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Home Inspector Nightmares: Volume 26

Welcome once again to the surreal world of home inspectors and their horror stories. Mystery and danger await your perusal!

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Lick ‘N Stick stone

You can’t just glue false stone to anything. Installing stone veneer correctly calls for a proper base, and preparation, and materials. Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech
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Ash clean out/cold air intake combo unit

It’s important to furnish fresh outside air to furnaces, but it’s hard to figure out how that happens when you feed that air to the old chimney. And there are better ways to make sure your fireplace is safe and working properly.
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That’ll hold it!

There are zillions of ways to repair a load bearing post. But a few scraps of wood combined with a chunk of sheet metal isn’t one of them.
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What’s cookin?

All of that electrical circuitry for one thing. Wonder if they shut off the gas when their still isn’t boiling corn squeezings. And aside from the scary looking gas stove, there’s at least one electrical code violation here.
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Somebody’s aim was a little off.

Roof vents work best when they’re centered over the holes in the roof decking. This roofer could use a lesson in how to install a roof vent.
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Hmm… What to do with that extra gallon of teal paint?

If you make a mistake, do it louder and repeat it until it no longer seems like a mistake. And at least the floor shouldn’t cave in. Lots of crazy looking wiring as well. There are better ways to install a load bearing beam.
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A Door Built for Hobbits

Nobody else could make this work one-handed. Seriously, I’d love to hear the reasoning behind installing the doorknob this way. At least you don’t have to worry about whether the door is right or left handed.
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Wooden washer

Great! You saved a trip to the hardware store. But if you’re going to use a wooden washer, at least use treated wood. Or better yet, study up on how to install a sink drain the right way.
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How many step-flashing mistakes can you find in this picture?

You know, even if you’re not willing to hire a professional, there’s plenty of online resources that show how to install step flashing properly. Maybe they have a rain barrel inside the wall?

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