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Outdoor Gear All Homeowners Need For Fall

Cold weather shouldn't slow down your DIY projects! Get ready for the fall season with free shipping on your favorite Carhartt gear.

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download-6-1200x1200 Sweatshirts for Lighter Weather orange reflectiveAmazon
Courtesy of Carhartt

Sweatshirts for Lighter Weather

From now until 10/13 you can get a great deal on fall gear with free shipping from Carhartt on orders over $25. The first thing you should look into is a sweatshirt that will keep your warm, help you stay visible, and provide additional protection during fall projects. It’s important to keep your arms protected from mosquitos and other bugs when working outside by wearing outdoor clothing that is comfortable and rugged.

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Courtesy of Carhartt

Work Jackets for Tougher Weather

Would a sweatshirt just get soaked or ripped apart with the projects you’re planning? Switch it out for a more durable outdoor clothing jacket that you can also use when hunting, fishing or hiking. Check out How to Store Seasonal Clothes.

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download-5-1200x1200 Outdoor Clothing Work Shorts for Warmer WeatherCourtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods
Courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Goods

Work Shorts for Warmer Weather

Warmer climates and early fall work projects may be a little too warm for pants. If that’s the case, settle on some outdoor clothing rugged work shorts instead to help keep cool.

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spin_prod_951056112-1200x1200 sound proof ear muffs outdoor clothing
Courtesy of Sears


Earmuffs are a crucial outdoor clothing item for fall chores. This ear protection works against both the cold and loud noise from machinery or construction. Combine it with a headphone setup and the yard work will fly by. But just remember to turn the volume down when things are quiet while you attempt 8 Outdoor Projects You Can Do Yourself.

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2kp3962-1200x1200 rubber boots made for mudPhoto: Courtesy of Boss
Courtesy of Boss

Boots Made for Mud

If you deal with a lot of mud and wet brush, you should choose these outdoor clothing boots. These durable rubber boots that withstand the dirt and moisture more easily. And remember to tuck your pants in to help protect against ticks! These are perfect for the garden or learning 5 Smart Ways Homeowners Deal with Leaves.

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Hats for Weather and Debris

When it’s drizzling, you’ll need to keep the rain out of your face. Or if you’d rather not have twigs in your hair while pruning, a hat is an important accessory for autumn yard work. A simple, durable sun hat can serve as all-purpose protective gear for your head for projects in the fall.

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download-2-1200x1200 Beanies for Cold Winds hatPhoto: Timberland
Courtesy of Timberland

Beanies for Cold Winds

As fall turns toward winter, winds pick up and temperatures drop. And in this case, switch out your outdoor clothing hat for a durable beanie that will keep your head warm without flying away while completing outdoor projects.

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71xoduy3yfl._sl1000_-1200x1200 Boots Made for IceAmazon
Courtesy of Amazon

Boots Made for Ice

If temperatures drop quickly overnight in your climate, you may have to deal with treacherous morning ice during your fall projects. As a result, protect yourself with advanced new boots designed with treads made to effectively grip at the ice. And check out these boots to help you find the right footing for your sole.

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Waterproof Gloves

Summer gloves don’t always work well in the autumn damp. And look for work gloves with some waterproof capabilities to make cleaning your gutters and working in the wet much easier. This waterproof outdoor clothing will be a lifesaver while you complete DIY Outdoor Projects That Will Add Value to Your Home.

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45507_brn-1200x1200 Durable Work PantsPhoto: Courtesy of Duluth Trading Co.
Courtesy of Duluth Trading Co.

Durable Work Pants

If you don’t have a pair of durable work pants to help keep you warm and dry during fall work, consider investing in a pair of yard-friendly pants. This outdoor clothing has reinforced stitching to stay strong even during tough projects by following DIY Safety Tips.

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48611_dn_fr-1200x1200 Coveralls for Dirty JobsPhoto: Courtesy of Dickies
Courtesy of Dickies

Coveralls for Dirty Jobs

Maybe you have your eyes on even dirtier projects, and would rather not risk any of your nicer outdoor clothing. And in that case, think about a full-body coverall. Also you can slip on so you don’t have to worry as much about mud, oil, paint and other messes. Figure out where to store those clothing items with 11 Clothes Storage Ideas to Transform Your Closet.

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71vd-kqcgzl._sl1500_-1200x1200 Insect RepellentAmazon
Courtesy of Amazon

Insect Repellent

Even when you are covered up, it’s a good idea to spray your outdoor clothing. And the repellent will help repel mosquitos, ticks, and other fall pests that tend to emerge when the weather gets cool and wet. Follow these 7 Mosquito Repellent Tips to keep the pests away.

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Torch Coat Heater
Via Torch Coat Heater

Torch Coat Heater

The Torch Coat Heater can make your jacket even warmer in the cold month because it has three different heating settings. The heater inserts into a coat and works off battery power. The heating element can keep a jacket warm for up to four hours.

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Mechanix GlovesAmazon
Courtesy of Amazon

Mechanix Wear M – Pact Gloves

A good pair of gloves can be pretty important for working on the car and Mechanix Wear has some of the best. These M-Pact gloves are machine washable, includes a dual layer for the index finger and thumb and can be used on a touchscreen phone. Pick up a pair for $27.

Discover other work gloves that work well in various scenarios.

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