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15 Home Tech Items You Can Get At IKEA

For a home that keeps up with the times, check out IKEA's budget-friendly tech gadgets.

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RIGGAD LED Work Lamp With Wireless Charging

There’s a lot to love about this small but mighty work lamp. Not only does it provide a directed light that can be shifted to suit your needs thanks to the adjustable lamp arm and head, but it features a built-in charger. You can charge two devices at the same time wirelessly! Do you have a smart home? Here are the things you should be doing once a month.

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TRÅDFRI Driver for Wireless Control

Create several groups of lights and control them in different ways using the TRÅDFRI gateway and app. Whether you want to use the wireless dimmer or turn on/off up to 10 light sources, you can control your wardrobe closets, kitchen cabinets and bookcases the smart way. If you’re ready to smarten up your home, consider installing a smart thermostat.

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RIMFORSA Tablet Stand

While there’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned cookbook, people have turned to tablets to provide them up-to-date recipes to fit their needs. Some people even enjoy watching videos to enhance their cooking efforts! This bamboo stand is the perfect solution for keeping your tablet upright and stable without taking up valuable counter space.

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Nordmarke Wireless Charging Pad

For $60, you have yourself a charging pad that blends in with the furniture in your home. It can power up to three phones at once, making it a perfect alternative to bulky extension cords with multiple phones plugged in by personal chargers. Need more tech inspiration? Check out these 36 home tech items for your wishlist.

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TRÅDFRI Wireless Motion Sensor

For a super affordable way to add smart safety features to your home, check out this discreet monitor. It turns lights on right away when sensing motion, triggering up to 10 lights within its range. For added security, consider installing a smart door lock.

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ENEBY Bluetooth Speaker

Who knew you could get a Bluetooth speaker from IKEA? This smart device provides you with clear, quality sound wherever you choose to place it — either standing or mounted on the wall. Check out these 39 awesome home tech products (and one really geeky one!).

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FORMAT LED Cabinet Light

Create a cozy atmosphere in the room with this LED cabinet light. It allows you to dim your lighting wirelessly, easily adapt the lighting based on activity, and it provides a focused light that is great for smaller areas.

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STRÖMLINJE LED Countertop Light

Ready to take your cooking game to the next level? Check out this LED counter light. It allows you to dim your lighting wirelessly, and adapt the lighting based on activity so you can prepare food and enjoy your kitchen space and activities just the way you like it. It makes for a safer environment when chopping those veggies too!

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TILLREDA Portable Induction Cooktop

How cool is this smart device? It’s a great option for smaller kitchens, allowing you a little more freedom for making your own cooking space. Move it around with ease, and store it away in seconds to free up counter space for other activities. Next time you’re at IKEA, pick up a couple items for these five awesome IKEA hacks.

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SOLBANA Charger With Built-In Battery

Who needs to be constrained to an outlet when you have people to talk to, recipes to look up and emails to respond to on your smart phone? This charger with a built-in battery allows you to roam around the house while charging your phone or tablet. You may not think of IKEA as a go-to destination for the DIY enthusiast, but here are some reasons why it really is a great resource for DIYers.

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BRÄDA Laptop Support

Whether you work from home or you just enjoy a little extra support when chilling on the couch with your laptop, this product is a great buy. The rubber strip on the underside of the frame keeps the laptop support firmly in place for more efficient web surfing, working, etc.

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OMLOPP LED Light Strip for Drawers

Ready to take your silverware drawer to the next level? Perhaps you’ve always wanted your bureau drawers to glow with your precious items inside when you open them up. You can easily glam up drawers with this product, which enhances the atmosphere and gives a good overview of things inside. Check out these other items you can buy at IKEA. You may be surprised by some of them!

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ENEBY Speaker Stand

Optimize the sound in your home with this speaker stand. It gives sound a lift by raising the speaker off of the surface and angling it slightly toward you. You may also like these 12 products under $12 that will improve your home life.

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OMLOPP LED Spotlight

Add a decorative finish to your kitchen with this LED spotlight. This tech gadget is an easy-to-install option for showing off your beloved dinnerware collection. It’s even dimmable to suit the mood! Buy smart light switches for convenience, safety and saving money.

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ANSLUTA Remote Control

Forget having to remove yourself from the dining room table during dinner or the couch during a movie to adjust the lights. This remote control comes with you wherever you go. You can also attach it to a cabinet or wall. For more tech fun, check out these 14 cool tech gadgets that turn your home into a smart house.

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