The Best Refrigerators to Buy in 2024

If you've never loved your refrigerator, it's time to upgrade to one you'll want to tell your friends about!

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Best Side-By-Side: Kenmore, with Grab-N-Go Door

The benefit of a side-by-side refrigerator is its accessibility. People find the design incredibly functional in comparison to a French door refrigerator because the freezer compartment is more accessible. If accessibility is important to you, you’ll love this beauty from Kenmore.

The refrigerator offers a slim design with a 26.1 cu. ft capacity that allows you to store fresh groceries or leftovers while still providing room for party trays. The adjustable glass shelving is particularly helpful, as it lets you customize your organization based on what you’re currently trying to accommodate in your fridge. You’ll also find a gallon jug door bin and clear crisper drawers. And, bright LED lighting allows you to take stock easily.

Perhaps the coolest feature is the Grab-N-Go door that gives you easy access to your snacks, leftovers, drinks and more at the touch of a button. Along with being functional, the door adds an aesthetic appeal guests will love.

The GeniusCool technology is another benefit to this side-by-side. It moves clean air throughout the fridge, while working in unison with an electronic temperature management system and an air filter to help maintain proper temperatures and food freshness.

Furthermore, the freezer provides ample space thanks to the in-door ice dispenser.

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Best WiFi Enabled: LG French Door Smart Refrigerator

This stainless steel beauty is a smart home lover’s dream because it incorporates SmartThinQ technology. Download the app, and then you can take advantage of all of the smart functions. Here are some of them: monitor the contents of your fridge; get notified if you left the door open; voice support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can order food from Peapod or add to a shopping list.

Plus: Learn the best way for how to clean stainless steel refrigerators.

Within the fridge you’ll find four split glass shelves, a four-compartment crisper system, nine adjustable door bins and a three-tier organization freezer system to help keep food organized and accessible. There’s even a smart-pull freezer handle that makes opening and closing the freezer a breeze.

Other notable features include the door-in-door feature that makes it easier to access snacks and drinks without letting cold air out, and Smart Cooling Plus that’s designed to monitor and maintain conditions to help keep food fresh. Check out these 14 cool tech gadgets that turn your home into a smart house.

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Best Luxury: Sub-Zero Side-By-Side

If you’re building your dream kitchen, then dream appliances are a must. The Sub-Zero 42-inch built-in side-by-side refrigerator features the most advanced food preservation technology on the market, so your greens won’t wilt and your fruit won’t wrinkle even weeks after you’ve brought them home, according to the manufacturer. Inspired by NASA, the technology ensures everything from ethylene gas to airborne bacteria, molds and viruses are continuously removed.

Within the refrigerator you’ll find four adjustable glass shelves, three adjustable door shelves and an adjustable dairy compartment.

The freezer’s design ensures things remain organized and in clear view. There are three adjustable wire shelves, three storage drawers and five adjustable shelves along the door. Get inspired for your kitchen remodel with these incredible ideas.

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Best Budget: Insignia Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Maybe you’re more interested in something simple for your home. Perhaps you just want a backup refrigerator in your garage or basement. Or, maybe you’re looking for an affordable yet reliable fridge to give your adult child who is moving into their first home! Whatever the case, if you want quality on a budget, you’ll find it with this Insignia model.

This entry-level refrigerator features shelves that adjust to accommodate tall items and self-leveling legs that make installation easy. You can expect plenty of space for your produce, meats, leftovers and more in this refrigerator and freezer combo, which is 30 inches wide and has a full 18 cubic feet of space. Don’t forget to check out these tips for a garage refrigerator.

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Best Bottom Freezer: Samsung 4-DoorFlex

Bottom freezer refrigerators are ideal for those who don’t depend on the freezer portion nearly as much as the rest of the refrigerator. They allow the most used items in the fridge to remain easily accessible. The Samsung 4-DoorFlex pulls out all the stops, with its French doors on top and a freezer on the bottom offering two separate compartments.

This model’s versatility is incredible, especially for those looking for more fresh food space, but with the option to boost frozen storage when needed. Turn the bottom right freezer compartment into a refrigerated section for when you need more storage for fresh foods. Later, when your frozen food storage needs increase, you can set the compartment back to freezer mode.

Other notable features include the tall external filtered ice and water dispenser, digital touch controls and a triple cooling system.

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Best Top Freezer: LG Top Freezer with Ice Maker

Top freezers are great for those who like to use their freezer regularly. LG’s 23.8 cu. ft. refrigerator allows you to store plenty of food in the fridge, and provides easy access to frozen items you use regularly.

Notable features include tempered glass shelving and a variety of bins and drawers to help you keep everything organized for easy access. You can also expect LED panels located on the rear of the refrigerator that make for a bright interior.

The freezer is complete with an automatic ice maker so you’ll always have ice on hand.

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Best French Door: GE Refrigerator with Door-in-Door

There’s a lot to be excited about with this GE French door refrigerator! As aesthetically pleasing as it is functional, it’s packed with features, like an innovative door design that provides quick access to food and drinks, a second ice maker option, advanced water filtration that uses RPWFE replacement filter that reduces trace pharmaceuticals from water and ice, showcase LED lighting and five spill-proof glass shelves.

The evaporators in this refrigerator separate climates in the fresh food and freezer sections, and with the right settings, provide a boost of cold air to restore interior temperature for optimum food freshness. Here’s how to reverse a refrigerator door so it opens from the other side.

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Best Aesthetic: Frigidaire with French Doors

The best looking refrigerator is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but often the sleeker the better! This Frigidaire four-door refrigerator with adjustable storage options is a sight for sore eyes. The lack of door handles gives it a clean, classy, minimalist look.

The glass shelves can be adjusted to fit your needs, the dual crisper drawers keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer and everything is easy to see thanks to the bright LED lighting. The freezer portions can also be adjusted to fit various frozen items. Replacing a refrigerator? Read this first.

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Best Large Capacity: Super Capacity 4-Door with CustomChill Drawer

Big families with big appetites require a large capacity refrigerator to keep things organized, fresh and accessible. This LG fridge is a topnotch option. Featuring a French door design, its unique design is matched by its supreme functionality.

The CustomChill drawer provides extra, adaptable space, serving as an additional refrigerator or soft freezer. It also has adjustable dividers that help keep things organized and accessible.

You’ll also love the easy-to-reach compartments that are right in front and ideal for storing small snacks, the two humidity-controlled crisper drawers, a full-width Glide-N-Serve drawer and a bonus drawer for fruits and vegetables. Here’s how to install a refrigerator water filter.

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Best Overall: Maytag 36-In French Door Refrigerator

< For a French door refrigerator that marries style and functionality, Maytag's 36-inch 25 c.u. ft. French door refrigerator tops the list. The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel makes for a beautiful aesthetic that stays clean without effort. Dual crispers feature a humidity-controlled system that keeps your fruits and vegetables fresher longer. The Power Cold function brings food back to safe temperatures after long grocery trips, while the dedicated deli drawer offers convenient storage for cold cuts and specialty cheeses. It also features a slide-out function that makes it perfect for storing party trays —and it's deceptively large! You can organize contents with ease thanks to the three adjustable half-width shelves and three adjustable gallon-capacity door bins. The full-width lower freezer drawer is equally impressive, with its upper and lower wire slide-out freezer basket and LED lighting. The layout feels organized and roomy. Bottom line: This refrigerator offers you a little bit of everything. It's affordable, aesthetically pleasing and spacious. You should also check out the 10 best reviewed refrigerators on Amazon.

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