Perfect Last-Minute Gifts for DIYers

Haven’t found that perfect gift for your favorite DIYer? There’s still time to snag one of these gems, guaranteed to be a hit.

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Floating Tool Shelf And Organizer Ecomm Via
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Heavy Duty Floating Tool Shelf

Digging around in cluttered toolboxes and cabinets is a thing of the past with this sturdy wall-mounted floating shelf. It keeps power tools organized, making this a must-have gift for the DIYer in your life. Bonus: It’s also under $50!

“There is about a five degree angle at the end of the tool mount so they will not accidentally roll out,” writes an Amazon reviewer. “I mounted the charger on top as shown and now I have everything in one place, vs. spread across my bench.”

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Digital Caliper Adoric Measuring Tool Ecomm Via Amazon
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Electronic Micrometer Caliper

This electronic micrometer caliper has a large LCD screen to easily read measurements. It’s battery powered and built to last a lifetime. Amazon reviewers rave about its “easy readability” and “accuracy.” It rates 4.5 stars on Amazon with more than 25,000 reviews. Talk about an excellent Amazon gift idea for a DIY enthusiast!

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Addlon 2 Pack Led Outdoor String Lights Ecomm Via
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LED Outdoor String Lights with Shatterproof Bulbs

Give the gift of outdoor relaxation with these LED string lights, which come with shatterproof bulbs. This two-pack covers 48 feet with bulbs spaced roughly four feet apart. Plus, the bulbs are dimmable. More than 80 percent of the roughly 13,000 Amazon reviewers gave these lights five stars.

“These LED string lights are easy to install, and make any outdoor area feel special,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “The wire and fixtures are well made.”

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Clc Custom Leathercraft Suede Tool Bag Poly Web Belt Ecomm Via Amazon
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Suede Tool Bag and Poly Web Belt

The durable heavy-duty suede leather of this tool belt provides DIYers comfort and durability while they work. It has designated spots for a hammer or combination square and a clip for a tape measure. But it can hold much more than that.

“The belt is very sturdy and adjustable, and the pouch is versatile and useful with the three pockets and holders for pencils or whatever,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “If you want more space, you can buy another pouch without the belt and simply add it on to this on the other side. I don’t see how anyone can go wrong, whether this is your first tool belt or you’re giving it as a gift.”

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Sperry Instruments Voltage Tester Ecomm Via
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Non-Contact Voltage Tester and GFCI Outlet/Receptacle Tester

These two testers might not be the most exciting items on your shopping list, but any DIYer who does electrical work will be glad to have them. The bright color-coded neon lights provide easy visual indication, and it comes with a patented battery self-test feature.

“If you are doing any DIY electrical work (we changed out our light switches to rockers and newer wall outlets/receptacles), these two items are necessities,” one Amazon reviewer writes. Pair it with one of these gifts for a handyman, too.

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Dewalt 20v Max Led Work Light Hand Held Ecomm Via Amazon
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DeWalt 20V Max LED Work Light

This high-powered yet compact LED work light by DeWalt illuminates low light work areas. The pivoting head rotates 140 degrees and it uses any rechargeable DeWalt battery. It averages 4.8 stars on Amazon with more than 8,000 reviews.

“I absolutely love this LED work light,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “It’s a great addition to my DeWalt line of 20V tools, and the battery lasts forever. I used it for the first time for four hours and my battery is still showing full.”

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Amazon Music Ecomm Via Amazon
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Amazon Music

Give the gift of music and podcasts. Amazon Music Unlimited gives DIYers access to 90 million songs, thousands of playlists and your favorite podcasts, all in one place.

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Streamlight 66121 Stylus Pro Penlight Ecomm Via Amazon
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Stylus Pro PenLight with White LED and Holster

The stylus pro PenLight is 1.64 oz. and 5.3 inches long, fitting easily in most pockets. It comes in lots of colors and styles. But what about its durability?

Well, take it from this Amazon reviewer: “I lost this flashlight two years ago and just found it the other day buried under mud and leaves; still works.”

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Dlp Projector Smart Wifi Projector Ecomm Via Amazon
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Smart Projector With Hi-Fi Speaker

DIYers can watch shows, movies, sports, play games and more in 1080p with this smart projector that’s compatible with TV Stick, USB, HDMI, Android and iOS. It can display on a screen as large as 10 feet, and the omnidirectional high-fidelity speaker gives that surround sound experience.

One Amazon reviewer writes: “The picture is clear, it is easy to use and the brightness is excellent.”

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This GooDee HD movie projector is another great pick.

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August Wi Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock
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August Smart Lock

The August Home smart lock upgrades any existing deadbolt to make it more secure. This smart lock makes it possible to share permanent, scheduled or temporary access to a home to friends, family, neighbors, a house sitter or someone else. No more hiding a spare key under the doormat.

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Kreg Multi-Mark and Measuring Tool

The three scale positions of the Kreg multi-mark tool provide measuring and marking functions for DIYers. It also features a built-in level and a 3/16-in. reveal gauge.

“This little tool makes repeat measurements a breeze,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Once you lock it in, you know you will have the same measurement until you change it. It’s much more reliable and accurate than my multi-function squares in that regard.”

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Clc Custom Leathercraft 5023 Cordless Poly Drill Ecomm Via Amazon
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Leathercraft Deluxe Cordless Poly Drill Holster

This drill holster is the perfect solution for DIYers who often misplace their drill or dislike a bulky tool belt around their waist. It weighs less than half a pound and fits comfortably while allowing easy access with the quick-release buckle. Several Amazon reviewers wish they bought it years ago.

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Black+Decker Long Level

No DIYer’s tool set is complete without a long level, and this 36-inch one by Black+Decker will ensure they’re not out of alignment on another project. The Gecko Grip pads prevent slipping without leaving marks, and the rubber end caps provide protection and durability.

“The sliding attachments are just so easy to use, and take all the inaccuracy out of the process,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Not only that, but this level is super-easy to use with one hand despite how long it is. It grips the wall and doesn’t slip, letting me make my drill marks and be sure they’re right the first time.”

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Irobot Roomba 694 Ecomm Via Amazon
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iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

Clean smarter, not harder. The iRobot Roomba 694 connects to your WiFi and can be powered through the iRobot app, allowing you to set it and forget it. It features a three stage cleaning system and dual multi-surface brushes, which grab dirt and grime from hard and soft surfaces.

There are lots of robot cleaners on the market, but this one provides the most value for its price. Amazon reviewers gave this 4.4 stars. Reviewers with pets rave about its ability to whisk away unsightly hair.

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Greluna Solar Wall Lights Outdoor Ecomm Via Amazon
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Outdoor LED Solar Wall Lights

Adding the waterproof LED solar lights by Greluna to the backyard will do more than just increase visibility. These eco-friendly lights will add an ambiance to your space that will wow your guests.

The lights come in two modes: warm white and color changing. DIYers can switch it up depending on how they want to decorate.

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Ceiling Fan With LED Light

Easily control a room’s temperature and brightness with this Jinweite ceiling fan. The three adjustable speeds allow DIYers to program the fan to any comfort level they like. It comes with a remote control for easy use.

One Amazon reviewer praises the fan’s contemporary look, adding it “works great, (is) super quiet and the oscillating feature is a real bonus.”

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Delta Faucet Trinsic Voiceiq Touchless Kitchen Faucets Ecomm Via Amazon
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VoiceIQ Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet

A voiceIQ sink faucet might seem superfluous. But once it’s installed, DIYers will wish they had this years ago.

This kitchen sink faucet by Delta easily connects to Alexa and Google Assistant. It comes in several looks, including matte black, chrome and champagne bronze. Voice commands control the amount it pours, the water temperature and a timer for hand washing. An LED indicator light changes color to reflect the water temperature.

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Google Nest Learning Thermostat Ecomm Via Amazon
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Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Smart thermostats can help DIYers save hundreds on their energy bill, and the popular Google Nest is one of the best products on the market. The Nest pairs with other Google devices and is easily controlled through a phone app, allowing the temperature to be adjusted from anywhere. The thermostat is available in seven colors, which vary in price.

“The weather changes seasons inside of one day here during the winter months so having a thermostat that switches between AC and furnace automatically is amazing to me,” one Amazon reviewer writes.

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Coast Xph30r Lumen Usb C Rechargeable Dual Power Headlamp Ecomm Via Amazon
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Lumen USB-C Rechargeable Dual Power Headlamp

If your loved one takes on DIY projects in low light areas and needs both hands to work, this dual power headlamp will change the way they work. The two powerful beams illuminate for short and long-range viewing.

“It has the perfect amount of illumination, a nice amount of throw, and a quality feel,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I really like that it’s made of metal, and feels solid. The fact that it uses a USB-C to charge is another big plus.”

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Ironland Bucket Tool Organizer Ecomm Via Amazon
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Bucket Tool Bag Organizer

Help DIYers stay organized with this bucket tool bag organizer by Ironland. The 51 pockets will hold all of their tools, big or small. This organizer is also great for gardeners.

“(It) makes carrying tools so much easier than a tool box because you can put items in the center of the bucket like bulky cordless drills extra battery, packs etc.,” one Amazon reviewer writes.

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Iris Hardware Cabinet

DIYers can never have enough storage. The 44 drawers in this hardware cabinet hold screws, nails and anything else rattling around in their tool box. If 44 drawers isn’t enough storage, or too much, this cabinet is also available in sizes from 16 to 64 drawers.

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Fhm Hacks Ecomm Via Amazon
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Family Handyman Hacks

Whether they’re a seasoned or beginner DIYer, Family Handyman Hacks contains a variety of helpful project tips. From storage and organization hacks to painting hacks and workshop tips, this book is guaranteed to delight the DIYer in your life.

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