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Stuff We Love: Plumbing Gear

This week's "Stuff We Love" covers plumbing gear that pro plumbers will want to have on their radar.

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Plumbing gear for modern pros

This week on Stuff We Love, Marty Dyck takes a look at three plumping products that every modern plumbing professional should definitely know about.  They include a time-saving drill attachment for cleaning out pipe fittings, a dependable drain snake from Milwaukee Tool, and a top-tier toilet upgrade.

To find out what Marty loves about these innovative products, watch the video below. To learn more about each individual product and find out where you can buy them online, keep reading.

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Jones Stephens Corp Socket Saver

The Jones Stephens Corp Socket Saver looks unassuming for such a time-saving tool. This little piece of metal allows you to reuse old fittings by cutting and grinding away the bits of broken ABS or PVC still stuck inside. The Socket Saver essentially smooths out and cleans plastic fittings so that they can be reused without worrying about bad connections that lead to leaks.

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Fluidmaster DuoFlush Toilet Conversion System

The Fluidmaster DuoFlush is designed to convert any single flush toilet into a more efficient and money-saving dual-flush toilet in less than half an hour. The dual-flush system is quieter than single flush, retrofits to any existing 2-inch flush valve toilet, and lets users opt between flushing a full tank or half a tank to save water.

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M12 Drain Snake

Anyone faced with dislodging plumbing clogs on even a semi-regular basis will want to get their hands on this drain snake from Milwaukee Tool. It’s cordless, has 25 feet of “snake” so that most clogs are within reach, and only weighs 10 pounds total. Another great feature is the drum shield on the front of the drain snake that protects users from any messy splashes.

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About Marty Dyck

Marty is a professional woodworker and the owner of Good From Wood, a custom woodworking shop located in Stillwater, MN. Specializing in unique, vintage barn doors, custom skateboards and other innovative wood products, Marty hopes to always build the piece that everyone talks about.
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