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8 Subscription Services To Make Your Home Happier

Pizza, plants, mystery and soap. Here are a few subscriptions that bring us together, help us learn and generally make our hearts sing.

Ollie Dog Food Ecomm Via Myollie.comVIA MERCHANT

Subscription services are any product or service we pay for in advance and use regularly. They come in many forms, from computer programs to magazines. Even Amazon Prime is technically a subscription service.

Subscriptions can be helpful because they save us time and energy for restocking supplies, and often offer products at discounted rates. They also make great gifts that keep on giving throughout the year. One of our favorites are these DIY-style kids subscription boxes.

While some subscriptions are utilitarian, others are brilliantly creative. Here are some of our favorites, based on the level of happiness they deliver into our lives.

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Plant Subscription Box from Horti

Houseplants are proven to reduce stress and improve focus, plus they just make us happy. Horti’s monthly houseplant subscription helps you stock a flourishing plant oasis to brighten your home and your overall outlook on life.

Subscriptions include good choices for plant beginners, people with pets and those with rare tastes. One month you might get a surprise philodendron pink princess, and the next a dragon scale or aloe. Care instructions and tools are included, and the service is available nationwide.

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Neopolitano Pizza Box Ecomm Via Solostove.comvia merchant

Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box from Solo Stove

Pizza night just got revived! This monthly box of artisan pizza ingredients can turn anyone into a genuine pizzaiolo (pizza chef), serving up slices of happiness for family, friends and roommates.

Ingredients include flash-frozen Neapolitan dough balls made from Caputo 00 flour, authentic tomato sauce, Ezzo’s pepperoni, and fresh mozzarella cheese made from upstate New York cow’s milk. It can be baked in any oven. But for extra authenticity, Solo Stove also makes a Pi wood-fired or propane-powered portable pizza oven.

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Hand Soap Subscription Ecomm Via Cleancult.comvia merchant

Cleaning Products from Cleancult

Cleaning products might not immediately invoke feelings of joy. But there’s a great deal of comfort knowing the chemicals you’re using on your clothes, dishes and every surface of the house are safe for your family’s health, as well as the planet.

Cleancult’s products are made from naturally derived, cruelty-free ingredients. They initially come with shatter-resistant glass bottles; refills arrive in recyclable paper-based milk cartons with plant-based resealable caps. Products include dish tablets and soaps, hand soaps (foaming, liquid and bar), all-purpose cleaners and laundry products.

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Science Kits from Mel Science

Build an electric motor, create and ignite fire foam and launch digital space rockets from the couch. When science becomes tempting enough to pry a video-gamer away from the screen for a few hours of learning and family bonding time, everyone’s happy.

Mel Science offers monthly subscriptions for all ages, with topics ranging from Montessori-approved coding kits, STEM, math, physics, chemistry and medicine. Each kit is certified child-friendly and safe for home use. The company also offers additional online content.

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Gourmet Dog Food Ecomm Via Myollie.comvia merchant

Fresh Dog Food from Ollie

Dogs equal happiness, and fresh meals repay our best friends for all the joy and companionship they bring. Nutritious food also helps keep dogs healthier and their spirits high.

Ollie’s customized dog food is made from whole-food ingredients, slow-cooked to retain nutrition and flavor, then frozen to stay fresh. Subscriptions are tailored to your pup’s age, weight, breed, activity level and allergies. They’ll also customize proper portions and other dietary requirements.

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Adieu Grimm Gables Ecomm Via Ladydelaney.comvia merchant

A Mystery in Your Mailbox from L. Delany Presents

A crime went down in 1920s New Orleans, and it’s up to you to solve it. With a subscription to L. Delany, your postman will deliver chapters with letters written by dead people and other evidence to unfurl the mystery.

Clues include newspaper clippings, photos, objects and puzzles. If you’re persistent and attentive, perhaps you can happily solve the mystery alongside your family and friends.

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Pickle Of The Month Club Ecomm Via Amazingclubs.comvia merchant

Pickles from Amazing Clubs

Feeling anxious? Pickles might be the solution.

A study from the College of William and Mary and the University of Maryland showed eating fermented foods, including pickles, helped reduce social anxiety and boost serotonin, a chemical responsible for managing our moods.

Amazing Club’s Pickle of the Month Club subscription brings you two small-batch pickles selections each month, ranging from traditional dills to garlics, sweets, gherkins and more. All are concocted by artisan pickle makers from natural ingredients.

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Jenis Ice Cream Ecomm Via Jenis.comvia merchant

Ice Cream from Jeni’s

Happiness tastes especially good with this “coolest” subscription ever. Get four pints of Jeni’s ice cream each month with flavors inspired by pop culture and art, like Boozy Eggnog, Cranberry Crumble and Butterscotch Popcorn.

Subscribers occasionally get first crack at flavors before they’re released to the public. Founder Jeni Britton has been honing her recipes and smooth texture for more than 20 years, while striving to bring people together through her sweet treats.

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