13 Must-Have Organizers from ‘The Home Edit’

Be the star of your own home-makeover show with these simple solutions to your biggest organizing problems.

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container store organizers home edit
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As Seen on TV!

After binge-watching “Get Organized with The Home Edit,” do you find yourself dreaming of your own picture-perfect makeover?

The Netflix hit, starring Nashville-based organizers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, offers tons of organizing tips you’ll wish you knew all along and features scene after scene of enviable storage solutions. The organizing items themselves often make a big style statement while getting your home in tip-top shape.

Believe it or not, you can achieve the same results in your home, easily and affordably. Just take a look at this list. You’ll find some of the best products seen on the show, including its exclusive line (available at The Container Store), and learn how to use them for maximum efficiency. Get ready for complete and utter organizing nirvana.

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All-purpose deep bins with dividers
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All-Purpose Deep Bins with Dividers

Shearer and Teplin make it clear why so many of their products are transparent: “It all comes down to out of sight, out of mind. We prefer clear storage because it’s easier to see the items you own.”

These all-purpose deep, clear bins are perfect for storing all sorts of things, including extra shampoo or jars of jelly. Keep things upright and potential messes contained in these easy-to-rinse-out bins. Trust us: You’ll want to buy a bunch because you’ll use them all over your house.

Place them in the pantry to organize marinades, and in the cleaning cabinet to store bottles of spray cleaner.

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Divided Lazy Susan
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Divided Lazy Susan

Reaching for things stored in the back isn’t a problem with a lazy Susan, the spinning storage solution with the interesting name that brings what you need right to the front. This one from The Home Edit has easy view-and-grab bins that give you access to all the little stuff that would otherwise be lost.

Try it for seasoning packets, jars of spices and condiments. But don’t stop in the kitchen cabinet. Add one to the refrigerator for jars, another in your craft area to store supplies and yet another in the linen closet for beauty products. The dividers even let you customize the sections for the perfect fit.

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Acrylic risers
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Acrylic Risers

Do you have a small collection to display? If so, you’ll love these acrylic risers, which will elevate your prized possessions at varying heights so you actually see them all. These clear risers can also be used to double your storage space for potted herbs on the windowsill, next to the bathroom sink for lotions and even in the pantry to create spice storage that gets those small jars up and within eyesight.

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Rattan storage bins
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Rattan Storage Bins

These bins are perfect for the times when you just need a place to contain pet toys or toss a stack of magazines. Use them to hold seasonal accessories like hats and scarves on a hall closet shelf or line them up on a bookcase. The handwoven rattan blends with any decor and looks just as good behind closed doors as it does out in the open.

FYI, while you’re shopping, make sure to skip these nine things professional organizers never throw out.

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Closet labels
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Closet Labels

Take the guesswork out of what descriptive word to use when labeling your containers with these preprinted, peel-and-stick labels. They feature Shearer’s own elegant handwriting, so you won’t have to try to create fancy labels on your own. All that’s left is for you to stick them to the container or bin clip.

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storage boxes
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Stockholm Storage Boxes

Although transparent storage is a signature of “The Home Edit,” sometimes you want to hide your stuff away. That’s when you reach for concealed containers like these blue Stockholm storage boxes.

Pretty enough to be left out, they’ll blend with your decor. Each offers plenty of space for unsightly things like cables and cords or paperwork you don’t want on display.

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Poppin box seat
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Poppin Box Seat

When storage can also be a seat, it’s a win-win! The Poppin seat box is collapsible to just over two inches high, making it a real space saver when not in use. When popped open, this genius little invention supports up to 275 pounds.

It’s a great place to tuck away toys, blankets or video game controllers, and offers extra seating while kids or grown-ups are playing. Of course, editing some of this stuff down is a big part of “The Home Edit,” too. Translation: You need to get rid of a few things!

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Bin clip label holders
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Bin Clip Label Holders

Applying labels to containers is an organizing technique you’ve heard time and time again. But that’s not always possible when it comes to fabric bins or other containers without a smooth surface. These labels easily clip onto the side of an open-top bin, and you can write directly on them with a chalk or dry-erase marker.

Bonus: They’re not only easy to use — they’re also easy to change up. While you’re at it, here’s how to organize a closet like a pro.

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Divided freezer bins
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Divided Freezer Bins

“The Home Edit” team didn’t forget the freezer. Just like in the refrigerator, boxes and bags of frozen foods can end up in one big heap and make it difficult to find what you are looking for.

Their all-purpose bins are the secret to effortless freezer organization. They’re completely clear so the contents are always viewable, and you can use the divider to customize the sections you need for boxed frozen meals, bags of vegetables, steamable pouches and more.

By the way: Is your freezer set to the right temperature?

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Space-saving style station
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Space-Saving Style Station

To stay organized in the bathroom, vanity-top organizers are a necessity. Without taking up a lot of space, they give you a place to put all the little stuff, like makeup brushes and nail polish. Bonus: This Home Edit Space-Saver Style Station starter kit is designed with a heatproof silicone section to protect hot styling tools.

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Jumbo box
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Jumbo Box

Seriously, what can’t you store in this box? Sure, bulky blankets stay neatly folded in them, and they’re a great place to tuck away seasonal decor. But you might want to pick up a few more because you’ll find myriad uses for them, including dedicating one as a “treasure box” to keep years of memorabilia like greeting cards, ticket stubs and other sentimental items.

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Boot box
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Boot Box

It’s shallow enough for boots, but that’s not where the uses for this ingenious box ends. You can just as easily store board games or out-of-season clothes in one, too. Bonus: The low profile makes it perfect for sliding under beds and couches — a perfect solution if you’re short on space.

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Divided fridge drawers
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Divided Fridge Drawers

Let’s face it: There’s never enough sectioned storage inside the refrigerator, which is why things get messy and misplaced. That’s where these stackable, divided fridge drawers come in. Because they’re clear, you can see what’s inside and use items before they go bad.

Devote one easy-slide drawer to fruits and veggies and another one to grab-and-go snacks. And just because they’re technically fridge drawers doesn’t mean you can’t stack them under a bathroom sink for beauty products, or on a shelf in the linen closet for first aid supplies.

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