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The Most Underrated Groceries on Amazon, According to Customers

With basically perfect reviews, you’ll want to add these items to your cart right now.

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Kinloch Plantation Products Pecan Oil, One 1000 ML Bottle via

Pecan Oil

“This oil is expensive! But so worth it. I used it to make some of my protein cookies as well as make my own balsamic dressing and it was awesome. It tastes great in anything you use it on, especially fish. I love anything pecan so this is a win-win. Did I say how much I love this oil?” —Creeative1. Also, check out these Amazon products you’ll definitely use every day and the 25 kitchen prep tools from Amazon you didn’t know you needed.

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CLIF Nuts & Seeds bars

“These are my favorite CLIF bars! Most of their flavors include chocolate and can be on the sweeter tasting side. The nuts and seeds are a perfect balance of sweet and savory while packing a punch of energy. I take these bars everywhere for a quick boost of energy—they’re lifesavers especially when resources are limited!” —Emily 

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Shelled hemp seeds

“I can feel and see a big difference in just a short time eating these. I’m more alert, have more energy, and sleep better. My nails are growing long and strong and my skin looks amazing too! These are nature’s most super superfood!” —Rockin’ Robin. These are the items you should always buy on Amazon. Amazon’s got great deals but sometimes you can still find things cheaper someplace else. Find out what things are cheaper someplace other than Amazon.

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Ocean Spray Diet Sparkling Cranberry Juice, 8.4 Ounce Can (Pack of 24) via

Diet sparkling cranberry juice

“Don’t let the interesting combo scare you. These are SO good. I was hooked on just the regular cranberry ones but divorced them for these guys. The price currently is cheaper than the stores and I couldn’t be happier. Ninety calories. Good portion size. This drink is the jam. The cranberry ones are still good, but I love these more. I might just have one right now!” —Holly B. 

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McCormickCalifornia Style Garlic Pepper (Fresh Black Pepper Seasoning), 22 oz via

Garlic pepper

“This is the most delicious seasoning of all time. My mom used to have teeny bottles of this when I was younger and it’s great on everything from meat to vegetables to souls. It has a sturdy garlic-pepper blend, but the addition of bell pepper and parsley rounds out the flavor. A smidge of brown sugar helps balance and promote caramelization.” —Amazon customer

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Barilla Pasta, Penne, 16 Ounce (Pack of 8) via

Barilla penne pasta

“This is the only brand of pasta that I buy. It cooks up perfectly every time, no matter which type I cook. It never gets mushy and it keeps a nice texture and structure. Buying the bulk packages here makes life easier and I can stock up on various pasta. I like to always have several types on hand.” —MyPenName. Check out these hidden gems on Amazon you’ll wish you had bought a while ago.

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Mrs. Wages Medium Salsa Tomato Mix, 4-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6) via

Salsa tomato mix

“This stuff is so good, useful for so much more than just salsa. Sprinkle a little in your omelet, YUM, add some to your next meatloaf to perk it up. A little goes a long way, so don’t be afraid to jump on this, it is well worth the investment for the complex flavors it can add to your savory dishes. Flavors are imbued in this by a combination of spices and dehydrated vegetables bits.” —MAJ

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Organic parsley

“Being unable to find fresh organic parsley locally, I decided to try this and have been very pleased. It tastes great and has a nice cut to it. I think it’s well priced, and like that both the front of the bottle and the metal cap are labeled. I especially like the freshness of the flavor in vegetable soup, adding it to the individual bowls right before eating. I find myself taking the little interior plastic cap off so I can shake out a large quantity of parsley, so I’ll be reordering very soon. Recommend!” —MC

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Viva Naturals #1 Best Selling Certified Organic Cacao Powder from Superior Criollo Beans, 1 LB Bagvia

Organic cacao powder

“I’ve been adding cacao to my coffee and making everything from homemade chocolates and mug-cakes for a while. What initially attracted me to Viva’s cacao powder was its price, packaging and being lower in carbs than the one I was using. I’m enjoying the taste of this. It’s richly delicious!” —Darren. 

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Organic lollipops

“These lollies became a fast, unexpected favorite in my family. We were introduced to them at a community event, and both my husband and I found ourselves raising our eyebrows at the quality that came through in something so simple as a lollipop. We’ve never been particularly passionate about hard candies, but these are special. There is something ‘just right’ about the sweet to tangy ratio, and the flavor variety makes them perfect for the whole family. They will either leave you remembering why you were so into lollipops as a child or wondering why you came to the party late. Prepare to put these on auto-ship and be that mom that has suckers in her purse all time.” — Jenny M. Greer

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Bigelow Earl Grey Tea Bags 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6), 120 Tea Bags Total. Caffeinated Individual Black Tea Bags, for Hot Tea or Iced Tea, Drink Plain or Sweetened with Honey or Sugar via

Earl grey tea bags

“I fell in love with Bigelow’s tea over the holidays, but couldn’t find it in my grocery stores, health food stores, Whole Foods, etc. Finally, I remembered that Amazon sells a lot more than just books. The price for the quantity is fantastic.” —Youneedabiscuit. If you’re on a budget, check out these things you can get for less than a dollar on Amazon.

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“There are so many ways to cook and prepare quinoa. As a result, I eat it almost every day and I cook for just my husband and myself. Yet, most packages are very small (perhaps about 12 oz.) and this does not accommodate even just two people eating quinoa daily. That is why I love this product—it is four pounds of quinoa goodness, and certified organic! I even buy this for my family as my mother prepares meals for my father and three younger siblings. So, she goes through quinoa much more quickly than I.” —Mamba172

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Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, 8.5 ounce Box via

Sea salt flakes

“High-quality flake salt that is very affordable! My grocery store used to carry this and charge three times the price! The texture of the salt makes food taste better compared to regular salt. Also looks super fancy and is great on steak.” —Brock & Jess

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Life Savers LifeSavers Hard Wint-O-Green, 50-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)via

Life Savers mints

“There are two 50oz bags. The price fluctuates a little, but whatever you pay, it’s worth it. The mints are individually wrapped and are very fresh! I keep my candy dish full of these mints. These LifeSavers Mints Wint-o-Green (green and white bag) are the mild-flavored mints. They are not overpowering like the Pep-o-Mints are. The Wint-o-Green Mints are addicting but in a good way. I carry a small zip bag of them in my purse so that if I need fresh breath real fast, I can just pop one into my mouth; they work fast to freshen your breath. The two 50oz bags are an amazing deal. You can’t get this quantity or quality of mints at such a low price in the grocery stores.” —Amazon Customer. These Amazon products have practically perfect reviews.

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LUNA BAR - Gluten Free Bar - Lemon Zest Flavor - (1.69 Ounce Snack Bar, 15 Count)via

Lemon Zest Luna bars

“I love these lemon zest Luna bars. They do the trick when needing a little snack. I sometimes eat half a bar for breakfast since I’m not a big breakfast eater. I have eaten a few of the other flavors and these are my favorite so far. They are gluten-free and made with organic oats. Each bar has 8 grams of protein. I’m in love!” —C Freilich

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Tasty Bite Indian Entree Madras Lentils 10 Ounce (Pack of 6), Fully Cooked Indian Entrée with Lentils Red Beans & Spices in a Creamy Tomato Sauce, Microwaveable, Ready to Eatvia


“My parents have been attempting to get me to try these for a very long time. I shouldn’t have ‘judged a book by its cover.’ These have an amazing flavor and I would say a mild spice. We cook them with jalapeño sausage cut into to bite-sized pieces, sautéed onion, and jalapeño, and organic brown rice. Sometimes we add a little cheese over the top as well, that could just be the Wisconsin in me though. I’m telling you, it’s tasty and our whole family approves. Yes, all three of our children actually request this!” —T n J

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CLIF KID ZFRUIT - Organic Fruit Rope - Strawberry Flavor - (0.7 Ounce Rope, 18 Count)via

CLIF Kid ZFruit

“These are such a great alternative to all those other ‘fruit snacks’ that barely contain any real, actual fruit. Simple—just a couple ingredients, no chemical additives, no corn syrup or extra sugars, no artificial colors. My kids love them and I do too. It’s a nicer texture (in my opinion) than the tougher, chewier fruit leathers. And they’re easy to pack in a purse or small lunch box.” —Veggie Gardening Gal. 

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