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The Most Incredible Gifts Prince George Has Received

Imagine trying find a gift fit for a Prince. Prince George will celebrate his birthday July 22

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The little prince didn’t receive a live wombat when he traveled to Australia with his parents in 2014. He did receive a stuffed animal wombat from Australia’s Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove. It was one of many gifts George hauled in on the trip.

Someone who works for the royal family probably takes care of putting away toys but for everyone else, take some time to know how to store toys with these 12 awesome ideas.

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Possum Skin Cloak

Aboriginal elders in Australia gave him a possum skin cloak. A possum skin cloak was a clothing item aboriginal people in Australia wore on a daily basis and it holds cultural significance today. Possum skins were added as a person grew older and bigger.

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Amphibious Boat

Prince George received this gift in Auckland and it’s a Sealegs speedboat that can move from the water straight onto land. It was specially designed for George in a miniature version.

If you have a boat you’ll need to know these tips to keep it clean.

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Personalized Surfboard

The custom 6-foot surfboard George received was worth £2,200 and was designed by Bennett Surfboards in Australia.

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Toy Polo Mallet

This one probably isn’t as incredible but Prince George, who received nearly 800 gifts in one year, was given a toy polo mallet from the president of the Christchurch Polo Club.

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Ugg Boots

Online retailer My 1st Years sent Prince George a basket of gifts that included miniature Ugg boots with his name on them.

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Personalized Skateboard

Prince George can hit the halfpipe or head to this treehouse that has a skate bowl after getting a rad board from the Northern Sound System studios in Australia.

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Dressing Gown from Carlyle Hotel

When Prince William and Kate Middleton visited New York in 2014, George received a dressing gown from The Carlyle, where the family stayed. But it was a different dressing gown that drew attention later. After Prince George was photographed meeting then U.S. President Barack Obama, his My 1st Years robe sold out in minutes.

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Miniature Academic Gown from the University of St. Andrews

Prince George received a miniature academic gown from the University of St. Andrews where his father and mother studied.

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Newborn Crocodile

The city of Darwin, Australia gave George a newborn crocodile that was hatched the day George’s conception was announced. Fortunately for guests in the royal residences, George the Royal Crocodile lives at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin. If you’ve got trouble with reptiles trying to get into your house, follow these tips on how to get rid of snakes.

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Leather Flying Jacket

On a tour of the Stevenson Campus Air Hangar in Winnipeg, Charles and Camilla accepted a leather flying jacket for George.

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Flying Helmet

The Omaka Aviation Heritage Center in New Zealand gave the prince a flying helmet lined with possum fur modeled after a World War I model.

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Apple Tree

An apple tree turns out to be a traditional gift to mark the arrival of a first-born son.

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Black Bull, Goat, Four Heifers

The Samburu community in Kenya honored the prince with a black bull and goat as well as four heifers. They roam the Lewa wildlife conservancy where William proposed to Kate.

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Kangaroo Hair Blanket

The prince received a kangaroo hair blanket at Uluru in Australia.

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18,000-Pound Cottage on Wheels

His cottage is on the edge of his father’s wildflower meadow at Highgrove. It features a wood-burning stove and day bed.

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Cruelty Free Royal Regalia

PETA sent George some royal regalia that is cruelty free with the hope that his royal garb will always be faux fur.

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Field of Flowers

The royal family has some heritage in Romania and Count Tibor Kalnoky gave him a field of flowers rather than send them because they would’ve wilted by the time they reached the prince.

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