10 Spooky Things Pros Have Found on the Job

You run into a lot of weird, creepy things out there in the wide world of construction. Here's a collection of spooky jobsite discoveries.

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a freaky looky barbie head found in a toilet | Construction Pro Tips

Decapitated Doll Head

A little girl flushed her Barbie doll’s head down a toilet but didn’t tell her parents. All they knew was that the toilet wasn’t flushing properly. A drain technician pulled Barbie’s head out with a toilet auger. Creeeeeepy!

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construction equipment stopped sunset

A Long-Forgotten Grave

Two construction workers were working on replacing a water tower in Heuvelton, NY, when they made an eerie discovery just in time for the start of Halloween season. According to WWNY 7News, the construction workers stopped digging after they uncovered very old human remains surrounded by a decayed grave.

The two construction workers called the local police, but the construction site was quickly ruled out as a crime scene due to how old the grave appeared.

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Gross fish found in toilet | Construction Pro Tips

Fish Funeral

A plumber attempted to clear a residential toilet clog with a hand-crank toilet auger, but the clog wouldn’t budge. So, he pulled up the toilet to access the trap from the bottom of the toilet and saw the fish head. Apparently, the homeowner had a pet fish that died, so he attempted to flush the fish away and it got stuck in the toilet’s drain trap.

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True Detective Season 1 occult figure

His Flying Days Are Over

Roof vent pipes are a common place for curious birds, squirrels, and other small animals to become trapped inside home drain systems. Unfortunately, for the animal and homeowner, they usually can’t turn around and find their way back out. This is another common call for plumbers. A screen over these vents is a worthy home maintenance chore.

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A Human Foot

“I was working on a remodeling project and discovered a human foot under the floorboards,” one Reddit user said. “The foot was all wired together so that the bones didn’t separate when it was moved. We called the cops and they traced the foot back to a local university.” They think the foot was used as a teaching tool for students, but said it certainly gave them a scare!

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Helmut Meyer Zur Capellen/imageBROKER/Shutterstock

Fully Furnished Apartment From Early 1900s

A Reddit user wrote that a friend working on an old school discovered a fully furnished apartment from the early 1900s when they had to repair a leaky pipe. The apartment, which was for the caretaker of the school to live in, even had a coal burning stove to heat it.

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Voodoo Doll Dilemma

When a contractor attempted to investigate a smell coming from their client’s attic, they got more than they bargained for. As they climbed the ladder to the attic they were greeted by a 6 or 7-foot stuffed doll. They called it the biggest voodoo doll ever and tried moving it around. But the stuffing made it too heavy to move and it was covered in dust.

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Industrial Bookshelf Lead

First Edition Frankenstein

When a Redditor’s sibling purchased the home of a childhood neighbor and began some rehab work, they soon discovered a first edition copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, autographed by the author. They had the book appraised by an antique book dealer who authenticated it. The neighbors traveled extensively and it’s believed they picked up the book on a trip to Europe. When they returned, they hid the book instead of locking it up in a safe deposit box at a bank.

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dryer vent mistake
Courtesy of Jeremy Dibos

Smells Like Snuggle

If you were curious, this is what it looks like when someone vents the dryer into the crawl space and no one questions it for years after. That, or this place is infested by some seriously weird spiders.

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