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Best Lowe’s Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

Looking for an awesome gift for the DIYer in your life? Look no further, Lowe's has your answer!

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Looking for an awesome gift for the DIYer in your life? Look no further.

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Bostitch Compressor and Nailers

Six-Gallon Air Compressor Combo

This six-gallon, 150-PSI portable electric air compressor combo from Bostitch is built to be portable and versatile. It comes with an 18-gauge brad nailer, a 16-gauge finish nailer and a 3/8-in. crown stapler – all the tools you need to quickly install trim and make repairs. If you haven’t added an air compressor to your tool arsenal yet, this Bostitch combo is a great place to start.

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Dewalt 1.25 HP trim router

DeWalt 1.25 HP Router

This 1.25 HP router from DeWalt is useful for all kinds of routing tasks — dadoes, rabbets, round-overs — and is much more maneuverable than bulkier two- and three-HP routers. This one features variable speed, a soft-start motor with full-time electronic feedback (which keeps the bit at a constant speed while cutting) and a pair of LED lights to illuminate your work surface. All-in-all, it does pretty much everything you’d want a handheld router to do and more.

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Six-Piece Wood Chisel Set

This set of high-quality wood chisels from Wen gives you a taste of what a good tool feels like. They will take a little honing out of the box, but once you put a nice edge on their high-carbon steel, you’ll be shaping wood in no time. The six-piece set includes a roughing gouge, two spindle gouges, an oval skew, a round-nose scraper and a parting tool.

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Kobalt socket set

Kobalt 40-Piece Socket Set

A quality socket set is essential for anyone who wants to make simple fixes to their car and other quick repairs around the home. This 3/8-in. drive set includes shallow and deep sockets in the most common standard (SAE) and metric sizes, along with an extender and a spark plug socket, all packaged in a handy case. You’ll be sure to get long life out of this set.

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Irwin Parallel Jaw Clamp

Irwin 48-in. Parallel Jaw Clamp

The beauty of these clamps is that the jaws remain perfectly parallel as you clamp, so your pieces also stay square and true. This Irwin 48-in. parallel jaw bar clamp delivers up to 1,150 pounds of clamping force with its 3-3/4-in. deep jaws.

The jaws are made of non-marring resin and also shed glue easily. Not to mention, you can remove the foot and convert it to a spreader. Once you have one, you’ll want to fill your shop with these clamps in all sizes.

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Kobalt household tool set

Kobalt 10-Piece Household Tool Set

This Kobalt 10-piece household tool set covers nearly any pliers-like tool you’re likely to need doing basic home repairs, plus a wrench, too!. If your last pliers experience was with a pair of standard ones, this set will surely open your eyes.

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Eight-Gallon Portable Air Compressor

California Air Tools is known for making really, really quiet compressors. This portable air compressor produces 2.2 CFM at 90 PSI. That means you can run any trim nailers, staplers, airbrushes and blow guns in your shop. Not to mention pumping up bike and car tires, footballs, basketballs and everything else you’d want a compressor for. At just 60 db, you can carry on a normal volume conversation over it.

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Three-Drawer Toolbox

Nothing makes it easier to organize your toolbox than adding drawers – it’s truly a revelation. This heavy-duty steel three-drawer toolbox from Kobalt is an excellent starting place for building your tool collection. It comes with smooth ball-bearing drawer slides, a nice padded handle and a lockable hasp round out the features. It measures about 20-in.-wide, 10-in. deep and 15-in. tall — big enough to fit a decent amount of tools but small enough to still be portable.

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Tape Measures

The Craftsman tape measure is our go-to in the shop and on the job site — except when we can’t find it, even though we were JUST using it. That’s why it pays to buy a two-pack (or a few two-packs). The durable rubber case is easy to hang on to, the measurements are accurate and easy-to-read, and the tape itself is sturdy with an 14-ft. stand out. All-in-all, the 25 ft. Craftsman tape measure is tough to beat.

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Bosch 65-ft. Indoor Laser Distance Measurer

Measuring long distances accurately with a tape measure is tough and typically a two-person affair. But the Bosch Blaze 65-ft Laser Distance Measure makes things incredibly simple. Just point and click and you’ll know precisely what your distance is.

This model is made for indoor use (think room dimensions to estimate materials for a remodeling job) and it’s well-worth it. You’ll probably find yourself using the Bosch Blaze Laser Distance Measure for all kinds of other measuring tasks, too.

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Foldable Ruler

There are times when a tape measure is overkill and a yardstick isn’t accurate enough. These times call for a folding ruler, a tool that actually pre-dates tape measures.

This Lufkin Folding Ruler measures up to six feet (more than enough for most shop projects) and includes a sliding brass extension to precisely measure interior dimensions. The ruler is well-marked on both sides (with 16-in. stud center markings) in 1/16th-in.-increments and neatly folds up to fit in your pocket.

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Bosch 10-in. 15-amp Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The Bosch 10-in. Axial Glide Sliding Compound Miter Saw is one of our favorite shop tools. It’s a premium saw with 12-in. horizontal cut capacity and 5-1/4-in. horizontal capacity. But the coolest part of the saw is the axial glide system which gives it a much smaller footprint. The saw can live against a wall, unlike most sliding compound miter saws.

On top of it, the most important controls are accessible on the front of the saw with locking detents for the most common angles. Bosch also makes a 12-in. version, but we’ve found 10-in. does just about everything we need it to and saves on space and price.

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shop vac

Shop Vac 14-Gallon

No home should be without a wet/dry shop vacuum, and this one hits the sweet spot of price and performance. The Shop Vac 14 Gallon 6.5 HP Peak shop vacuum is big enough to handle tough home jobs (vacuuming up construction debris, unclogging a drain, cleaning out a car, etc.) without being overkill for most homeowners.

It’s relatively compact, with a clear tank so you can see how full it is, and comes with various on-board attachments for cleaning out all those nooks and crevices.

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Metabo 10-in. Sliding Miter Saw

A sliding miter saw is one of the most useful power tools a homeowner can own, and the Metabo 10-in Sliding Laser Compound Miter Saw has a ton of great features.

First, you’ll notice that it slides forward and back on stationary rails, which reduces its footprint. The laser marker, once dialed in and aligned, will help you get super accurate cuts the first time. Plus, the included LED light keeps your workpiece illuminated so you can see your pencil lines. This is a compact, powerful saw you’ll be glad to have in your garage or workshop.

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Porter-Cable 20-Volt Cordless Drill Combo Set

A cordless drill/driver and impact driver combo should be your first power tool purchase. This pair of 20-volt cordless tools from Porter-Cable will handle anything a DIYer can throw at them, from small repairs and projects to building a deck, where the impact driver REALLY shines.

The combo kit comes with the drill/driver, impact driver, two 1.5-Ah lithium-ion batteries, charger and a case. Once you get a taste of cordless freedom, you’ll want to add other cordless tools from Porter-Cable’s line, too.

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DeWalt Atomic DrillCourtesy of The Home Depot

DeWalt 20-Volt Lithium-ion Drill/Driver Combo Kit

This made in the U.S drill/driver and impact driver kit from DeWalt is definitely pro-level quality. Tons of power, good ergonomics and all the right appointments make them a pleasure to use.

The drill/driver comes with a two-speed transmission, variable-speed trigger and well-placed LED lights to illuminate your work. The impact driver is a real powerhouse at a surprisingly light weight with three LED lights. You’ll find yourself reaching for both often. The kit comes with the drill/driver, impact driver, two 1.5-Ah lithium-ion batteries, charger and case. It should provide you with years of trouble-free drilling and driving service.

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Kohler Moxie Shower Head

A shower head with a built-in bluetooth speaker? That’s exactly what you get with the Kohler Moxie. This five-inch, 2.0-GPM shower head installs quickly and easily in most showers. The speaker gets about seven hours of play time per charge. It detaches quickly to recharge or use by itself in any room. The sound is surprisingly good, especially compared to a classic shower radio or a boombox cranked up nearby.

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Dremel Micro Cordless Rotary Tool

You’ll be surprised just how many uses you’ll find for a rotary tool around the house. The Dremel Micro comes with a full kit of attachments for drilling, cutting, grinding and sanding, as well as a charger. It’s totally cordless, lightweight and easy to maneuver, whether you’re engraving some wood or cutting off a bolt. At less than $100, the Dremel Micro is a no-brainer.

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Steel Saw Horse

What do you get when you combine a saw horse with a heavy-duty vise? You get the Wen Steel Saw Horse! The ultimate mobile support and clamping system, the saw horse provides up to 2,200 lbs. of clamping and holding pressure. Made from high-quality steel, it can support up to 600 lbs. with a 40-in. clamping capacity. And when you’re done, the saw horse folds up for storage.

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Kobalt 18-Piece Oscillating Tool Kit

The 18-piece cordless Kobalt Oscillating Tool Kit is a must for anyone tackling a remodeling project. Easily cutting out pieces of trim, removing tile, cutting into walls — this oscillating tool does it all. The kit includes the multi-tool, nine sanding papers, a base plate set, three plunge cut blades, scraper blade, grout removal blade, flush-cut blade and a soft bag.

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Black+Decker Workmate 225

The Black+Decker Workmate has been a staple of DIYers’ workshops for decades. This version is made from heavyweight steel and holds up to 450 lbs. The key feature is the split clamping table with multiple dog holes to clamp all kinds of projects in place. And when you need a little extra room, the workmate folds up for storage.

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Dremel Digilab 3D Printer

The Dremel Digilab 3D Printer is an easy-to-use printer for tinkerers of all ages. Everything you need to start 3D printing comes with the unit, including software. The printer has a 6-in. x 10-in. x 6.7-in. (402 cu in) build volume, which opens up a world of 3D printing possibilities — including some really useful things for your house or workshop.

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Welding Kit

This welding kit from Lincoln Electric will have you joining pieces of metal in no time. The kit includes a welder, face shield, gloves and everything else you need to start welding right out of the box; just add shielding gas. Plus, it’s powered by a regular 120-volt 40-amp outlet.

This flux-cored wire feed welder will weld up to 5/16-in. thick steel. That makes it perfect for repairs, welding together metal furniture bases and parts, and nearly anything else you put your mind to.

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Kobalt 10-in. Portable Table Saw

For easy completion of jobsite and workshop tasks, this 10-in. table saw is ideal. The 15-amp motor generates 5,000-RPM. It also features a versatile fence with drawer slide rails for precise adjustment.

A 2.5-in dust collection port conveniently fits a vacuum or dust collector, ensuring your workspace stays clean. The quick-folding stand lets you easily transport the saw around the jobsite, or provides a compact way to stow the table in your workshop.

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Greenworks 40-V Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Cordless chainsaws have caught up to their gas-powered brethren in recent years, and the Greenworks 40-volt lithium-ion 16-in. cordless chainsaw is one of the best. The 4.0 Ah battery yields about 150 cuts of 4×4 lumber on a single charge.

You can’t clear a whole forest with this saw. But for a homeowner trimming branches and making cuts around the yard, this saw can’t be beat.

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Cordless Screwdriver

Bigger isn’t always better, and the Skil iXO lithium-ion cordless screwdriver is an excellent example. This driver replaces a basic screwdriver for simple tasks around the house — think tightening knobs and drawer hardware or installing hinges. Not to mention, it easily fits in tight spaces to deal with those tricky to drive screws. If you have trouble driving screws the old-fashioned way or just want to do it faster, the Skil iXO is for you.

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dfh10_shutterstock_646544476 google homepianodiaphragm/Shutterstock

Google Personal Assistant

Who couldn’t use a personal assistant? With simple voice commands, Google Home provides information about traffic, weather, sports, finance and news. This cloud-connected assistant also lets you stream videos directly to your television, set alarms, play music and ask for directions, all from the comfort of your home.

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Roomba Robotic Vacuum

Wouldn’t it be grand to come home to a spotless floor every day? With the Roomba 960 Robotic Vacuum, you can.

This smart vacuum just goes about its job 75 minutes at a time, cleaning your floors while avoiding obstacles, then heading back to its base station to recharge. The Roomba’s filter captures 99 percent of allergens down to 10 microns. And you can control it all from an app on your smart phone.

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Google Nest Mesh System Router

Need better WiFi? Then you need this two-pack of Google Nest Mesh Wireless Routers.

Mesh routers work differently that regular routers, creating connections between all three routers to blanket your home with a strong signal. Setup is a breeze with Google’s app, and you can control your WiFi from anywhere you have a connection on your phone. It also lets you create secure guest networks, turn internet access on and off and check signal strength.

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via the home depot

Smart Light Switch Starter Kit

This Caseta smart light switch starter kit by Lutron gives you easy and reliable control of your lights, shades and temperature from its free app. It provides superior dimming performance with LED bulbs and controls your lights from wherever you are in the house or garage. You can also set your lights to automatically adjust with the seasons so you and your family will always arrive to a well-lit home.

The Lutron smart light switch is compatible with almost everything, including smart home devices from Amazon, Apple, Google, Ring, Serena and Sonos.

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Google Nest

Google Nest Thermostat

A smart thermostat is key to an energy efficient home. The Nest Learning Thermostat with built-in WiFi helps you automate temperature control in your home and track data on how much energy you’re using.

It also learns your family’s routines to keep you comfortable while you’re home, and save energy while you’re not. Plus, you can check in on your home’s temperature while you’re away — perfect for those winter vacations to make sure your heat is on and your pipes aren’t freezing.

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51Xo88YE2gL._SL1000_ Nest Cam Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

Wired Indoor Security Camera

Home security cameras have come a long way. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera is one of the best on the market. Simply connect it to power and WiFi, and you’ll be able to check in on your house from anywhere in the world.

The camera can be configured to be motion activated, and you can receive alerts when it’s triggered. The 4K camera with 12x zoom can automatically detect and zoom in on intruders and follow their movements, giving you peace of mind while you’re away.

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Google Home Mini

Google’s Home Mini is a teeny tiny personal answer box, powered by Google Assistant. You can ask it all kinds of queries: “Do I need an umbrella today?” “What’s the temperature?” “What day of the week is Christmas?” It’s a powerful and affordable little assistant that recognizes your voice and helps you manage your life hands-free.

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Smart Plug

The Samsung SmartThings Smart Plug is compact so that it doesn’t block other outlets. It’s an ideal way to control lights, electronics and small appliances from your smartphone. You can also trigger lights to automatically turn on when you come home and turn off when you leave.

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Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm, Satin Nickel, BE469 CAM 619, Works with Alexa via SmartThings, Wink or Irisvia

Schlage Connect Camelot Electronic Deadbolt

Go keyless with the Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt. It’s compatible with many home automation systems, which means you can lock and unlock your door via smartphone depending on your setup. The deadbolt itself lets you set up to 30 access codes.

The illuminated keypad makes it easy to enter entry codes in the dark. Powered by four AA batteries, it comes with a backup key, and installation takes just a few minutes.

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Gorilla Tough and Wide Duct Tape

Not all duct tapes are created equal. Gorilla Tough and Wide Duct Tape is our go-to for repairs that we want to last. We’ve taped and fixed seams and holes in tarps that are still going strong after years of use. It sticks to nearly anything, and it’s UV and weather resistant for outdoor and indoor use.

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Leatherman Multi-Tool

This Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool packs 17 tools into a convenient, easy-to-carry package. The rugged, stainless steel finish will give you a lifetime of worry-free service. And you’ll always have the right tool at hand for fixing loose screws, opening cans and bottles, and grabbing and holding stuff with the pliers. And the wire cutters are replaceable when they get worn down.

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SOG Clip Point Pocket Knife

Sometimes all a DIYer needs is a good pocket knife. This SOG 3.1-in. Stainless Steel Clip Point Pocket Knife is a high performer. The strong blade, quick opening action and refined finish makes it an extremely useful everyday pocket tool. There’s always a package to be opened, an apple to slice, some rope to cut or some twigs to whittle, and this pocket knife excels at all of them and more.

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Kobalt Work Seat

Kobalt Work Seat

As silly as it sounds, this work seat on wheels is used by more people in our shop than nearly any other tool. Whether you’re working on your car, tinkering at your workbench, painting a room or just taking a load off, having this rugged stool on wheels makes a huge difference. The bottom shelf is segmented to keep your tools and parts where you need them when you need them. Honestly, it’s some of the best money we’ve spent.

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Kobalt Power Tool Chest

Power Tools Storage Unit

A tool chest specifically for power tools? It’s about time. The ProSteel 24-in. x 30-in. Tool Chest is set up to accommodate a whole mess of cordless drills, saws, sanders and other power tools.

It comes with places to hang and store all kinds of tools, along with an integrated power strip and charger shelf to keep your batteries charged. The sides are made of pegboard, which gives you even more customization for storing bits, cords and other accessories. If you haven’t found a good way to store your power tools yet, this tool chest might be what you’ve been seeking.

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Kobalt Retractable Air Hose Reel

Retractable Air Hose Reel

If you have a stationary compressor in your workshop or garage, do yourself a favor and get a retractable air hose reel. The Kobalt 3/8-in. Kink Free Retractable Air Hose Reel mounts near your compressor and gives you 50 ft. of hose to roam.

With a quick pull, the hose retracts back into the reel, meaning no more coiling and uncoiling by hand. It’s a small luxury, but this hose reel will improve the time you spend with your compressor.

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Double Edge Pull Saw

Many people prefer pull-saws to Western-style push saws for good reason. Generally, a pull saw’s blade is thinner and it’s easier to get a cut started pulling towards yourself.

This Irwin Double Edge Pull Saw has two edges on it — a high tooth count edge for crosscutting and a low tooth count edge for ripping. The blade is somewhat flexible, making it easy to flushcut right to the surface of your work piece. It’s extremely sharp out of the package and slices through soft and hard woods easily.

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