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Home Inspector Nightmares: Volume 4

Home Inspectors have lots of interesting stories, but more importantly unbelievable photos! Here are 10 more for your enjoyment.

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Beaver in the Attic!

Who thinks it's cute to have red squirrels in the attic? Rodents in and around the house are something to take seriously.
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Santa lost his boot

No, this isn't a trash can. I think a good chimney cleaning is in order.
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Pillars of the earthPhoto: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Pillars of the earth

Lots of bad bricks here that a little tuckpointing may have prevented. At least it matches the rest of the chimney.
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Ho boy!

Vinyl dryer vent hose is such a bad idea on so many levels. So a smooth metal dryer vent is the best solution, hands down.
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"Dear, why the heck aren’t the clothes getting dry?"Structure Tech

"Dear, why the heck aren’t the clothes getting dry?"

I'll bet the house feels a bit humid. A dryer vent is one of the many things in your home that needs regular cleaning.
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Liberace's guest bath

Believe it or not, there are regulations regarding the distance between your tub and a light fixture. If you'd rather move the whirlpool tub than the light fixture, here's how to install it.
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Extra clothes rod

Clever why? Well it's the shower curtain tension rod silly. It's easy to violate electrical codes if you don't know what you're doing.
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A fat siding guy's nightmare

Installing your own siding isn't all that hard to do. Providing you've got plenty of room for your ladders and scaffolding.
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There are a multitude of things that shouldn't be put down the toilet. Unfortunately, we'll never find out what happened here.
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Belt and suspender roofing

This DIYer wasn't taking any chances installing these shingles. Yup, he caulked between every single joint.

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