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How to Store Seasonal Clothes

Find out how to store seasonal clothes with these tips for keeping your garments fresh, pest-free and out of the way until you need them.

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Best Way to Store Clothes: Start With a Clean Slatetmcphotos/shutterstock

Best Way to Store Clothes: Start With a Clean Slate

Launder and dry clean all garments before putting them into storage. Stains set in over time, and body oils can create hard-to-eliminate odor if stored without cleaning. Avoid using fabric softeners or starch, which can attract insects.
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Choose the Right BoxesFamily Handyman

Choose the Right Boxes

Never use cardboard boxes to store clothing long-term. Insects and pests can get into cardboard boxes, and they mildew easily when exposed to moisture. Look for plastic storage containers with tight-fitting lids, and label the containers for easy identification later. Plus: How to build the plastic tub storage towers shown here.
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Best Way to Store Clothes: Keep Moths at BaySubbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Best Way to Store Clothes: Keep Moths at Bay

Moths can wreak havoc and destroy your clothing, but you can deter clothes moths by using lavender or cedar. Avoid using mothballs, which give off hazardous gasses that are harmful and smelly. Instead, place lavender sachets or cedar blocks in containers with your clothes to protect them from moths and insects. Plus: How to organize your laundry room
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Best Way to Store Clothes: Try a Rolling Garment Rack

For easy access to your seasonal clothes, try using a rolling garment rack. This inexpensive rack can easily hold coats, sweaters, shoes, boots and pants and often comes with a cover to keep them dust and pest free. You can roll the whole thing out of the way or into a closet, then roll it out again when you need an item of clothing.
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Store in Suitcases

Suitcases can keep your clothes safely stored and easily transportable. When storing clothing in suitcases, make sure to sort them by type and label the outside of the suitcases for easy identification.
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Fill High SpacesFamily Handyman

Fill High Spaces

Make use of unused space and keep seasonal clothes out of the way by hanging them up high. Install a hanging rod or storage rack at the top of your closet to create additional storage that won't get in the way, but is accessible when needed.
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Best Way to Store Clothes: Folding Versus Hanging

Best Way to Store Clothes: Folding Versus Hanging

Sweaters stored on hangers can become misshapen and can lose form over time. Fold your knitwear to avoid stretching, and store heavier sweaters on the bottom of a storage container to prevent them from crushing lighter items. Plus: 15 Kids' Closet Organization Ideas
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Avoid the Elements

Avoid the Elements

Try to avoid storing seasonal clothing in areas of your house exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture. Look for a dark, cool, dry location with plenty of ventilation, and steer clear of damp locations like basements or garages, where insects, mold and mildew are more common. Photo: Clutter Clearer Coach
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Regularly Inspect

Regularly Inspect

Inspect your garments regularly to make sure that they do not have any storage issues. Check the storage containers for cracks or openings, and inspect clothing for stains, insects or mildew. Launder clothing and clean your storage containers when necessary. Plus: Space-saving sliding shelves Photo: Jamie Grill
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Boot Storage SolutionsFamily Handyman

Boot Storage Solutions

Boots can lose shape if stored improperly. Keep your boots looking sharp by filling them with foam pool noodles before storing them. The pool noodles maintain the boots form, even when stored in boxes or containers. Plus: More pool noodle hacks.
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Vacuum-Packed Perfection

Vacuum-Packed Perfection

Nothing keeps pests at bay like vacuum-sealed storage bags. Fill these amazing bags with clean clothing, then use a standard vacuum to seal the bag tightly for storage. Since the bags shrink down, they also help you make the best use of your storage space. Photo: Christine Hawks
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Double-Duty StorageFamily Handyman

Double-Duty Storage

If space is an issue, look for double-duty or built-in storage solutions. Consider installing drawers in unused areas of your house, like under stairs, and purchase furniture that can double as storage, like benches and end tables designed with storage in mind.
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Create a Purse Rack

Create a Purse Rack

Keep your purses organized and looking nice all year by storing them on an over-the-door rack. You can install this type of rack on any door of the house, allowing you to store purses, scarves, hats and other seasonal items without damaging them. Plus: Clutter busting strategies for every room Photo: Arts and Classy
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Keep it Decorative With Baskets

Keep it Decorative With Baskets

Store your garments in style by making use of decorative baskets. You can arrange and organize filled baskets around your home and nobody would ever know that they contain seasonal clothing.
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Under the BedFamily Handyman

Under the Bed

For a more long-term investment, purchase a bed with storage built in. Many beds contain drawers to make the best use of the space, and some beds even lift up for full access to under-bed storage.