14 Patio Upgrades to Make this Summer

Here are 14 amazing DIY patio upgrades that will transform your summer!

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do it yourself fire pit
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Fire Pit

A fire pit is the classic patio upgrade. It extends the useful life of the patio on either end of warm weather, and is perfect for cooler nighttime temperatures. Combined with a good supply of fuel and s’mores, it can be the perfect patio all-star. Even better, building a fire pit yourself is a satisfying and fun project.

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folding outdoor bar featured image
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Outdoor Bar

To extend your living space without spending a lot, consider an outdoor television with an adjustable shade to bring your game-watching outdoors. Add a built-in beer fridge or cooler and you’ve got the perfect outdoor bar.

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folding wooden lawn chairs you can make
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Custom Patio Chairs

Make your patio more comfortable with a set of custom DIY patio chairs. Foldable, portable and attractive, you can take extra pride in these quality chairs, knowing your crafted them yourself.

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Stone path and patio
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Circular Patio and Retaining Wall

Nature forms unique designs with curves, circles and spirals. Most patio design fights this natural look by imposing hard lines and crisp edges, or leans into it by echoing the free movements of plants and rolling hills. This patio and wall combines interlocking pavers that snap together, forming a finished product that blends in and beautifies your property.

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grill grilling hamburgers and kebabs
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Natural Gas Grill

Stop worrying about running out of charcoal or propane — just run a natural gas line to your outdoor grill. An outdoor gas line allows you to grill at the drop of a hat and eliminates any fuel worries. Natural gas is also great for upgrading your coach lights.

It’s best to bring in a licensed pro to run the gas line, but converting a propane grill to accept natural gas is surprisingly easy.

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Pizza Oven
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Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

An outdoor pizza oven brings classic cuisine to the yard or patio without setting off the kitchen smoke detector or leaving grease and smoke stains on the walls. A wood-fired pizza oven looks great on or near a patio, and pairs well with a grill to handle your smokiest meal preparations.

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patio planter
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Custom Planter Beds

Bring your gardening onto the patio with custom planter beds. Opt for the traditional look, or take the strain off your back by raising the height of your planters. Either way, consider planting flowers and herbs that will keep mosquitoes away and transform your patio into your family’s favorite gathering spot.

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tile patio table
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Stone-Top Patio Table

Bring a little class to your patio with this elegant stone-top patio table. Easy to build, affordable and tough enough to withstand extensive time outdoors, this DIY stone-top patio table makes a great weekend project and is one of our favorite patio upgrades.

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Wireless Audio

Whether you want to listen to the game, play some tunes or catch up on a podcast, wireless audio can bring your favorite soundscape to your patio without running wires. Many wireless speakers work with Bluetooth technology and can be controlled with your smartphone for the ultimate in patio convenience.

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Lighting Upgrade

Add a little atmosphere to your patio with custom lighting. We’re particularly fond of LED string lights, which are are easy to install, cost pennies to operate and make even the barest patio sparkle. But that’s only one option! Add lighting to trees, sidewalks, steps or even your pool to enhance your patio experience.

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Raising Patio Pavers

If your pavers are sinking or separating, your once-idyllic retreat turns into an obstacle course. That can be problematic for children, the elderly or the visually impaired. Correct paver height to make short work of these pesky trip hazards.

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Water Features

From fire pits to grills and ovens, we’ve looked at many options for upgrading your patio’s fiery side. But some people prefer the soft sounds of a water feature. Whether you want a simple fountain or a koi pond, installing a water feature is often easier than you’d suspect.

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how to build a pergola
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Build a Pergola

A pergola brings a touch of classic design and much-needed shade to your patio. The overhead lattice creates a dappled sunlight effect, allowing you and your family to enjoy the sun without baking in the heat. But if it ever gets cold, snuggle into an outdoor heated blanket to stay warm. Building a pergola may look complicated, but with a little patience and the right tools, it’s doable!

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screened in porch patio
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Build a Screened-In Patio

For the ultimate in extending your patio’s seasonal use, consider wrapping it with screen walls. A screen and roof can be attractive and low profile, while providing shade and keeping out insects. That makes screened-in patios an especially welcome feature in warmer climates.

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