pine cones and leaves for a beautiful setting. To make sure the day goes smoothly, here are 12 must-haves for a successful Thanksgiving.

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