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Six Sweet Gifts for Your Sweetheart for Sweetest Day

Candymakers distributed more than 20,000 boxes of candy in Cleveland, Ohio for the first Sweetest Day and this year's Sweetest Day will be celebrated Oct. 21. Though candymakers thought they could make a buck off a created holiday, you can score points at home with a thoughtful gift.

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T50R.E.D Professional Staple Gun and Nailer from Arrow Fastener

T50R.E.D Professional Staple Gun and Nailer from Arrow Fastener

Is your sweetheart a furniture makeover master? If so, they would love the T50R.E.D Professional Staple Gun and Nailer from Arrow Fastener. This handheld tool drives both staples and nails into hard and soft surfaces with ease. It's especially handy for upholstery projects. Click here to buy it now.
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The Little Burros

The Little Burros

The Little Burros wheelbarrow storage accessory is perfect for a sweetheart who loves to garden or tackle other landscaping projects. There's room for plants, hand tools, power tools, buckets, etc., and there's even a small covered compartment to keep a smartphone clean and dry while working in the yard! Click here to buy it now.
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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: DeWalt ToughSystem DS450 Mobile StorageFamily Handyman

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: DeWalt ToughSystem DS450 Mobile Storage

The DeWalt ToughSystem DS450 Mobile Storage features tons of space as well as heavy-duty wheels and a telescopic handle, making it easy to tote tools around the house. Plus, additional ToughSystem units can be stacked on top for even more tool storage. Click here to buy it now. Or learn how to make a tool cart on your own.
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Handmade Garden Toolbox

Handmade Garden Toolbox

Is your sweetheart lugging around garden tools in a 5-gallon pail or worse? Make this handy toolbox instead. With a couple branches and pieces of wood, it'll have a rustic feel perfect for gardening around the yard. Get complete plans and instructions here.

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Wooden Cutting BoardFamily Handyman

Wooden Cutting Board

If your sweetheart likes to cook, this great-looking cutting board and serving tray is sure to bring a sparkle to their eye. Handcrafted with love, by you, they'll think of you every time they use it. Or you can plan together on how to build a gazebo for grilling.
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Photo SculpturesFamily Handyman

Photo Sculptures

Surprise your friends and family with easy-to-make photo sculptures. Your favorite folks will 'pop' from your photos when you use this easy technique. Here's how: Apply photo mount adhesive to pieces of 1/4-in. hardwood plywood, firmly press on the photos to be sculpted, then cut out the figures with a scroll saw. Make some wood bases from scrap wood and glue on the sculptured photos with Special-T cyanoacrylate glue (about $11). This glue will tightly bond the sculpture's bottom edge to the base, so you won't need to fiddle with notches or screws. Hints for great-looking sculptures:
  • Use a sharp No. 2 or No. 4 'skip tooth' blade (about $24).
  • Change blades when the sawn 'paper edge' appears slightly ragged.
  • Select a medium or high speed and feed the work at a slow rate, pressing the wood firmly on the table as you saw.
  • When choosing photos to sculpt, look for clearly outlined subjects so it's easy to follow the cutting line. Hair or clothing that blends into the background is difficult to cut.
Hang artwork properly and level when you're done.