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Stuff We Love: Woodworking Tools

Marty Dyck shares three tools that all woodworkers should have around their workshop.

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Construction Pro Tips

This week, Stuff We Love puts the spotlight on three tools that all woodworkers should have around their workshop. These include an upgrade to your trusty tape measure, a portable band saw, and clipping corner clamps that makes constructing corners easier for both beginner and expert woodworkers.

To find out what Marty loves about these innovative products, watch the video below. To learn more about each individual product and find out where you can buy them online, keep reading.

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Tape Measure Innovation

When Crescent Lufkin was designing their new Shockforce tape measures they knew they didn’t have to “reinvent the wheel” — they just had to make the standard tape measure a little better in a few key ways. Shockforce tapes are packed full of smart design decisions, with a durable, rugged casing, a nylon coated, double-sided blade, and an oversized end hook that makes it easy to latch and hold onto surfaces.

There is also a “Nite Eye” version of the Shockforce tape that has all the same features as the regular model plus a high-visibility, no glare blade with green marking for easier readings in all light conditions. Check out the standard Shockforce tape measure here.

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Cordless and Convenient Band Saw

Makita’s latest Compact Band Saw is cordless, boasts a powerful high torque motor, and weighs just nine pounds. That’s… really light. This saw’s size and weight make it perfect for cutting through things above your head- no more tired arms. There’s also a wheel cover enclosing the blade so that the saw can be operated with just one hand.

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A helping hand in the workshop

Getting two boards to line up flush on a 90 degree corner with just one pair of hands might just make you want to quit woodworking altogether. Rockler, always looking to make simple solutions for woodworkers, came up with these corner Clamp-It Clips to help solve that specific problem. The clamps come in 1/2″ and 3/4″ sizes and work by slipping onto a corner and holding it place while your hands are free to drive screws and nails.

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