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The 12 Most Exotic Airbnbs

Traveling abroad offers rich opportunities to soak in new experiences, views and cultures so why bother staying in a traditional hotel that looks the same wherever you go? These Airbnbs around the world offer entirely unique experiences—even if they're actually only a few miles from home.

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Hygge: via airbnb

Underground Hygge

This airbnb is for all the Lord of the Rings fans out there who don’t think they’ll get to New Zealand any time soon to experience Hobbiton. If you’re in this category, consider traveling to Oranado, WA to stay in this earth ship on the mountainside. The natural surroundings and steep drive and hike to get there make it the perfect getaway for all Frodo and Gandalf fanatics—or anyone needing to unplug and relax.

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Mountainside via airbnb

Peruvian Mountainside Suite

Have you ever dreamed of falling asleep under the stars on the side of the mountain in Peru? Even if you haven’t, doesn’t that sound great?! After a tough but well-guided climb, you get a 4-course meal and then a night in a spacious glass bubble on the side of the mountain overlooking the Sacred Valley in Peru.

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_seashellvia airbnb

Sleep Like You’re Under the Sea

This famous seashell house, in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, is the fantasy of all Little Mermaid fans. Bring your family, or better yet, have a getaway with a couple of your friends, to this ocean escape. Everything inside is meticulously designed to reflect the sea, so you can look at the ocean while you’re sleeping “in the ocean” or swimming in your private pool. As one reviewer described it, “it’s a mermaid fantasy come true.”

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Bamboo via airbnb

All Bamboo Tranquility

If you’ve gotten the travel bug to visit Bali, then this is the place to stay. The place is made entirely of bamboo and is located in the jungle on the edge of the Ayung River valley. Needless to say, it’s known for being an extremely peaceful airbnb.

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Barnvia airbnb

A Modern Barn

Barns are not usually described as exotic, but this one, in remote Whitefish, Montana, certainly is. If you want to get away, look at some mountains and still have the comforts of home, then this is the place to go. Oh, and you can likely bring your dogs, too!

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castle via airbnb

Sleep Like Royalty

Who hasn’t fantasized about living in a castle?! This airbnb gets you close to it by offering a castle stay in the French countryside. You can stay in the east wing, take walks by the vineyard and eat meals home-cooked by the excellent hosts.

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Treevia airbnb

The Perfect Tree House

How about a tree house to call your own for a weekend? This airbnb, at the summit of Kilauea in Hawaii, is not only picturesque, it’s only five minutes from Volcanoes National Park… which basically makes it a tree house on a volcano! The attitude of the entire house is described as “Jurassic.”

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Busvia airbnb

Brandy Bus Luxury

This airbnb in Nairobi, Kenya is for the adventurous traveler who is tired of traditional accommodations. The hosts renovated a bus with all the modern trappings but kept a funky, fun vibe inside. This is a truly unique stay on wheels that’s close to all the touristy action.

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Cottagevia airbnb

The Off-Grid Tiny Cottage

This lovely cottage offers the opportunity to eat locally, sleep in a hammock and walk the forests near the village of Ohinata, Japan. Most reviewers comment that time slows down here—how exotic!

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Loftvia airbnb

Cliff-Side Loft House

This vertical home is located on a cliff in Sweden and offers beautiful views along with all the modern amenities. This is an unconventional space and everyone raves about the hosts.

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Cave via airbnb

Cave House

This private cave house in Cappadocia, Turkey offers incredible views of hot air balloons above the breathtaking landscape. This reviewer says it all: “Derya’s place is amazing. Like unforgettable. A fantasy home.”

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Igloo via airbnb

An Igloo

Yes, that’s right, you can stay in a luxurious and cozy igloos in Finland. Sure, it may be a bit chilly inside the igloo but there’s a warming house with all the coziness you’ll need to make your stay extra comfortable. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the northern lights!

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