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15 Pet Products with Nearly Perfect Reviews on Amazon

When it comes to picking new products for your furry best friend, Amazon customer reviews can make all the difference. We found some of the best-rated pet products on Amazon with nearly perfect reviews to take the guesswork out of trying new things for your four-legged best friend.

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dog bedvia

This cozy bed will impress you both

Tell your furry best friend to expect a snuggly new place to rest, because the Best Friends by Sheri OrthComfort Deep Dish Cuddler comes in multiple sizes, self-warms, and is a favorite for older pets in need of joint-relief. It’s also machine-washable and has a waterproof bottom, and you’re basically guaranteed to get some hysterically funny cat and dog photos in it. One of the several thousand reviewers to leave a five-star review on this cozy-looking essential item had only one complaint. “I bought it for one cat, but now they’re both in there all day!” Plus: Check out 40 perfect pet projects you can DIY.

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dog treatsvia

Just like the name says

Need some great, protein-rich snacks for your favorite fluff ball? NomNomNow Dog Jerky Treats have certainly earned their name with a nearly-perfect five-star rating on Amazon from dozens of loyal customers. One loyal dog mom commented, “We bought these treats for our sweet rescue dog who has terrible skin allergies. She has to be on a very limited diet and most dog treats have added fillers and lots of chicken byproducts. She can’t have any food that has feathers, so it’s darn hard to find a treat to fit this criteria. I was so glad to finally find these 100 percent beef jerky strips. She loves them and it’s so nice to know exactly what I’m feeding her.”

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pet tool belt via

You can be more hands-on than ever

Wearing a FreshStart DogiPack while you head out for a walk or run with your fur baby is a smart decision thanks to the hands-free organization. You can actually play fetch, scratch his favorite behind-the-ears spot, and dispense treats because your hands won’t be full of waste bags and other necessary things. Amazon reviewers love the unisex colorways and that this female-owned company gives a portion of their proceeds to different dog rescue organizations each month.

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dog foodvia

Rave reviews for this dry dog food

“It has no wheat, corn, or soy,” shares one Wellness Core Rawrev Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food reviewer. “So no ingredients that dogs are partially intolerant of, like wheat, and no fillers so when they eat and get full so they’re not hungry soon after and they don’t overeat.” Consider this a more natural dog-version of the low carb diet. You won’t regret knowing this brilliant trick for getting rid of pet hair in your laundry.

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pet washvia

Do you smell that? We don’t

Curb your stain and pet odor problems with Earth Friendly Products Pet Stain & Odor Remover. The gentle-yet-effective formula features natural enzymes that go to work on pet urine and messes, prompting Amazon reviewers to call it “The best natural pet stain product out there.”

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Pop some peanut butter on this winner

Amazon shoppers give Hyper Pet Lickimat rave reviews thanks to its fun, boredom-busting approach to pet snack time. Dog parents agree smearing this easy-to-clean mat with peanut butter and letting pups spend hours licking every last morsel off is worth far more than five stars. Here are more smart strategies for keeping your pup busy while you’re at work.

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dog treatsvia

Speaking of peanut butter…

Grab your favorite pup a resealable bag of Riley’s Organics Peanut Butter & Molasses Small Biscuits. They’re human-grade organic dog treats that are so popular and well-reviewed that they quickly became an Amazon’s Choice product. The brand’s soy-free and sugar-free recipe will impress you.

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window guardvia

You never knew you needed this

If you have any kind of pet in your home with even a mild amount of freedom, you’re probably going to need a Sill Shield. Protect your expensive windows from pet nails and claws with the brand’s well-loved Clear Pet Window Sill Protector. It’s an inexpensive way to protect one of your home’s bigger investments without leaving any obvious signs. One recent reviewer called the product “Border collie-proof,” and raved “When we added new windows we looked for a window protector. This product fits the bill in all respects.” Did you know these household items are seriously dangerous for your pet?

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vegan treatsvia

One of the most popular vegan-friendly picks

Did you know some dogs eat vegan diets? It’s true, based on the hundreds of perfect Amazon reviews we read, we’re pretty sure V-dog Vegan Kibble Dry Dog Food is the most popular ready-to-eat vegan dog food out there. Purchasers love the brand’s rare combination of vegan ethics and a total lack of corn, wheat, and soy products.

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cat drinkvia

The future is definitely here—and purr-worthy

Did you know there’s a cat water fountain you never have to clean or refill? We didn’t either till we started combing through the overwhelmingly positive Amazon reviews of AquaPurr eC. Every rating except one gave the brand a full five stars, and even that was an extremely upbeat four-star rating. This Amazon’s Choice product seems to be a cat hydration winner.

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pet cage via

The Internet thinks this is the cutest

If the idea of a pet gazebo doesn’t make your heart feel warm things, you’re in the minority. Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have left this Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor Kennel perfect reviews thanks to how easy it is to set up, transport, and use. “The reversible cover is a great feature,” shared one reviewer who boasted about having more than one pet gazebo for her pup-friendly home.

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bug spray via

Bugs be gone (naturally)

We’re apologizing in advance if the pets in your home are bugs. If not, literally thousands of Amazon reviewers say Wondercide is hands-down the best all-natural flea and tick repelling spray of all time. It also ships fast and free for Prime members. You’ll also want to check out these 15 other natural ways to keep bugs at bay.

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Amazon reviewers tend to agree

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Stella’s Super Dinner is the easiest healthy meal for dogs on the go. “This is definitely good eating,” shares one five-star reviewer. “My dog goes crazy for the patties in almost every flavor.” Other reviewers say soaking the semi-hardened patties in water or meat broth makes their dogs “smile till sleep.”

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The “easiest” way to keep fur and hair off your floor

Pet owners know how easy it is for floors to go from zero to furball in basically minutes, which is why Swiffer Sweeper Pet Heavy Duty Dry Sweeping Cloth Refills with Febreze Odor Defense is worth woofing about. They trap and lock dirt, dust, and pet hair two times more than regular multi-surface Sweeper dry cloths, and they come with Febreze Freshness Odor Defense technology. Reviewers love that they work on tile grout, too. These are the carpet cleaning tips all pet owners should know.

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pet carrier via

Carried away with good reviews

One of the most popular pet carriers on Amazon is loaded with five-star reviews for good reason. The Django Dog Carry Bag is made of sturdy waxed canvas and leather, and features a bag-to-harness tether with secure zipper pockets. Plus: Be careful with these 10 plants that are toxic for pets.

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