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20 Home Products You Wish You Knew About Sooner

Who knew cooking, cleaning and even unlocking the front door could be so easy?!

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Flexible Pot Clip

When you need that extra hand in the kitchen, this savvy gadget comes to the rescue. This utensil pot clip attaches right to the pot or pan edge, holding utensils firmly in place for easy access without the mess of setting them down on the counter or dirtying a spoon rest. Trying to cut down on your plastic use at home and beyond? Then check out these 10 kitchen gadgets to help you in your quest for a plastic-free kitchen.

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Reusable Silicone Food Savers

If you’re sick of opting for aluminum foil or sandwich bags to keep your leftover fruits and vegetables fresh, it’s time to try out some more sustainable home products. These small silicone caps create a seal that keeps oxygen out and all the juices in.

Here are our favorite no-hassle food storage containers.

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Bean-Shaped Bottle Cleaning Sponge

Whether it’s a vase, a water bottle or another hard-to-clean item, this bean-shaped weighted sponge will get all the nooks and crannies cleaned, unlike a regular sponge. To use it, you just drop the sponge into the bottle, fill with water and a dash of dish soap, close the cap and shake it up! Does your kitchen sponge smell? Here’s how to clean it.

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Click-Lock Sit Up Tongs

These tongs are about to keep messes off your counters and the grime from your counters off of your tongs. Designed with a little bend in the handle, the tongs can be placed on the counter with the tips remaining up in the air. You should also check out these 12 creative solutions for storing pots and pans.

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Reusable Elastic Rubber Bands for Trash Cans

Keep messes from dirtying up your can by ensuring the bag remains in place using these highly-stretchable bands that securely hold plastic garbage bags right where you want them. Here’s how to keep your outdoor trash can from flying in the wind.

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Strong Magnets

Are you sick of bottles clanking around your shelves in the refrigerator? There’s a nifty home product to solve that! These super-strong magnets will make all the difference. Hang bottles from the ceiling of your refrigerator to stop the noise while also freeing up space. Here’s how to eliminate bad fridge odors with newspaper and charcoal.

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Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Bin

The perfect size to fit on your counter top, this compost bin allows you to easily slide in scraps right from your cutting board. This bin lets air flow through for less odor and fewer flies, it opens easily with a push of a button and it’s easy to clean and empty for less mess. It also comes with five compostable bags. It’s large, loaded with features and you can build this compost barrel for the cost of a bargain model.

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Frying Pan Splatter Guard

Whether you’re frying bacon, cooking eggs, sauteing vegetables or making pancakes, you want to prevent hot oil, water and food from burning your skin. This frying pan splatter guard seen on the TV show “Shark Tank,” makes using the frying pan much safer. Speaking of products we’ve seen on TV, we can’t wait to try these 30 As Seen On TV products.

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Get organized in the kitchen with the GeniCan, which easily installs into your existing garbage can or recycle bin and allows you to add items to your grocery list automatically as you dispose of them. Scan items where you are already disposing of them, making it a seamless integration into your routine. No barcode on that banana peel? Simply hold the item over your GeniCan and you will be prompted to say what item you want to add to your list.

This is the best day of the week to go grocery shopping.

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Remote Controlled Shades

Eliminate the hassle of opening and closing shades with Lutron’s remote-controlled Serena shades. The shades can be controlled from across the room or anywhere in the world through the Lutron App and Smart Bridge. And, these shades integrate with Googlel Assistant. Find out how to stop window drafts in your home.

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Mini Cordless Tabletop Crumb Sweeper

A simple snack at your desk or a quick lunch at the kitchen table can make a crumby mess. This tiny vacuum is a battery-operated device you’ll want to add to your must-have home products for making life easier (and cleaner!) Use it on laptops, computer keyboards, car seats, appliances, furniture and so much more. Check out these 12 ways to use your smartphone in your home that you never knew about.

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Robotic Lawn Mower

With this robotic lawn mower, the guide wire that runs around the perimeter of your yard is held down with stakes, so no trenching is necessary, and programming is simple. The whole setup takes less than 90 minutes. What makes this machine excel is the retractable, razor-like cutting blades. They’re just a fraction of the size of thick steel blades, which results in clean cuts, longer run-times and super-quiet operation. Check out these 14 robots you need to clean your house.

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Touchless Stationary Vacuum

If you have back issues, this smart vacuum/dustpan is for you. Just set the unit to automatic mode and sweep the debris toward it. The motion sensor detects when your broom is within range and starts up the vacuum. Aim the dirt pile toward the suction port and the vacuum will suck it up. If you have pets, they may activate the motion detector when they walk by. That’s why there’s a switched manual mode to activate the vacuum.

Keep your workshop dust-free with this adjustable shop vacuum hose attachment.

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Stainless Steel Butter Slicer

Spreading cold butter on toast can make an unfortunate mess and waste valuable time, especially in the morning when you’re trying to get out the door! This stainless steel butter slicer changes all of that by quickly slicing perfect pats of butter. You’ll turn a cold butter stick into spreadable goodness in no time. Check out these 25 brilliant handy hints for the home cook.

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Weber iGrill 3 Grill Thermometer

The Weber iGrill 3, which is compatible with the brand’s Genesis II and Genesis II LX gas grills, allows you to closely monitor your food so you get perfect results every time. The Bluetooth-enabled device supports up to four probes and sends information such as food temperature, cook time and even propane tank levels to your smartphone or tablet via the Weber iGrill app. This makes a terrific Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift. Here are the 25 grilling tools you will need during BBQ season.

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Voice-Smart Door Locks

No more fumbling for your keys in the dark—the August Smart Lock Pro does away with all that. Compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant, you can control the lock via voice commands to let visitors in or open the door for yourself. It can also be controlled from an app, which automatically opens the door when you approach, and can even be used remotely to open the door, perhaps to accept a delivery. This system can also be connected to your existing locks. If a smart lock seems a good idea to you, then check out these 15 smart door locks to find your perfect match.

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Delta Faucet Voice-Smart Faucet

Cut down on the need to clean your faucet by installing this smart faucet from Delta. Using Touch2O technology and the power of Alexa, you can switch it on and off, adjust the water temperature and dispense specific amounts (in metric or imperial measurements). You can even instruct it to fill a water bottle. Of course, it also works manually! And, why not check out these smart bathroom products that also work with Alexa?

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Wobble Wedges

A wobbly table can be really frustrating, but thankfully there is a home product that can fix that problem in seconds. This 75-piece set of Wobble Wedges lets you keep that dining table you love without subjecting yourself to its imbalances. Use these to wedge under the culprit leg of your table, or to level appliances or tighten rattling windows. Here’s how to fix a wobbly chair.

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Family Hub Voice-Smart Fridge

Who would have thought that a refrigerator could do so much more than keep food fresh? But, the Family Hub refrigerator from Samsung does a whole lot more and can be voice-activated via the SmartThings app. The internal camera lets you see exactly what’s inside, even when you’re in the grocery store, and the fridge can also shop for food and help with menu plans.

In addition, this smart fridge can keep family schedules—individual voice recognition lets it personalize notifications!—and you can also leave a message, share photos on the door display, play music or mirror programs from your Samsung TV. Choosing a new refrigerator can be complicated, so whether you want a smart fridge or not, take a peek at what to look out for before buying.

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LED Toilet Night Light

Make waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom less annoying by not having to turn on any bright lights. This handy toilet night light provides supreme illumination without blinding you with overwhelming light. It also features a built-in automatic UV sanitizer that activates after you go to the bathroom to sterilize the toilet and area around it. If you spot these troubles with your toilet, don’t wait around for them to go away.

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