8 Best Insect Nets for Your Deck and Patio

Enjoy backyard barbecues, pool parties and dinners on the deck this summer. Here are our picks for the best insect netting for outdoor living spaces.

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What Are Insect Nets?

Insect nets are a low-tech, eco-friendly way to keep irritating flying and biting bugs like mosquitoes, flies and gnats from ruining everyone’s outdoor fun. Generally made of fine cotton or polyester mesh, the lightweight netting allows plenty airflow, while keeping insects out.

Win the war against bugs with these top insect nets for your deck, patio and more.

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Best Insect Netting for Patios and Decks

No more swatting or spraying stinky insect repellent — the Best Choice Products Patio Umbrella Bug Screen shields you from the wrath of summertime bugs. The stretchy cinch-top netting attaches around most patio umbrellas and has a zippered entrance for easy in-and-out. Fill the plastic bottom tubing with sand to keep it weighted down and secure.

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Best Insect Netting for Pool Areas

The Tedderfield Premium X Large Mosquito Net is like having an anti-insect, screened-in-pool that’s portable. The perfect netting to hang over a backyard kiddie pool or whirlpool tub, the net has a single reinforced attachment point and comes with a convenient hanging kit. For keeping bugs at bay in large pool areas, screens with a frame, like these from Phifer, are the best option.

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Best Insect Netting for Babies

Keep your little one safe and bite-free with the Baby Playpen Mosquito Net by Tedderfield. Great for outdoor family reunions or kiddie birthday parties, the premium quality mesh slips over any standard playpen (strollers and bassinets too), then tightens with a drawstring at the base to eliminate gaps. Just pull back the cute teddy bear zippers when nap time is over.

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Best Value

Small but efficient, Coghlan’s Mosquito Net is budget-friendly bug protection. Great for traveling, it’s lightweight and comes with its own carrying bag. The single-wide, rectangular net protects against biting bugs, and it can fully enclose a sleeping bag or cot. The metal tie tabs (included) attach to anchors in the ground or to walls or bedposts.

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Best Personal Insect Protection

Create a bug-free zone with the BugPod Undercover SportPod. Moms, dads and grandparents will be clambering over this screened insect tent. It not only provides protection from bug bites, but offers shade and protection during unexpected rain storms. And it’s easy to set up and fold down. (The comfy chair is not included.)

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Best for Camping

Made for the outdoors, the MEKKAPRO Ultra Large Mosquito Net is what every hard-core wilderness adventurer needs to avoid being eaten alive by bugs. Ultra-fine polyester in an optimal hexagon mesh design renders the net breathable yet impenetrable by insects. It includes a hanging kit with seven hooks, screws and plugs, plus extra string and a carry pouch.

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Best for Covering Food

Reusable and collapsible, this six-pack of Simply Genius Pop-Up Mesh Food Covers keep insects away from open dishes of food at picnics, barbecues and other outdoor events. They’re big enough to fit over a full-size dinner plate and serving dishes up to 16 inches in diameter and 10 inches high. These nets also eliminate the need for foil, plastic wrap and paper towels, saving on undue waste. They can also be used for plant netting in your vegetable garden.

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Best Insect Netting by the Yard

There are lots of reasons to buy insect netting in bulk. You can lay large swaths of netting over plants for pest protection or sew a canopy to hang above your bed at night. You can also make a temporary car window screen affixed with duct tape. Mosquito Curtains offers a range of weights and mesh sizes to purchase by the linear foot. For huge DIY projects, you can order an entire roll (144 feet).

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