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10 Tambour Door and Panel Ideas

Find out how to incorporate the tambour trend into your home and furniture, even if you're on a budget.

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What Is Tambour Wood?

Tambour wood refers to a fastening method for closely-spaced slats of wood on a flexible backing; think a roll-top desk or a bread box. It’s a great way to add texture and elegance to a door, cabinet or wall panel, and can also be used as a furniture detail. The wood slats can vary from wide to narrow, with semicircular or rectangular profiles.

Sometimes tambour wood is called fluted or reeded wood. Tambour is the correct name if the wood actually moves and bends to conform to various track shapes.

The style has been trending lately with DIY applications. We hope the following examples of tambour will inspire you to try creating something in this style for your home.

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Kitchen Island Courtesy Via InstagramCourtesy

Kitchen Island

To bring a pop of color and texture to her kitchen island, created this tambour detail with leftover wood!

She cut the wood into 3/4-in. slats, painted them, then attached them with a nail gun to a piece of plywood installed on the island. The blue-green color contrasts beautifully with the pink stools, adding a playful, modern element to the overall kitchen design.

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Closet Doors Via @thebecklerabode TiktokCOURTESY @thebecklerabode/TIKTOK

Closet Doors

Update 1990s style bifold closet doors with this DIY tambour-inspired idea from @thebecklerabode.

Add wood trim pieces to the perimeter of each door. Then, with wood glue, fill each section with wood dowels. For any dowels slightly warped, she secures them in the right place with a nail gun. Finish by filling in holes with wood filler or calk, then prime and paint!

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Credenza Courtesy @chriscush Via InstagramCourtesy @chriscush/Instagram


This gorgeous custom-made maple credenza by furniture designer @chriscush looks monolithic. But through the camouflaged doors you’ll find plenty of storage space. The tambour detail successfully enhances the clean mid-century modern look.

Of course, not everyone can afford custom furniture. Check out this tambour sideboard for a similar look.

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Diy Dresser Courtesy @blacktosquareone Via InstagramCourtesy @blacktosquareone/Instagram

DIY Dresser

Here’s another DIY approach to the tambour look, from @blacktosquareone.

This beauty started with a cheap dresser from Facebook Marketplace. She sanded away the dark finish and glued wood dowels (cut to size with a miter saw) to the drawers to create the fluted effect. A new lighter stain and gold hardware were the finishing touches.

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Diy Vase Courtesy @blondebutterflyhome Via TiktokCOURTESY @blondebutterflyhome/TIKTOK

DIY Vase

This tutorial from @blondebutterflyhome shows how to make a fluted vase. Start with a simple glass jar, then attach wood dowels around the entire perimeter with a hot glue gun. Add flowers or greenery and you’re done! If you prefer rectangular slats to rounded, give oak pole wrap a try.

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Diy Accent Wall Courtesy @a.dabbled.dwelling Via TiktokCOURTESY @a.dabbled.dwelling/TIKTOK

DIY Accent Wall

Transform a blank wall into a work of art with a tambour wood treatment.

To make this accent wall from @a.dabbled.dwelling, all you need is fluted wood trim. She attached the trim directly to the wall with a nail gun. Stain the wood or paint it to create an impactful custom wall that looks modern and sophisticated.

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Range Hood Courtesy @kcdesignco Via InstagramCourtesy @kcdesignco/Instagram

Range Hood

Bring warmth and character to an all-white kitchen by adding tambour details in an unexpected location.

When it came time to update her kitchen, @kcdesignco knew she wanted to remove the microwave above her stove and add an interesting range hood instead. The resulting DIY tambour range hood looks organic yet modern, with clean lines and a light wood finish.

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Coffee Table Courtesy @aj.athome Via InstagramCourtesy @aj.athome/Instagram

Coffee Table

To make this DIY coffee table, @aj.athome started with a round storage ottoman. She created the tambour look by covering the ottoman with half-round molding. Then she added a round wood table top to transform it into a coffee table.

If you don’t have the time or skills to DIY, purchase this similar-looking Ellington Coffee Table from West Elm.

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Wall Panel

A tambour wall panel is a simple project that will elevate any room to look custom, stylish and sophisticated. @crystalcollinsoninteriors created this dark wood design with a ready-made tambour wall panel like this one. This type of wall treatment also looks great behind a TV to define the space and provide a focal point for the room.

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Bathroom Vanity Courtesy @valentine Carpentry Pgh Via InstagramCourtesy @valentine_carpentry_pgh/Instagram

Bathroom Vanity

This American walnut bathroom vanity made by @valentine_carpentry_pgh features a tambour door that slides into a pocket. The vanity looks beautiful while the sliding door works well in a small powder room, taking up much less space than a swinging cabinet door.

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