The 15 Awesome Things Dad Taught You

Updated: Apr. 16, 2024

Whether it was a backyard game of catch, when you learned how to ride a bike without training wheels or helping you with your first car, Dad was there for many of those memorable moments. Here are 15 things we learned from dear old Dad.

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How to Change a Tire

It was Dad who taught you how to change a tire. An essential life skill, knowing how to change a tire can help relieve some stress and frustrations when problems happen on the road. Watch this video to learn how to change a car tire.

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How to Plant a Garden

Many gardeners were taught gardening tips from their fathers. Whether it was planting vegetables in raised beds or tending to native plants, many people have a green thumb thanks to their dad. Try these tips for easier gardening.

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How to Unclog a Drain

When you were younger, who did you call when the shower drain or the kitchen sink was clogged? Dad, most likely. He was usually ready with a drain snake and a plunger to remove the toughest clogs. Unclog your sink with these two inexpensive tools.

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How to Paint a Room

Dad was a meticulous painter. From painting ceiling and changing the color of the kitchen to painting cabinets and furniture, Dad knew the tricks to making every paint job look like it was done by a professional. Follow these tips for painting a room without making a mess.

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How to Change Your Oil

Changing your car’s oil may be a messy job, but Dad made it look easy. Think of all the money he saved over the years by changing his own oil. Learn how to change your oil, and save money, with these tips.

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How to Keep a Lush Lawn

Dad taught us all about lawn maintenance. From mowing tips to weed defense, Dad was the master at keeping a lush lawn. These 30 tips will help you achieve your own lush lawn this season.

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How to Fish

There’s a good chance Dad taught you some fishing skills. Fishing can become a lifelong pastime and a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Check out these ingenious garage storage ideas, including tips on storing fishing gear.

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How to Build an Emergency Car Kit

Dads are always prepared. Heed his advice and keep an emergency kit in your car, it will help if you ever get stranded or stuck in bad weather.

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How to Camp

There’s a good chance you owe some of your love of the outdoors to Dad. Whether it was rustic camping in a tent or traveling the country in a motor home, Dad always knew the tricks to a successful camping experience. Here are 16 camping hacks you’ll wish you knew earlier.

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Woodworking Skills

Dad knew his way around the workshop and passed on some basic woodworking skills. The best part about woodworking is you don’t need a complete workshop to pull off some fun projects. Here are 19 surprisingly easy woodworking projects for beginners.

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How to be Safe

Dads are often sticklers for safety. Follow his lead and take precautions when you’re doing house projects and working on the car. Every DIYer should own these essential safety gear items.

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How to Grill

He taught you the basics of grilling so next time you grill the perfect steak you can thank Dad. Whether you use charcoal or gas, those early grilling lessons have certainly paid off.

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How to Use Hand tools

Dad’s workshop was a sight to behold. From hammers and nails to files, chisels and fancy levels, Dad was the go-to source for how to use a variety of hand tools. These are the 12 best-reviewed hand tools to buy on Amazon.

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How to Keep Pests Away

Mice and ants stood no chance against Dad. He always knew the best products and remedies to rid his home of unwanted pests.

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How to Fix a Leaky Toilet

It’s a dirty job but someone must do it. Dad was always there to fix a leaking toilet or one that keeps running. Thankfully he taught us these skills that have prevented stress and expensive service calls over the years. Repair a leaking toilet with these fixes.