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13 Simple Housecleaning Tricks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Housecleaners share the cleaning secrets they use to keep your house spick and span.

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The Best Way to Dust Blinds?

Close them, then wipe up and down with an old dryer sheet. It’ll create an antistatic barrier that helps prevent dust from building up again.

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The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is Your Friend

It will cut your cleaning time in half for bathtubs, sinks, countertops and dirty walls.

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Use Coffee Filters, Not Paper Towels, to Clean Glass and Mirrors

Coffee filters leave no streaks or lint — and they’re cheap.

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Vinegar and Water is a Great Deodorizer for a Musty Bathroom

Spray your shower as you’re getting out. The mixture really absorbs the odors, and the smell of vinegar goes away in an hour.

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A Wet Pumice Stone Will Clean a Dirty Oven

Trust us. Here’s what to know before using your oven’s self-cleaning function.

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Vacuuming Bathroom Mats is a Nightmare.

Toss them in the wash every week or two instead.

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Try This to Clean Wood Floors

Don’t use vinegar. The acid in it can sometime pit your polyurethane finish, can void your warranty, and may reduce shine over time. Try using castile soap mixed with hot water instead.

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Try This All-Purpose Cleanser

It combines distilled white vinegar, essential oils and water in a spray bottle. Here’s how to make it.

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Our Biggest Secret Weapon?

A powdered product called Bar Keepers Friend. We use it on everything. Its active ingredient is oxalic acid, which really cuts through grit and grime. It cleans glass-top stoves, glass showers, counters, toilets, porcelain and more. Your surfaces will never be shinier.

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Microwave a Cup of Water and Baking Soda Until It’s Boiling

That eliminates odors and makes it super easy to wipe away all that stuck-on stuff inside your microwave.

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Clean Cobwebs With a Yardstick Covered by a Tube Sock

That also works for cleaning under stoves and refrigerators.

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Shine Your Bathroom Tiles With Lemon Oil

It also helps prevent mold and mildew. Here are some other ways to use essential oils around your house.

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Drop a Bubbling Denture Tablet in Your Toilet

This will eliminate that ring in your toilet; the stain will come off with just a few swishes of the brush. Leave it for at least 30 minutes or overnight.

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