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Home Inspector Nightmares: Volume 27

Ten more fascinating examples of really dumb ways to do things from our inspector friends out in the field. Have fun, especially when you see the one about the tin foil backsplash!

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That first step is a doozy!

I’m thinking Wile E. Coyote running off a cliff. Just don’t look down and you’ll be fine. And you could install a slide, or better yet build some steps.
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No air freshener needed!

Hopefully this is connected to the exhaust fan and not the cold air return. But either way I guess it takes care of the problem at the source.
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Who needs an outlet?

Why in the world would you need a permanent power supply when you can cobble together other stuff? Not sure what’s going on here, but an easier solution would have been to add a new circuit to the existing service panel.
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Maybe we could just bash it in with a hammer?

Just another brush load or two of blackjack oughta do the trick! I keep thinking an alien is going to come out of there. Replacing a roof vent is actually easier than this guy made it.
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Penny-wise backsplash

At least this way, the government won’t know what you’re cooking. When the aluminum backsplash gets dirty, just roll off some replacement foil, grab some masking tape, and you’re home free.
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Stylish toilet paper holder

Here’s a great way to hide your unsightly toilet paper holder. If you don’t have a vanity cabinet for your toilet paper holder, you can always install one.
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For when you need to escape the basement and quickly get to the roof. But frankly, a basement egress would be a better solution.
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I just love symmetrical kitchens!

Of course it does add to the cost somewhat. I bet some magazine would like this idea for a kitchen design story.
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Asphyxiation Chamber?

If you’re a carbon monoxide lover, this is a dream home. CO detectors can only do so much. If there was one in this room, the batteries wouldn’t last more than a day.
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Ridge shingles aren’t just for ridges anymore

There are few ways to install roof valleys and this isn’t one of them. Valley flashing is typically used in valleys, hence the name.

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