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Latest and Greatest Tools and Gear February 2019

Every month, we round up the most noteworthy new tools and gear from brands we love and share them with you.

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Sakrete AR Application Screenshot | Construction Pro TipsCourtesy of Sakrete

Sakrete AR App

Figuring out how much concrete to order for a rectangular pour is easy, but not so much when it comes to curves and wonky shapes. Sakrete’s Augmented Reality (AR) app is here to help. All you need to do is snap a few pictures of the project site on a phone camera and upload them to the app. The app uses something called “spacial computing” to get its information. The best part is that you can try it right now at no cost, as the Sakrete AR App is free and available now for both the iOS and Android app stores.

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Hand holding a Makita compact driver | Construction Pro Tips

18v LXT Lithium Ion Brushless/Cordless Impact Driver

As technology gets better, machines get smaller. Makita’s new 18v LXT Li-Ion Cordless Impact Driver is proof of that. According to Makita, it’s the most compact driver available on the market today. And while it lost some size, it didn’t’ lose any features. This driver includes a Quick-Shift Mode that automatically finds the right balance of speed and torque for different applications. The 4-speed power selection gives users as much control as they need. And these drivers have two tightening modes, one regular and one made for tightening self-drilling screws in thick materials. The 18v LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver is available now, online and in stores, for $259.99.

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Leveling forms with a redstick level | Construction Pro Tips

Milwaukee REDSTICK Digital Levels

When it comes to levels, accuracy is kinda important. Milwaukee’s newest REDSTICK Digital Levels are accurate to 0.3 degrees, with no calibration required- that’s impressive! The digital readout on these levels is a 360-degree, full color display, which is easy to read. According to Milwaukee, REDSTICK Digital Levels are the first rechargeable levels on the market. They’re powered by batteries that can be charged either in the level or separately with a charger and a USB port. Users can also adjust the sensitivity and tolerance of the level and even lock in on an exact degrees of level so it can be replicated later. Milwaukee’s REDSTICK Digital Levels are available now in 14”, 24”, 48”, and 72” sizes.

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Virtual Reality rendering of a renovation project | Construction Pro Tips

Use VR to share a vision for a project

One of the many challenges that contractors face is communication. Sometimes, the “final vision” in the minds of homeowners can be completely different from the one that a contractor has, and that invariably leads to unsatisfied parties on both sides. Belgard’s latest inovation makes it much easier for contractors, homeowners, and designers to get on the same page by combining virtual reality technology with real-life construction applications. Belgard’s Design Studio gives homeowners a virtual look into the future at what the proposed design for their future living space will actually look like. Large, expensive home renovation projects require a hefty investment of both time and money, so making sure that everyone has the same vision before construction begins can save a lot of stress and worry down the road. For more information and to learn how you can get access to Belgard’s Design Studio, keep an eye on Belgard’s website.

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Man grinding metal with a cordless milwaukee grinder | Construction Pro Tips

Milwaukee Braking Grinders

Your all done grinding, but apparently nobody told your grinder because it just keeps on spinning, and spinning, and spinning… If you’re tired of wasting time waiting for the wheel of your grinder to stop spinning, take a look at these new 4-1/2”-6” braking grinders from Milwaukee. These cordless grinders provide all of the power of Milwaukee’s 13amp corded grinders while being lighter-weight, easier to maneuver and featuring a brake that completely stops all grinder accessories in under three seconds. This is both an efficient time-saver and a safety feature (admit it, you’ve set down a spinning grinder more than once). The M18 FUEL 4-1/2”-6” Braking Grinder will be available in March 2019 starting at $219.00 (Bare Tool Only)

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Bobcat bob-dock attachment system | Construction Pro Tips

Bobcat Bob-Dock system

Bobcat’s new Bob-Dock system is a cutting-edge hydraulic attachment system designed for hands-free and easy hydraulic connections. And that means no more hopping out of the cab to hook up the hydraulics. Instead, the operator of the machine just has to line up the loader with the hydraulic attachment’s “Bob-Dock” attachment plate and then press the Power Bob-Tach switch located inside the cab. The Bob-Dock connects the hydraulics, the Bob-Tach secures the attachment, and just like that everything is ready for use. Releasing the attachment is just as easy; just retract the Bob-Tach and back the machine away. And don’t worry- the Bob-Dock attachment mounting system still works with attachments that don’t have the Bob-Dock adapter plate. For more information on the Bob-Dock system, click here.

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M18 Switch Tank System

The new M18 Switch Tank System from Milwaukee is an across-the-board productivity enhancer. This system’s tank assembly includes a 4-gallon tank with interchangeable hoses, pumps and accessories, so that users can switch between different spraying applications without worrying about mixing together chemicals and different spraying substances. Plus, the interchangeable nature of the tanks, hoses and pumps means that if a specific piece breaks or wears out, it can easily be replaced individually. The Switch Tank will be available as a Concrete Sprayer Kit and a Pesticide Spray kit starting April 2019 and March 2019, respectively. No more pumping up sprayers by hand!

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Drilling into a corner with a Rockler jig

Rockler Corner Key Doweling Jig

Rockler’s latest corner jig makes creating wooden boxes with reinforced, unique-looking corner joints much simpler than it has any right to be. The Corner Key Doweling Jig clamps onto the corner of the box and acts as a guide for drill bits, letting even rookie woodworkers drill through miter joints at a perfect 45 degrees. Then, you can thread a variety of materials (wood dowels, metal rods, leather) through the holes, creating corners that look decorative and dramatically increase the holding strength of the corner. This jig comes with interchangeable drilling guides with diameters of 1/8”, ¼”, and 3/8”. Extended-length drill bits that work with this jig can also be purchased separately from Rockler. The Rockler Corner Key Doweling Jig is available now for $35.99.

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Safety Kage

In 2018, KNAACK introduced the Safety Kage, a portable cabinet designed to provide construction pros with safety equipment on the job. Now KNAACK is back with an updated version of the Safety Kage that improves on the previous model in a few key ways. The 2019 Safety Kage is, first off, painted a luminous green color that will stand out even on the most crowded construction sites. It has specially made compartments for a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and an eye-washing station. The new model of the Safety Kage is also more portable, with a four-point crane lift capability, so the cabinet can easily be moved around jobsites. The bright green frame is also now made from solid body panels that will provide more weather resistance, and there is a fully enclosed compartment for gear like hard hats and vests. KNAACK’s Safety Kage is available now for $2,383. For more information and to learn where to buy the Safety Kage, click here.

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reolinkvia reolink

Reolink Go Security Camera

Reolink Go is a 100-percent wire-free 4G LTE battery-powered camera. That makes it a great security camera on jobsites where there might not be WiFi networks available or even power. The camera comes with a rechargeable battery and supports optional solar charging for continuous juice. The Reolink Go is available for purchase online and in stores for $249.99.