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8 Signs You Should Get a Roof Inspection

Here are some of the warning signs it might be time to take a closer look at the roof over your head.

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Paint Peeling off of rooftornado98/Getty Images

Peeling Paint on the Roofline

Have you noticed some of the paint along your roofline starting to look rough and frayed? It might be time to get your roof checked out.

“Peeling paint along the roofline is one common sign that your roof needs inspection,” said Phillip Ash of Pro Paint Corner. “It means that there’s humidity buildup, which causes the paint to peel or blister.”

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Moldy Ceilings in atticIlona Bann/Getty Images

Evidence of Leaking in Your Attic

The condition of your attic can tell you a lot about how your roof is holding up. Keep an eye out for any stains, mold or mildew growing on your attic ceilings. All three are clear signs that some sort of damage to your roof has left your attic exposed to the outside air.

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White Crack Concrete Wall Background.Mesamong/Getty Images

Cracked or Discolored Interior Drywall

If the drywall in your home starts to crack or become discolored, you can be pretty sure something’s wrong. But before you tear out and replace any damaged drywall, make sure you know what’s causing the damage in the first place. A good place to troubleshoot is your roof, which could be leaking, letting in moisture that’s harming your drywall.

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Damaged roof with missing shinglesDouglas Sacha/Getty Images

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Dingy-looking shingles are one of the more obvious signs you should schedule a roof inspection ASAP. If the shingles are showing visible signs of wear and tear, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at the roof’s structural integrity.

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Severe weather over apartment buildingsHolly Hildreth/Getty Images

After High Winds and Storms

Hail and high winds are just a couple of the natural phenomena that can absolutely ruin a roof. If your area gets hit by a big storm with large amounts of wind or hail, get your roof inspected in the following weeks. Even if the storm didn’t cause any obvious damage, your roof could be compromised in other ways that are harder to see without a trained eye.

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Damaged and old roofing shingles and gutter system on a houseSBSArtDept/Getty Images

Rusted or Missing Flashing

Flashing plays an essential role in keeping your roof watertight. If you see any flashing that’s rusted, damaged or missing entirely, there’s a good chance other aspects of your roof need repair as well.

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A wide view of a bad patches on a residential asphalt shingled roof exposing the nail headscmannphoto/Getty Images

Popped or Rusted Nails or Stains Around Nails

Over time, especially if you live in a particularly volatile climate, changes in temperature can cause the nails in your shingles to pop up. This is bad news, since popped-up shingle nails are a major cause of roof leaks. The more popped nails you have, the worse your leak problem could be.

If you start to notice that even a couple of nails have popped up on your roof, it’s time for an inspection.

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house for saleSAUL LOEB/Getty Images

You’re Thinking Of Buying a House

One of the most crucial times to get a roof inspection is right after you’ve put in an offer on a home. Buying a home with a roof damage is the last thing you need.

“After you make your offer on a new home, you should have the roof inspected to make sure you won’t have to face unexpected repair or replacement costs once you purchase the home,” says Melanie Musson of

Getting a roof inspection before you close on a house will only be a small added cost. The peace of mind it gives as you head into this new phase of your life will be more than worth it.