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The Free Things You Should Always Get on Craigslist

If you search for '(your city) free stuff' on Craigslist, you're likely to get hundreds of posts every day made by people trying to get rid of things. More specific searches for electronics, furniture, toys and more will yield even more results. That's pretty enticing for frugal DIYers who like to find free stuff, but how do you avoid wasting your time chasing after junk? These 7 free things are usually worth checking out and occasionally you'll find something that's way more than worth the effort.

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Racks and Benches Can Help, Tooimging/shutterstock

Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment is often an impulse buy (think New Year’s resolutions) that doesn’t get used very much. When the seldom-used equipment starts to get in the way, people turn to Craigslist for an easy way to quickly get rid of the reminder of their failed resolution. Then they slap on a FREE sign and take it to the curb. This free equipment can help you build your own home gym.

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Bed Framessevi gadea/Shutterstock

Bed Frames

Solid wood and metal bed frames last a long time if they are not heavily used. People upgrading their beds or changing sizes often try to give away bed frames on Craigslist. Be sure to measure carefully so you know if the frame will fit your space. Also, inspect the frame parts to make sure they are sturdy and that all of the required pieces are included before you take a bed frame home.

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Old Furniture Yard Sale GarageTom Gowanlock/Shutterstock

Old Furniture

At first glance, old furniture for free on Craigslist may not seem worth the trip to go and pick it up. However, if you’re careful and lucky, this free furniture can be a dream come true for DIYers. With a seemingly endless source of old furniture to renovate or use for reclaimed wood in other projects, you can try out new techniques and skills without the risk of ruining something valuable. Think of these free things as a resource to fuel your DIY projects.

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A Piano

Brand new pianos are expensive, but used pianos are not worth much. In fact, many people discover that not only can’t they sell an old piano, but they actually have to pay someone to move it out of there home, even if they donate it or give away for free. If you’re willing to pick up and move the piano, you can very likely find a free one on Craigslist.

If you decide to move a piano or other heavy furniture pieces, check out these tips first.

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Sink and Shower Fixtures newphotoservice/Shutterstock

Sink and Shower Fixtures

When DIYers take out their sinks or showers during a remodel, they may not have a good plan for getting rid of those fixtures. As a result, homeowners often try to just give away fixtures on Craigslist in the hope someone will take them off their hands. This is good news if you are a DIYer looking for free things to reclaim, refurbish and install in your home or vacation property.

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Pug Dog HouseKichigin/Shutterstock

Pet Supplies

You can find crates, kennels and many different outdoor items available for free on Craigslist. It’s an easy way to supplement your pet products with those things on your wishlist. Wash out kennels and toys before you share them with your pet.

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dishes platesTAKLONGKORAT/Shutterstock


There are countless sets of dishes that were packed in boxes by people who thought someone would want them someday. Usually that is not the case, so many of these dishes end up available for free on Craigslist. If you like an eclectic aesthetic, mix-and-match dishes are perfect for casual tablescapes. Search for colors and shapes you like and assemble your own one-of-a-kind set of (free) dishes.