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These Items Just Won at the 2019 Product of the Year Awards

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed at the grocery store. Sometimes it seems that there are too many products to choose from. And with each brand claiming it’s the best, consumers can have a hard time deciding what to buy.

That’s where the Product of the Year Awards come in. For over 30 years, the survey has aimed to “Guide consumers to the best products in their market and reward manufacturers for quality and innovation.” This year’s awards span a variety of categories—including food, home and health—and are based on the votes of over 40,000 shoppers. Ready to meet the winners?

P.S. These are our Test Kitchen’s best loved food, gear and gadget brands.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Strongbow Hard Ciders, 100 Cal Slim Cans

In the alcoholic beverage category, Strongbow’s 100-calorie cans took home top prize. And with three tasty flavors (Rosé Apple, Original Dry and Dry Pear), we can see why. Check out these 10 cool tips for keeping a garage fridge or freezer to store those tasty beverages.

Available in select grocery and liquor stores.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Gold Emblem abound White Cheddar Flavored Bite-sized Quinoa & Rice Cakes

Snack lovers, rejoice! These white cheddar quinoa cakes were voted the best better-for-you snack. Find some more space for your snacks with these 10 brilliant kitchen cabinet ideas.

Purchase some here at CVS.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

ALDI Specially Selected Sliced Sourdough Round

As if we need any more reasons to love Aldi. Its sliced sourdough round was named best of the bread category. America’s cheapest grocery store was just revealed, too. Do you shop there?

Available in Aldi stores and online at Instacart.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Del Monte Fruit & Oats

The winner in the breakfast category is perfect for eating on the go. Each cup features oats, chia seeds and sweet fruit. Find out the 10 foods you’re storing wrong and what to do about it.

Purchase here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Java House Cold Brew — Dual Use Liquid Pods

For a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, turn to these cold brew pods. Voted the best caffeinated product, each pod can be served over ice or brewed in a single-serve coffeemaker. You’ll be amazed at the 12 mistakes everyone makes when brewing coffee.

Purchase the pods here on Amazon.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA


Looks like Butterfinger’s new recipe is a hit with shoppers. It won top prize in the candy bar category.

Purchase some Butterfinger bars here at Amazon.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

BUSH’S Savory Beans

On a busy night, there’s nothing better than a can of beans to jumpstart a quick, healthy meal. These savory varieties—including Black Bean Fiesta, Southern Style White Beans, New Orleans Style Red Beans and Southwestern Style Pinto Bean—won the convenience meal category.

Fit your canned goods neatly in your pantry with these 13 brilliant ideas.

Purchase some beans online at Amazon here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA


We didn’t think Oreos could get any better. But we were wrong. These winners in the cookie category are slimmed down then dipped in fudge.

Purchase Oreos online here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Cooked Perfect Fresh Meatballs

We love grandma’s signature meatballs, but on a weeknight, her scratch-made recipe just isn’t feasible. These refrigerated meatballs are a good substitute (and the winner of the fresh entrée category). You’ll want to know these freezer organizer tips to fit everything.

Available in select grocery stores and online at Amazon.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Lean Cuisine Origins

Upgrade your sad desk lunch to a hot, healthy meal. Best in the frozen entrée category, this new meatless line from Lean Cuisine has us looking forward to lunchtime.

Available in select grocery stores and online at Target.

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Courtesty of Product of the Year USA

Tic Tac Gum

These little nuggets look like the classic mints we know and love, but they’re actually chewy! This new product took home the top honors in the gum category. If you ever get gum stuck on something you’ll need to know these 10 tips to get gum out of everything.

Purchase Tic Tac gum here at Amazon.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA


Hydrate your way to better health with the winner of the healthy beverage category. These infusion drinks from ZYN® boast 200 mg of “anti-inflammatory and antioxidant healing power” in every bottle.

Purchase ZYN here at Amazon.

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Product of the Year USA

Nightfood Ice Cream

OK, how has no one thought of this before?! The genius winner of the ice cream category infuses their frozen treats with “sleep-supporting minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.” Good night indeed.

Purchase Nightfood here on Amazon.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Kinder Joy

Keep your little ones happy with the winner of the kids novelty snack category. This sweet treat combines everything a child loves in one tiny package.

Purchase some Kinder Joy here on Amazon.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Idahoan Family Size Flavored Mashed Potatoes

Enjoy the ultimate comfort food at any time. This winner of the side dish category boasts enough potato-y goodness to satisfy your entire family. Keep your sanity by adopting some of these 41 kitchen organizing ideas.

Purchase here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Black Forest Gummy Bears

Step back in time with the best of the sugar confections category. These nostalgia-inducing gummy bears will transport you back to childhood. These 15 awesome retro toys will take you back to your younger years too.

Purchase some gummy bears here.

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Product of the Year USA

ALDI Earth Grown Chickenless Patties or Tenders

Even meat eaters will appreciate the winner of the vegetarian entrée category. These chickenless patties and tenders will fool even the biggest carnivore.

Available in Aldi stores and online at Amazon.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

ALDI Intermingle Red Blend

Relax after a long day with this wine category winner. An exclusive for Aldi, the medium-dry red wine is perfect for pairing with grilled meats or chicken. Some day you could store that bottle in one of these 10 incredibly stunning wine cellars.

Available in Aldi stores and online at Instacart

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Air Wick Essential Mist

Give your home a signature scent with this essential oil mister (that won the air care category!). If store-bought air fresheners aren’t your thing, try these stovetop potpourris instead. If you’ve got a bad smell in the house, this is the place you’ll want to check.

Purchase an Air Wick here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA


What’s the point of having a dishwasher if it doesn’t actually clean your dishes? These powerful gels won top prize in the automatic dish care category and promise to leave your dishes sparkling. If you’ve got a smelly dishwasher, here’s the quick fix.

Purchase POWERBALL here.

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Product of the Year USA

Rain-X Waterless Car Wash & Rain Repellent

A car wash without water? Yep, it’s possible. This top performer in the car care category promises to clean your vehicle AND make it water repellent. These 46 car detailing tips will save you a ton of cash and get your car really clean.

Purchase some Rain-X here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Fresh Step Clean Paws

The only thing your kitty should track around the house are her cute “meows!” This winning litter from the cat care category promises to stay in the litter box where it belongs. Here’s an even better product: a robot that eliminates the need for a litter box.

Purchase here.

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Product of the Year USA


Skip the drying step when you go to unload the dishwasher. Winner of the dish booster category, this formula promises to dry “100 percent better than detergent alone on plastics and cutlery.” See what pro house cleaners always use to get homes clean.

Purchase FINISH Jet-Dry here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Comfort Zone Calming Vest for Dogs

Does Fido freak out during thunderstorms or fireworks displays? This calming vest (which won the dog care category) can help. It’s designed to apply constant pressure to help your pet feel calm and safe. Here’s how you can make a move less stressful for your dog.

Purchase a calming vest or thunder jacket here.

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Product of the Year USA

Scrubbing Bubbles Bubbly Bleach Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Cleaning the toilet is definitely on the top of our “Most Dreaded Chores” list. This household cleaning category winner makes it a little more bearable. Check out the 18 most popular cleaning products from last year, including one steaming hot momma.

Purchase Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaner here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Reynolds KITCHENS Quick Cut Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is great—when you can actually remove it from the roll! Winner of the household essentials category this “quick cut” is frustration-free. Ever wonder what you can do with Bubble Wrap® beside just pop it? We’ve got some ideas.

Purchase some plastic wrap here online.

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Product of the Year USA

Purex Crystals New & Improved Formula

Taking home the top prize in the laundry booster category, these fragrant crystals will help your laundry look (and smell!) its best. Check out this one trick that will keep your laundry wrinkle-free.

Purchase here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Tide PODS Ultra Oxi

We’re all about cutting down on the time it takes to do a load of laundry. The winner of the laundry pacs category, these smart pods combines Tide’s cleaning power with Ultra Oxi’s stain-fighting technology. Check out the things that should never go into your washing machine.

Purchase Tide PODS here.

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Product of the Year USA

Dawn Platinum

Hello, cleaner dishes; goodbye, scrubbing—thanks to this winner of the liquid dish soap category. Finally, we learned what gives Dawn it’s magic powers.

Purchase Dawn Platinum here on Amazon.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Tide Fresh Coral Blast

An upgraded formula was the reason this detergent won the liquid laundry category. Plus, its fresh scent is hard to resist. Make sure you’re avoiding these laundry mistakes, otherwise you’ll be in trouble.

Purchase Tide Fresh Coral Blast here at Target.

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Product of the Year USA

Brawny Tear-A-Square

Three different sheet sizes make it easy for this winner in the paper towels category to clean up any sized mess. Discover these house cleaning hacks from professional cleaners that are genius.

Purchase Brawny paper towels here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Playtex Simply Gentle Glide

Winner of the feminine care category, these tampons are simple, gentle and reliable.

Purchase Playtex tampons here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

CONTOUR NEXT ONE Smart Meter and App System

Managing diabetes has never been easier, thanks to this smart meter and app system that won the healthy systems category.

Purchase the device here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA


If you have trouble getting your kids to take cold medicine, listen up. This winner of the immediate relief category won because it transformed cough drops into lollipops. Genius!

Purchase some drops here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Crest Gum Detoxify

Keep your teeth (and gums) healthy with this top performer in the oral care category. Find out why it’s super helpful to have an old toothbrush around.

Purchase some Crest Gum Detoxify here.

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Courtesy of Product of the Year USA

Honu Sunscreen

Inspired by the Hawaiian sea turtle, this smart sunscreen has a wand design that allows users to reach (and protect!) every inch of their shells…err, skin. It’s no wonder it took home top prize in the skin protection category. Make sure you know these 10 summer sun safety tips.

Purchase the sunscreen here.

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