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Set Sail With Seven Nautical Tips for Columbus Day

Check out these seven nautically themed tips on to keep your ship sea-worthy as an homage to Columbus Day.

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Keep Your Boat AfloatFamily Handyman

Keep Your Boat Afloat

It’s important to keep your vessel in tip-top shape and you can do so by following these tips. Caring for a boat can differ greatly than a car. For instance, boats require a stream of water through the water intake while changing oil.
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Know any KnotAnna.zabella/Shutterstock

Know any Knot

There are knots you need to know in order to secure your ship just like any good sailor on Columbus Day and here they are in this tutorial. Use a bowline to dock your boat to a post or try a figure eight for the mast of a sailboat. Double half hitches are useful to tie boats to piers as well.
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Winterize Your BoatFamily Handyman

Winterize Your Boat

Learn to how winterize your boat with this step-by-step guide. Winterizing a boat may require that it remains in the water in the beginning so take that into consideration as you begin your winterization plans.
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Get to Work Fixing FiberglassFamily Handyman

Get to Work Fixing Fiberglass

If your boat has some dings from the summer use the winter to work them out. You will save on shipping the work out by doing it yourself if you follow these tips.
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Make Sure Trailer Lights WorkFamily Handyman

Make Sure Trailer Lights Work

As you’re hauling that boat around make sure your trailer is working properly. If brake lights fail on a trailer it could mean trouble for you and those following you on the road. Make sure your bulbs work and that your sockets aren’t corroded.
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Repack Trailer Wheel BearingsFamily Handyman

Repack Trailer Wheel Bearings

Getting your boat around to and fro on land is just as important as it is on the seas so make sure your wheel bearings are up to snuff. Manufacturers recommend checking the wheel bearings on a trailer once a year.
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Clean up the Cabin

Clean up the Cabin

As you prepare you summer toys for the winter, you’ll have to prepare that summer getaway cabin as well. At the top of the list of chores is turning off the water and make sure the furnace is winterized to prevent any problems during the winter months.