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10 Things You Can Do to Make Your House Seem New

This summer, we got the itch to start house hunting. There was nothing wrong with our house and it was totally unplanned. What do you do when you really don't want to move, but your house isn't as aesthetically pleasing to you as it once was? These 10 ideas will help you make your home seem brand new!

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Update Your Lighting

Lack of light can make any space seem dingy. Upgrade your lamps and the lighting in rooms you spend a lot of time in, like your kitchen or living room. Once things have lightened up, you may like your space a lot more. Here are 12 other things that make your home look dated–and how to fix them!

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Repurpose Items You Already Own

Repurposing is all the rage in home decor. Try turning an old dresser into a cool new TV stand or a secretary’s desk into a vanity for your master bedroom. Instead of buying something new, turn something you own into a piece that will work for you and the vision you have for your space. Love this idea? Check out these 80 items that were repurposed!

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Declutter Your Home

When we looked at new houses, they often seem so desirable because they were so neat and organized. Of course, there is a completely DIY fix that’ll make your home tidy, too! Go through your home and remove anything you don’t need or doesn’t give you joy. If it’s not essential and just takes up space, let it go! These 8 principles of organizing will help you get your mess in order!

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Pressure Wash Your House and Deck

If the outside of your home is dingy, it might just need to be pressure washed. Wash your house and deck or patio space and marvel at the difference! Not sure how to pressure wash your house? Read this!

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Get Rid of Outdated Faucets

Consider replacing the faucets in your kitchen and bathroom for a more modern look. (This also goes for your mud room and any sink that needs a makeover!) These tips will help you install a faucet the easy way.

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Update Your Flooring

If you have floors that are showing their age, consider replacing them. Depending on what you choose, this can be an expensive project, but it will have big impact on making your home look fresh and new. If you have hardwood floors and they just need refinishing you can refinish them in one day. And, there’s always the option to cover up the worn floors with an on-trend area rug. Other installation tips:

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Deep Clean

If it’s been a long time since your house was deep cleaned, now’s the time to do it! Clean windows, dust-free light fixtures, shiny sinks and spotless floors are sure to make your house feel fresh and new. Don’t forget these 9 things when you deep clean.

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Update Your Color Scheme

You may have gray walls, which are on-trend, but is it the right gray? Subtle changes, like going from a cool version of a color to a warmer shade can make a surprising difference. Use Pinterest and paint manufacturer sites to see what’s trending, select some new colors and get your roller and brushes ready! Here’s how to paint a room in one day.

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Upgrade Pieces that Have Seen Better Days

Replace any furniture, rugs and pillows that are damaged beyond repair. If you’re a bargain hunter, consider craiglist and estate sales.

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Embrace a New Style

If you have shabby chic decor that isn’t your taste anymore, ditch the country charm and go modern! You probably can’t change over your whole house at once, so start with one room and go from there. You’ll find that you don’t really have to start from scratch and that some of the things you have will transition to your new style with just a little tweaking. Here’s some home decor eye candy to get you motivated.

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