10 Products You’ll Want to Buy to DIY a Stylish Home Gym

Large, bulky and ugly home gym equipment is a thing of the past. These stylish upgrades will save space and look good doing it!

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Lululemon Foam Roller

A foam roller is an essential piece of exercise equipment. It helps massage out sore spots after a heavy sweat session, and it’s a useful tool when stretching after a warmup. This roller set from Lululemon comes in a gorgeous marbled pattern and several stylish colors. It’s pretty enough to blend in with the rest of your home decor without sacrificing functionality. There’s even a matching yoga block.

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The Mirror

All you need is a space the size of a yoga mat, and this mirror turns that space into a home gym. When the smart mirror is turned off, it’s a functional, full-length mirror and a pretty piece of home decor. But, when you switch it on, it turns into an interactive display. You’ll see yourself, working out with your instructor and your classmates. This high-tech piece of workout equipment may look like an ordinary mirror, but with its ability to stream live and on-demand fitness classes, this mirror becomes, according to The Wall Street Journal, “A total body workout machine that puts your treadmill to shame”

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Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

There’s nothing stylish about bulky equipment that crowds your workout space. Save space and keep things airy in your home gym with an all-in-one dumbbell set. This innovative design combines 15 sets of free weights into one. Using an easy dial system, you can quickly switch from five all the way up to 52.5 pounds.

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Vivora Luxury Sitting and Exercise Ball

We love exercise equipment that can pass as stylish furniture. This exercise ball is wrapped in a swanky vegan leather case that makes it suitable to leave right in your living room as a pouf to sit on. Or, skip the standard home office chair and work on your core and posture by sitting on the ball, and when it’s time to hit the gym, simply roll it away from your desk and use it for home exercises.

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Wall-Mounted Vintage Wood 3-Tier Yoga and Barre Mats Storage Rack

This stylish, rustic shelf holds bulky yoga mats, exercise pads and foam rollers and doubles as a shelf for a candle, plant and other small decor items. Ditch your old, ugly exercise equipment and free up floor space at the same time.

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The WallBar

Another way to keep your floor free of equipment is the stylish WallBar. Available in solid ash, oak, cherry or walnut, you mount the unit vertically against your wall, so it doubles as wall art. Choose from different WallBars to create the best multi-function exercise training station for you. It can be used as a traditional pull up bar and many other things.

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Golden Stallion Wood and Leather Weighted Jump Rope

Looking to get some cardio in without spending a fortune on a stationary bike or treadmill? Perhaps you simply don’t have enough floor space to accommodate a large piece of equipment. For a home gym with high enough ceilings, a stylish jump rope is just what the trainer ordered. This vintage-style jump rope looks great hanging on a hook when it’s not in use. It might be best for a ground floor or basement gym since jumping can be noisy. Find out if a DIY workout is better than going to the gym.

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SlimBeam Cable Machine

Instead of a bulky, unattractive cable station, consider this stylish piece of equipment. The slender and sleek silhouette, curved shape and high-quality wood make this professional cable exercise station functional and fun to look at. It takes up more space than a DIY gym pulley, but it’s more reliable and versatile.

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Leikefitness Height Adjustable Ab Trainer

Does exercise equipment have to be black? For a softer look, check out this compact, whole-body workout machine in white with green, gray and light purple accents. It’s called an ab trainer, but it can be used to train your arms, legs and glutes too! Just add Bluetooth speakers and your home gym is ready to go.

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Ubarre Toning and Sculpting Tool

As aesthetically pleasing as it is functional, this might be the most beautiful weight we’ve ever seen! The Ubarre is a compact weight that’s available in 4-, 8-, 12- and 16-pounds and comes in sleek hues like chrome metallic, gold metallic, white gloss and black matte. This is a seriously stylish way to add metal accents to your home decor, and its unique shape makes it good for many different exercises.

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