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Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors that Make a Splash

Let your personality shine through and give your kitchen an inexpensive facelift by painting your kitchen cabinets. Here are 10 kitchen cabinet paint colors that will surely liven things up.

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Brighten up even the darkest of kitchens with yellow, one of the happiest painted kitchen cabinet ideas. “A bowl of lemons makes your countertops pop,” notes Kitchen Cabinet Kings, an online source for kitchen cabinets. “Imagine how bright and welcoming your kitchen could be if your kitchen cabinets emitted this kind of light and energy.” Try pairing yellow cabinets with a gray countertop and white walls. These 20 surprising tips on painting kitchen cabinets will help you achieve the perfect kitchen.

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Give your kitchen a dramatic, yet sophisticated look by painting your cabinets gray. “Gray’s versatility highlights the trend for sleek and smooth cabinet door styles without taking too much attention from the rest of the room,” according to Kitchen Craft Cabinetry, a company offering cabinets in both the United States and Canada. Go with a lighter gray shade for a subtle look, or a deeper hue for a dramatic effect. You can easily DIY these 30 kitchen cabinet add-ons.

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“Lime surpasses yellow as the bright new cabinet color trend,” according to Decora Cabinetry, an Indiana-based cabinet company. Whether you go with a lime, a sage or a bold tropical green, there are plenty of shades for a variety of tastes. Give your kitchen a fresh look by pairing green with a crisp white. Give your kitchen cabinets a refresh in just one weekend.

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A true neutral, black works well in kitchens that already have a lot of natural light. Black can also give your kitchen a modern look. “Pairing black kitchen cabinets with white countertops, white flooring, and white walls offers a super sophisticated look that’s going to last and stay fashionable,” according to Plain & Fancy, a custom cabinetry company based in Pennsylvania. This is the best way to clean grease off of your kitchen cabinets.

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Bring a sense of adventure and be bold in the kitchen with red cabinets. Whether you go for a deep crimson or a cherry red, this color will surely make a statement. “Using an oil-based primer will prevent discoloration in the paint, allowing you to obtain your specified color,” notes Kitchen Cabinet Kings.

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When it comes to kitchen cabinet paint colors, blues can be a soothing choice. Whether you choose a pale, spa blue or a deep navy, Kitchen Craft Cabinetry suggests pairing blue cabinets with raw wood to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Consider one of these 10 different (but cool) ideas for your kitchen cabinet doors.

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Don’t fear purple when choosing kitchen cabinet paint colors. From eggplant to lavender, purple can look stylish and sophisticated. “When used to accent the neutral colors used in many kitchens and baths, these tones add a creative appeal to the space,” according to Decora Cabinetry.

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Looking for a kitchen cabinet color that’s bold and unexpected? Kitchen Cabinet Kings suggests trying turquoise—somewhere between blue and green! “Pair your turquoise cabinets with an intricate backsplash for a funky vibe that will grab everyone’s attention as they spend time in your kitchen.” Convert wood cabinet doors to glass with these tips.

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Sure, white kitchen cabinets are traditional, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. White is a good option for many kitchens because it’s simple, straightforward and pairs well with pops of other colors. “Go wild with countertops, get crazy with wall color, or invest in a daring floor covering—the sky’s the limit,” Plain & Fancy says of white cabinetry. Here are eight ways to reuse your old kitchen cabinets.

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Yes, you can have orange cabinets in your kitchen. “For your contemporary dream kitchen design, incorporate orange cabinets with silver hardware and a simple white or concrete countertop,” notes Kitchen Cabinet Kings. Just stick with a basic color scheme for the rest of the space to avoid clashing colors. You can build these 10 kitchen cabinet and drawer organizers yourself.

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