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10 Home Trends From 10 Years Ago We Hope Won’t Come Back

You might have tried to forget some of these home trends from 10 years ago...

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Tuscan-Inspired KitchenMichelle Marsan/Shutterstock

Tuscan-Inspired Kitchens

A popular kitchen design trend for much of the 2000s, Tuscan kitchens are starting to lose their appeal. Instead of lots of stone and darker colors, today’s kitchens focus on lighting and a crisp color palette.

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Heavy Drapes

Heavy drapes were considered outdated luxury items in 2009, and they can contain trichloroethylene and perchloroethylene when they’re new or dry cleaned. The EPA also found formaldehyde could be in draperies.

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Ornate Gold Frames

Interior decorators also highlighted ornate golden picture frames as an item they didn’t want to see anymore of in 2009. The frames can distract from the piece of art it’s holding up.

Find out why you should use toothpaste to hang pictures.

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Red-Leather-Cubed-OttomanGary George/Shutterstock

Cubed Ottomans

Interior decorators ruled that cubed ottomans were out in 2009. Instead, they pointed to hexagon and oval-shaped ottomans.

Check out these furniture pieces that are multifunctional.

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speckled granite countertopsArtazum/Shutterstock

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops ruled the 2000s, but they’re not near their peak popularity anymore. Check out these countertop ideas that aren’t granite if you need to refresh your look.

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lightSaknarong Butsabong/Shutterstock

Edison Bulbs

From trendy coffee shops to household ceilings, Edison bulbs are everywhere. And while it was fun to have an aesthetically-pleasing, subtle light option for a while, it seems businesses and homes everywhere have taken the exposed lighting look to a whole new level. The reality is, however, they don’t put out much light, and there are plenty of other unique ways to avoid harsh lighting, like a chandelier! You might be interested in these 14 modern pendant lighting trends.

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Avocado-Green-KitchenFamily Handyman

Avocado Green Kitchen

We highlighted this kitchen in a 2009 issue and this color trend never really took off. The color will remind you of hanging out in Grandma’s kitchen.

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Wall-stencil-artFamily Handyman

Wall Stencil Art

We highlighted IKEA’s Slatthult peel-and-stick wall decorations back in 2009 and the style seems out of place now. It might be good in a child’s room but not so much in the living room. Wall stencils, if done correctly, can look good.

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vessel sink in bathroomAngela Brogato/Shutterstock

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks started taking off in the 2000s, but then people started to notice some faults with it. They’re tough to clean, can overflow, get rocky and they’re tough to reach for kids. Find out more on why you’ll regret choosing a vessel sink.

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chevron rug living roomJodie Johnson/Shutterstock


Chevron blew up late in the 2000s but it’s all over the place these days, making it look a little tired. We’ve said chevron is one of 12 bathroom trends on the way out.