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Home Inspector Nightmares: Volume 28

Let’s take another look inside the secret life of the American home. And the people that work on them.

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Economy drain

Too bad we spent all our budget on the granite countertop. I’m getting sick of emptying the drain bucket.
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Europee’n style or what?Structure Tech

Europee’n style or what?

There might not be anything wrong with it, but it’s weird. One thing’s for sure. If they ever decide to replace it with a new toilet, the next one won’t use near as much water.
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This one just gives me the shudders

With all different lengths of wire scraps to connect things together, sometimes it’s easier to install the junction boxes after making the connections. No amount of electrical tape is going to make this safe.
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Drip catchers?Structure Tech

Drip catchers?

Who knows? But if that is the case, it’d be smart to track down those roof leaks.
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“Maurits’ Repair shop, may I help you?”

OK! All buttoned up! Any problems, call 1-800-MCESCHER. (Confused? Google it!) Range hood vents are relatively easy to replace providing there was one to begin with.
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Lint art masterpiece

Nope. It’s not a dryer vent. It’s just one of the outlets at the fire-starter manufacturing plant.
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Mission control, we have a problem!

That darn pipe was always in the way of the future basement window for my ant farm. Problem solved! But can you join dissimilar pipes? Sure but you have to do it properly.
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Rubber soul

Yup. Every plumber should carry an inner tube and a shoelace. Clearly this pipe repair didn’t quite pass muster. Repair couplings are actually just as easy to do as this method. And a whole lot more leakproof.
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Framing tips from a professional gift wrapper

That oughta hold it! Baling twine works great to hold your house together, just make sure you double it up and use the proper knots.
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Hope the Big Bad Wolf doesn’t show up

I’m sure it’s not a nice place to spend a workday, but don’t you at least have to try?! This cobbled together joist mess might hold up for a while, but it’s certainly not a permanent solution.