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8 Space-Themed Places You Can Stay

We're talking more than a few Star Wars-themed bedrooms here. From hotels to off-the-grid homes, these cosmic splendors are out of this world.

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Off-Grid Adobe Dome in the Desert

Located in Terlingua, Texas near Big Bend National Park, this remote dome is entirely powered by solar power. This space-themed Airbnb is located in one of the few remaining territories under a dark sky ordinance, so you can truly feel like you’re in outer space when sleeping in this isolated dome. The dome is an earthen structure complete with an adobe barrier that ensures shelter from the heat, cold, wind and rain. Here are 14 tips from Airbnb hosts on how to rent out your property the right way.

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Basecamp Bubbles

Also located in Terlingua, Texas, the two Basecamp Bubbles are the first inflatable Bubble rooms in the United States. These space-themed Airbnbs make you feel like you’re living inside an astronaut’s helmet! The see-through Bubbles have each been designed to offer the utmost privacy from one another and any other surrounding dwellings. If you’ve ever wanted to take tiny-house living for a test drive, reserve one of these unique, floating tiny Airbnb homes for your next vacation.

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Spodnic Spaceship

If you’re an earthling looking for a space-themed adventure across the pond, look no further than the Spodnic Spaceship. This intergalactic glamping pod is situated in Templeton, United Kingdom. The Airbnb host calls it an “out of this world, stargazing UFO self-contained studio, which is made to sleep two to four people comfortably from this earth or another!” You can now rent this home featured on the TV show Fixer Upper on Airbnb.

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Peg City Spaceship Suite

If you’ve been yearning to travel in a spaceship, get one step closer with this space-themed architectural suite situated in Winnipeg, Canada. Located in the Northeast corner of Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, this Airbnb offers fantastic views of historic warehouse buildings, the Red River, the Disraeli Freeway and the CP Railway. See the coolest tiny home in each state. The geodesic beauty in Missouri will blow your mind!

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Catskills Geo Dome

If aliens liked to farm, this would be their spot. The Outlier Inn is located 90 miles from NYC in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in Woodridge, New York. This inn features a full-service recording studio and fiber farm, with rabbits, sheep and goats who are all shorn for their wool. An organic garden and its produce is also available to visiting earthlings. This particular dome is an incredible space to stargaze at night and enjoy surrounding nature during the day. Think you’ve seen it all? Check out these outrageous things DIYers have done to their homes.

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Bubble Hotel, Bali

Buckle up for a trip around the world if you want to visit this space-themed hotel. Located on a mysterious island, the Bubble Hotel features cabins with transparent walls so you can enjoy breathtaking views above and beyond. With a few upgrades to your home, you can bring the essence of a high-end resort home with you, and keep your vacation vibe going indefinitely.

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The Flying Saucer

Does it get anymore space-themed than an Airbnb called “The Flying Saucer“? Located in Redberth, United Kingdom, the home features a monitor for ’80s video games like Space Invaders and Defenders. The entrance hatch is remote controlled, and there’s even an escape hatch in case of emergency. Learn what to avoid when house hunting.

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Campera Hotel Bubble Suite

Sleep under the stars in one of the Campera Hotel’s state-of-the-art bubbles, immersed in Mexico’s burgeoning wine country, Valle de Guadalupe. The 10-bubble hotel features a sphere of comfort and intimacy for earthlings to enjoy an other-worldly slumber. You’ll also love these 28 houses that will make you think an extraterrestrial lives there.

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