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Home Inspector Nightmares: Volume 24

Home inspectors are an observant bunch. From a roof designed to leak to an ingenious design for a small bathroom, here’s another batch of the crazy things they find.

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Sears has everything!

No clue how this worked. Probably was an early crack at water-saving toilets. Even if this toilet works, OK it might be time to shop for a new toilet.
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Got downspouts?

It takes more than a few downspouts to take care of an entire roofs worth of drainage against a wall. Maybe some framing basics would have helped.
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Frost heave????

What would cause this is hard to discern. But one things for sure. There’s a door that needs hang’n.
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Gutter for your gutter

Here's a fix I bet you didn't think of. The next time you discover a gutter leak, just add another gutter underneath.
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Step-by-step roof replacement

Step-by-step roof replacement

If there are any granules left whatsoever, they still have some years on them, right? At some point this roof will need total replacement. Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech
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ET phone home!

These skylights channel sunlight into the house through the attic via reflective tubes. Actually they work pretty well and are pretty easy to install. Conventional skylights let in lots of light but you have to follow the directions to make sure they’re waterproof.
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What's that chimney doing on my sidewalk?

Seriously what is this guy thinking? Proper snow blowing techniques are best kept on Terra firma.
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Airline approved!

Who says you can't have the comfort of an international flight right in your own basement? Designing a small bathroom that doesn't bruise your knees isn't as hard as you think.
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Support your local garage loftStructure Tech

Support your local garage loft

Generally when someone wants to store stuff in the garage ceiling, there are limitations to how much weight you can put up there. And that’s not much in a hand-framed roof like this one.
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Time out chair

Parents can be such harsh disciplinarians. They should at least make sure the crawl space is ventilated and dry.

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