19 Cool Steering Wheel Covers for Your Car

Whether you're looking for style, comfort or great grip, you'll find something in this fun list of cool steering wheel covers.

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Genuine Sheepskin Wool Cover

This genuine sheepskin wool steering wheel cover is ideal for keeping your hands warm in winter. The wool is super soft and breathable while maintaining moisture resistance.

“I bought this because my steering wheel isn’t heated and gets COLD during the winter, says a reviewer. “I basically drive my car for a living and it’s held up just fine the past few months! I would highly recommend, also prevents the wheel from getting too hot from the sun and is just airy enough to avoid sweaty hands while in use.” While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our collection of the best car covers.

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Decorative Cloth Cover

Many reviewers love this Boho-inspired cloth steering wheel cover. Cloth is ideal for ensuring your steering wheel stays cool even on the hottest summer days. Reviewers also boast about its superior grip.

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Rhinestone Cover

Go bling or go home with this flashy option for flashy steering wheel cover. Reviewers love how fancy it makes their car, and claim its high-quality construction ensures the rhinestones stay intact. After a year of using the cover, one reviewer notes that the “cover is still holding up perfectly and not a single rhinestone has come off, which surprises me as I’m always running my hands over it.”

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Genuine Leather Stitch-On Wrap

For car enthusiasts who don’t mind wielding a needle and thread, this genuine leather stitch-on wrap is right up your alley! This is particularly ideal if your existing steering wheel is damaged or worn. Be sure to order the correct size steering wheel cover (there are seven options) to fit your vehicle.

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Faux Wool Cover

This soft and fluffy steering wheel cover features decorative ears for that stuffed animal look. This cover also comes with two small sections of rhinestones for a hint of glamour.

“The faux fur really feels genuine. Rhinestones look and feel great with no rough texture,” says a reviewer.

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Stitch-On Genuine Suede Cover

Enjoy the luxurious feel of suede after you install this cool steering wheel cover. You hand-stitch this high-quality cover over your original steering wheel cover. Along with being extremely soft, it promises excellent wear resistance and breathability.

Reviewers recommend watching videos of how to stick-on a steering wheel cover before you start.

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Faux Suede Cover with Memory Foam

If you love the feel of suede but prefer not to use animal products, this faux suede cover is a great option. The plush memory foam construction boosts comfort, while the anti-slip grooves keep your hands firmly on the wheel. Reviewers love that it protects their hands from a cold steering wheel in winter and a scorching hot steering wheel in summer. And another reviewer says,

“This fits snugly over the steering wheel and has good padding for arthritic fingers. I especially like the fact that the edging on the inside section is made with cloth, not plastic which always cracks.”

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Woodgrain Design and Chrome Trim

Boost comfort and give your vehicle a sporty look with this cool steering wheel cover. The manufacturer promises temperature resistance from -30 degrees F to 203 degrees F, stain and odor resistance and easy installation.

“I drive a Mercedes S Class and the paint on the steering wheel was starting to come off and fade a little from age,” says a reviewer. “I was surprised the ‘fake’ wood parts on the cover match the wood grain trim in my car perfectly! PERFECT!!!! Very happy.”

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Ultra-Grip Genuine Leather Cover

If you want the real deal, this genuine leather steering wheel cover will look beautiful in your vehicle. The heavy-duty leather feels very soft and thick, while the skid-proof lining results in a constant, reliable grip.

“Better than I expected,” says a reviewer. “Great quality for the price. Looks great, nice soft leather. As others have said in their reviews, it’s a tight fit, but I think you really want it that way. Leather stretches with time so you need to take that into consideration. Think about a new pair of shoes that fit pretty snug, and how they fit by the time they’re worn out.”

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Mesh Steering Wheel Cover

This stylish steering wheel cover adds comfort while protecting the wheel and your hands from extreme temperatures. Reviewers note that while the image looks blue, the color is as advertised, a deep gray. The product is made of a tough rubber that’s covered in mesh for supreme grip.

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Padded Sectioned Cover

Give your hands the ultimate comfort and grip right where they need them with this unique design. This steering wheel cover features six cushioned sections. One reviewer refers to it as a La-Z-Boy for steering wheels, while others note that the construction helps alleviate arthritis and other disabilities in the hands that can make driving painful.

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Heated Cover

While some cars now offer built-in heated steering wheels, you might not be ready to buy a new vehicle just yet. So, that’s where this heated steering wheel cover comes in handy.”Ideal for harsh winters, this cover comes with an elastic, coiled power cord that plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket to deliver warmness to your hands immediately. The cover is made of super-soft, smooth velour for added comfort.

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EZ Cool Steering Wheel Cover

For extreme summer weather, a cooling steering wheel cover is a must! This cover is lined with certified white natural rubber instead of the typical black recycled industrial rubber. And, you’ll feel the difference—the cover remains cooler under direct sunlight, averaging around 25 degrees lower than other ordinary steering wheel covers.

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Massaging Grip with Snakeskin Texture Cover

This steering wheel cover features a unique grip design that’s ideal for long drives. The wheel cover is made of eco-friendly silicone, and features a subtle snakeskin texture for added style.

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Anti-Slip Handle Steering Wheel Cover

The jaunty look of this steering wheel cover makes it a good choice if you’re looking for something nontraditional. But, reviewers also love the anti-slip design featured on two sides of the wheel.

“The interior of my car is black with minimal blue trim, and the blue of this wheel cover matches just perfectly. It is pearly, meaning it shimmers a bit in the light, which matches my interior. It fits great, not too loose or too tight, and the grip feels way better than my bare wheel. The rubber grip makes such a noticeable difference, I LOVE it,” says a reviewer.

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Leatherette and Rhinestone Cover

This glitzy cover features high-quality leatherette that provides a comfortable feel on the wheel. The addition of rhinestones adds style, while the cover’s raised design helps relieve driving fatigue.

“It’s so high end looking with a subtle sparkle of rhinestone,” says a reviewer. “The construction is well made with the stitching and rhinestone going through the material on the other side so you can’t pick off or brush off these beauties. The wheel doesn’t get hot as I thought it would. I would definitely recommend.”

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Bright Pink, Soft Silicone Cover

Made from 100-percent food-grade silicone, this steering wheel cover offers the look of real leather at a lower price and with superior durability. Reviewers say it holds up well in extreme heat and doesn’t change color. One reviewer said,

“Beautiful and the pink is so pretty!! Perfect!! Fits my Lexus RX350 wheel.”

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Ducks Unlimited Camo Cover

Go for the rugged look with this camo steering wheel cover. The cover is made of a durable microfiber material with thick stitching to protect your hands from heat and cold, while the embroidered hand grip makes for a comfortable feel on the wheel.

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Leopard Print Cover

Add a little personality to your steering wheel for less than 10 bucks! This inexpensive yet luxurious leopard print steering wheel cover is soft to the touch while offering a quality grip of which reviewers take note.

“This leopard wheel cover is fabulous! Very well made & the grip feels great.”

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