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These 11 Products Will Get You Organized Like Marie Kondo

Stop sweeping things under the rug and get to sparking joy in your house today with these organization products inspired by the KonMari method.

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Hanging Closet Organizer

Marie Kondo encourages storing things with purpose in order to help you better see what you have at first glance. One way to do this is to create a space in your closet that tidies up clothes clutter. This five-storage-space hanging closet organizer is a inexpensive and efficient way to organize folded clothing.

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File Sorters

The tidying process is “a unique opportunity to understand what is most important in one’s life,” according to Marie Kondo. Use the KonMari sorting system to intentionally organize and display stacks of paper in your office, including pending documents like bills and important, permanent documents like contracts, in these file sorters.

Need a good way to archive your old how-to magazines? Build these simple wood storage boxes!

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Clothing Organizer Drawer Divider Set

“I always use boxes when tidying miscellaneous items. By using boxes you can compartmentalize the drawers neatly,” Kondo explains. You can begin by organizing your intimates, including socks and underwear, in these four bins.

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Stylized Racks

For people with a major shoe collection, Marie Kondo suggests putting the pairs that spark joy on display, perhaps on a rack like this. Think about color, shape, brand, year, etc., when choosing your favorites.

Here’s how to make a modern, wood shoe storage rack for $35.

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Christmas Wreath Storage Bag

Marie Kondo doesn’t encourage storing things in the garage, except for Christmas decorations. Rather than storing them in plastic bags, which she says looks like trash, she recommends storing them in clear or seasonal containers, so it’s obvious what’s inside.

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Foldable Organizer Bags

Whether you’re low on drawer space or you don’t have a dresser, these foldable organizer bags are a great way to store clothes and keep them tidy. Because they’re foldable, they make it easy to store the bags themselves, if need be!

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Felt Baskets

Marie Kondo suggests using the “bag-in-bag” method for investment pieces like expensive handbags. Place the stacked bags together inside felt baskets.

Use these time-tested tips to keep your closet organized and your clothes in tip-top shape.

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Food Storage Containers

Kitchen pantries get cluttered quickly. The KonMari method can help with that! This food storage container set creates a streamlined look for your dry goods.

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Refrigerator Organizers

The KonMari method suggests storing things upright, instead of piling them on top of each other. In the refrigerator, this can be accomplished with a set of refrigerator-specific organizers to free up space while making all your items visible and accessible.

Build this ultimate food storage container cabinet rollout.

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Reusable Cord Organizers

Electronic cords are a force to be reckoned with. They easily create clutter as they pile up by the outlet or atop your desk. Marie Kondo suggests gathering all of your cords and chargers, sorting them, getting rid of mysterious ones and then using these cord ties to store and organize the rest.

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Statement Storage

Being organized doesn’t mean you have to own a mountain of clear, plastic storage containers. There are plenty of opportunities to implement your personal style, like using a leaning bookshelf where you keep books that inspire you on one shelf and other items that spark joy on another. Family Handyman readers know their storage! Check out these brilliant DIY storage projects.

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