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Most Popular Home Gifts on Wedding Registries

From cookware and cutlery to linens and glassware, there are plenty of must-haves on most couple's wishlists. Here are 10 of the most popular home gifts on wedding registries.

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Outdoor Lighting

For many newlyweds, it’s all about gifts for their new home. Zola, a wedding planning and registry service, notes outdoor lighting—specifically string lights—have become one of the most popular home gifts for wedding registries. In fact, it’s the most popular wedding gift in four states: Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky and Louisiana. You’ll want to live outside after seeing these 15 ideas for string lights.

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Home Assistant

Whether it’s Amazon Echo, Google Home or any one of the new home assistants on the market, these tech gadgets are quickly becoming one of the top home gifts on registries. Brides ranks home assistants as one of the top registry items every couple needs.

These 11 voice-activated smart home products will revolutionize your life.

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Barbecue Tool Set

What newlywed couple wouldn’t want grilling tools? Amazon ranks this 16-piece stainless steel barbecue grilling accessory set as one of its top wedding registry items. It will come in handy when the new couple hosts their first backyard barbecue. Get the most out of grilling season with these 30 barbecue tools.

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Vacuum Cleaner

A home gift everyone can use, a vacuum cleaner—whether traditional upright, robot or handheld—ranks high as a wedding registry must-have. The Knot, the popular wedding registry website, lists a vacuum as one of the 20 gifts couples can’t live without.

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Cast-Iron Skillet

While cookware has long been one of the most popular home gifts on wedding registries, a cast-iron skillet is quickly becoming a must-have, according to Zola. Whether for cooking up pancakes and eggs or a steak, a cast-iron pan has become the most popular wedding gift in seven states.

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Linens, including bedding and towels, are two of the most popular wedding registry items of all time, according to “After an exhausting day, nothing feels better than snuggling up next to your spouse in soft, crisp sheets,” the site says. A luxurious sheet set, bath towels or a soft throw blanket makes a great home gift.

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Cabinet Organizer

The new couple will need a way to store all that new cookware, right? Amazon notes this cabinet organizer is one of its top-selling wedding registry gifts. The free-standing unit can be used horizontally or vertically to store pans and lids. These 12 creative solutions will help you store all those pots and pans.

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Portable Speakers

More of today’s couples are registering for portable speakers, according to Zola. In fact, speakers now rank as the most popular gift in three states. A great home gift, these speakers are often compatible with home assistants and can be used to crank out the tunes for backyard parties.

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Knives are one of the most popular wedding registry items of all time, according to For new couples who like cooking, a good set of knives is one of the best home gifts you can give.

For everyday cooking, these are the four types of kitchen knives every home cook should have.

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If you’re a DIYer, give the newlyweds a good set of tools. Whether it’s a basic tool set, a new drill or lawn tools,, a wedding planning site, notes tools are one of the 10 top wedding gifts people forget to put on their registry. DIYers will love these 23 incredible tool gifts.

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