Handy Home Products Created by Small Businesses

Small businesses need your help in these challenging times. Support them if you can!

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The stream of internet noise about deals coming from Target, Walmart and Amazon seems endless. These retail giants are offering great bargains on almost anything you can imagine during their annual promotions.

But let’s not forget the hard-working small businesses out there trying to navigate a decidedly tricky time in retail history. To that end, here are seven handy home products from small businesses.

Note: All products are available now but some may be discounted during Amazon’s Prime Day promotion (Oct. 13-14).

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Hartmaze Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

These 11-in. x 11-in. wooden jigsaw puzzles comprise 167 pieces of premium wooden material. Each piece is made to be unique, which helps avoid the tediousness of similar-shaped pieces. The puzzles can also be glued together upon completion to form a striking piece of artwork.

Why It Makes Our List: We love Hartmaze’s commitment to customer service. The company offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy with a full refund. It will also replace any chipped or broken pieces free of charge.

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The Original Bedside Shelf

The BedShelfie bedside tray safely holds up to 15 lbs, putting your laptop, book, remote and water within arm’s reach. The shelf fits snugly under your mattress and requires no tools to install. (Psst — We also love the BedShelfie Slide!)

Why It Makes Our List: We love BedShelfie’s commitment to eco-friendliness. The item comes in four sizes and nine colors, all handcrafted from bamboo.

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Tesvor Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

This hybrid two-in-one vacuum and mop lasts 100 minutes on a single charge, with suction strong enough to pick up crumbs & pet hair. It’s great for multiple rooms, low-pile carpet and hardwood floors. The slim profile fits under couches, shelves and low-hanging cupboards.

Why It Makes Our List: We love Tesvor’s commitment to technology. This item is compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant. Homeowners can use voice commands to schedule cleanings, direct the unit, customize cleaning modes and get real-time support.

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U-Taste Measuring Spoon and Coffee Scoop

These stainless steel measuring spoons won’t rust or absorb the smell of coffee like plastic spoons can. They’re designed to be a heavier weight, with smooth edges and a nice finish to make holding and grabbing easier. The spoons are also dishwasher safe.

Why It Makes Our List: We love U-Taste’s commitment to customer satisfaction. The company collects customer reviews of similar products on Amazon. Then, based on data from bad reviews, it upgrades the products to provide consumers with higher-quality kitchenware.

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Kitchen Mama Mini Electric Can Opener

Kitchen Mama’s smallest can opener yet, powered by two AA batteries (not included), is designed to be easy for kids and adults of all ages. The blade cuts 360 degrees along the side of the lid without touching the food inside.

Why It Makes Our List: We love Kitchen Mama’s commitment to safety. Its cutting method leaves no sharp edges, allowing kids to safely and easily join in on the cooking fun.

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LoafNest Easy Artisan Bread Kit

The LoafNest is a new, easier way to bake artisan bread at home.  The cast iron Dutch oven with a professional non-stick liner uses steam and the science of bread-making to deliver perfect loaves every time.

Why It Makes Our List: We love how easy it is. No need for kneading or shaping. Just mix your ingredients, let the yeast activate, put everything into the LoafNest and load it into the oven.

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Sense-U Baby Monitor

The Sense-U breathing and baby monitor covers it all. It tracks your baby’s breathing, sleep position and body temperature while streaming HD video and audio to your Sense-U Baby app (available in iOS and Android).

Why It Makes Our List: We love Sense-U’s commitment to peace of mind. The 1080P high-definition video lets you see your baby crystal clear, any time of the day or night. Its two-way audio system lets you talk to and interact with your baby, too.

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