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Reader Project: Inspiring DIY Kitchen Remodel

Carlo Pelandini was never satisfied with the design of his kitchen. So he naively started a six-month renovation that resulted in a beautiful modern kitchen.

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Before kitchen remodelPhoto Courtesy of: Carlo Pelandini


“The original kitchen never looked right to me, and open soffits just collected layers of dust and grime. After many weeks of coming up with a design, (and stilling needing a functioning kitchen during the remodel!), I naively started. And six months later I finally decided the kitchen and I were done.”  — Carlo

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before kitchen remodelPhoto Courtesy of Carlo Pelandini


The project to be completed was to enclose the soffits. They were finished off with crown molding.

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kitchen remodel -soffitsPhoto Courtesy of: Carlo Pelandini

Recessed Lighting

To brighten the kitchen, recessed lighting was installed. Next a farmhouse sink and a wood vent hood were added.

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kitchen remodel - islandPhoto Courtesy of: Carlo Pelandini

Kitchen Island

A larger work space was needed, so the size of the island was increased from 4×4 feet to 4 x 9 feet. Then a built-in drawer for the microwave was added to the island for better workflow. Finally, quartz countertops finished the look.

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remodeled kitchenPhoto Courtesy of: Carlo Pelandini


Glass inserts in the upper cabinets gave an airer feel, while new solid cabinet doors were added throughout the rest of the kitchen. The look was finished with quartz countertops and backsplash.

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remodeled kitchenPhoto Courtesy of Carlo Pelandini

Finishing Details

Finally, all new wider appliances were purchased, pendent lighting was added over the island, and new hardwood floors were installed.

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finished kitchen remodelPhoto Courtesy of: Carlo Pelandini


“The kitchen has been featured in our local “Your Town” magazine as an advertisement for the local cabinet shop I used. Would I do it again? I think not….” — Carlo

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