The 15 Most Expensive Things You Can Buy at Costco

Drop the 24-pack of toilet paper and get ready to luxury-shop at your favorite members-only wholesale club. These pricey items will change the way you view Costco.

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Wheels Up Private Aviation Membership & $3,500 Costco Cash Card eVoucher

Private Jet Membership

Private jets and Costco membership might not seem to go hand in hand, but with a membership to Wheels Up, a private jet service that charges a $17,500 initiation fee, you’ll get a $3,500 Costco Cash Card. That means more shopping opportunities when your jet lands! Check out all the things you can do (and buy) at Costco without a membership.

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Round Brilliant 78.19 ctw VS1/VS2 Clarity H/I Color Diamond 18kt White Gold Necklace

Diamond Necklace

Act fast: There’s only one diamond necklace like this available at Costco. For a mere $500,000, you can walk around town in an 18-inch white gold necklace that just happens to include 65 sparkly diamonds and passed a rigorous inspection by Costco’s team of Graduate Gemologists.

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2018 cadillac escalade

Luxury SUV

Should you want to skip a walk to your local dealership, consider buying your next SUV at Costco. For example, a 2018 Cadillac Escalade sells for a cool $74,695 (but you’ll pay way less as a Costco member), and you can bet it comes with all the latest bells and whistles. Use these tips for saving big at Costco, whether or not “SUV” is not on your grocery list.

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Emerald Cut 5.43 ctw VS1 Clarity E Color Diamond Platinum Wedding Ring

Engagement Ring

Should your fiancé hand you a small box with a Costco logo, rest assured that it’s as high quality as a ring from any other luxe jewelry retailer. Take this emerald-cut platinum wedding ring priced at a cool $219,999—it will sparkle like no other and has the official paperwork to back up its quality. 

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Lighting by Pecaso La Rioja Chandelier

Sparkly Chandelier

To dazzle your guests, consider installing this 178-pound chandelier in your foyer. With its cascading crystal chains of heirloom grand cut crystal and 30 lights, just think how it will make your space sparkle. At $2,999, it’s a steal!

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Life Fitness IC5 Indoor Cycle with Myride

Exercise Bike

Winter’s coming, so you’ll soon be taking your workout indoors. The Life Fitness stationary bike features 500 personal programs, 100 levels of magnetic resistance, and Q-factor for realistic pedal spacing. It’s nearly $2,000—but think of what you’re spending at your local gym! These are the things DIYers should always buy at Costco.

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Japanese Wagyu New York Strip Loin Roast, A-5 Grade, 13 lbs

Wagyu Beef Steak

Is $1,279 enough to spend on dinner? This Japanese Wagyu New York Strip Loin Roast costs just that. It’s 13 pounds of meat imported from the farms of Japan and is sure to impress your guests with its buttery-sweet, beefy goodness. This is why professional chefs love Costco beef.

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Prada Double Zip Tote, Talco

Prada Tote

No need to venture to a boutique mall to pick up a Prada Double Zip Tote. This high-end leather bag comes with gold-tone hardware and a snap closure on the sides and is just the right accessory for that next business meeting. These are the things Costco employees will never tell you.

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Kids Creations Adventure Mountain Redwood Playset - Installation Included

Backyard Playset

Your kids will love this nearly $13,000 Kids Creations Adventure Mountain Redwood Playset, replete with six play decks, four premium slides, five swing stations, two rock walls, a monkey bar, two sandboxes, and a picnic table. Who needs to play at the park?

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93" Plush Bear

Giant Teddy Bear

There are stuffed animals and then there’s Costco’s 93-inch stuffed plush bear that could have been an extra in the movie Ted. The $300 toy weighs almost 50 pounds, is eminently huggable, and will definitely take over a big corner of your kid’s bedroom! 

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Riga XL 6 Professional Greenhouse

Professional Greenhouse

Green thumbs of all stripes, from beginner to master gardener, will love the Riga XL 6 Professional Greenhouse for just under $10,000, thanks to its heavy-duty aluminum framework, Dutch barn doors, shelves galore, a professional ventilation system, and solar light. While you’re shopping, don’t forget to pick up a lot of potting soil. Don’t miss this list of bizarre things you never knew you could buy at Costco.

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Plaza Osetra Golden Farmed Sturgeon Caviar

Caviar Collection

Purchase Plaza Osetra Golden Farmed Sturgeon Caviar for $559.99 and you’ll get made-in-Bulgaria superior quality Malossol Caviar (color ranges from amber to brilliant gold) that serves 7 to 12, all in a vacuum sealed tin. Now that’s a fancy party. These are the foods nutritionists always buy at Costco.

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THRIVE 1-Year Food Storage 31,500 Servings

Feast for a Year

Say you want to stockpile a one-year supply of food. Fear not. For nearly $4,000, you’ll have enough grains, fruits, veggies, proteins and dairy for four people or 31,500 total servings. Best of all: There’s a 25-year shelf life on the freeze-dried foods that come in the package.

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Jura Impressa XS90 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center

Jura Coffee Maker

Step aside, Starbucks. With the Jura Impressa XS90 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center, you’ll be able to brew lattes and cappuccinos—up to 12 coffee bar varieties—for your BFFs at the touch of a button, all for just under $2,000. Reviewers say the froth it makes is “exceptional.” 

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Evolution Spas Oxford 121-jet, 7-person Spa


Who needs to go to a spa when you can bring the spa to you? For a mere $9,000, the Evolution Spas Oxford 121-jet, 7-person whirlpool spa has four pumps, a high-efficiency heater system, a full-body lounger, and three captain chairs with neck/shoulder jets. Relaxation is imminent. Check out the things you aren’t buying at Costco—but you should!

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