5 Must-Have Table Saw Accessories for Your Home Workshop

The table saw is the workhorse of your workshop. Whether you are crosscutting, ripping, cutting angles or bevels, most of your projects touch the table saw at some point. Here are some accessories to deck it out.

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IncraMITER 1000SE

The miter gauge that came with your table saw is probably pretty bad, even if you splurged on a nice saw. The IncraMITER 1000SE has some pretty cool features starting with the adjustable miter bar to remove any slop as you push your material through the blade. Its got a lot of positive stops, a telescoping fence that comes with a flip-down stop. It’s a great addition to your shop!

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Wixey Angle Gauge

If you’ve ever set the bevel of your table saw to make a 45-degree cut for a box or picture frame and end up with gaps in the miters because the markings on your machine are half a degree off, you need to pick this up. The Wixey angle gauge is the easiest way to make sure your blade is set to the right bevel. The Wixey will even cost you less than $30.

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Diablo 8” Dado blade set

A dado blade is a great accessory for your table saw for creating wider grooves for your projects with one pass. Stack the blades in a number of configurations for the cut you need and adjust it with the included spacers. Be sure your table saw has an arbor that will accept dado blades. This 8-in. stacked dado blade set includes everything you need, and it works with any saw.

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The Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard

We all know to keep our fingers away from the blade of a table saw, but kickback is something we should always be aware of, too. Take a little bit of worry off your shoulders and buy a featherboard to hold your material against the fence and keep it from skipping across the blade. The Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard adjusts to the board width quickly and easily and will give you a little peace of mind.

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MJ Splitter

One of the most important safety features, the riving knife, is often the first to be taken off and cast aside. The MJ splitter gives you no excuse not to use it when you need it. It is easy to install with the attached drill template and when you use a dado blade or are making only a shallow cut, you can take it off and then replace it with zero hassle.

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