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Home Inspector Nightmares: Volume 12

It’s amazing how creative people can get when they have a problem that needs solving. Here are a few more brilliant solutions.

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Homeless mouse shelter

Electricity and water don’t get along. At least they installed a GFCI outlet.
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It’s all Greek to me

Hope the new home owner can speak Swahili or Russian-or something. Marking circuit breakers is a great idea as long as you can understand them.
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Snow load support

After earning a structural engineering degree from a box of Cracker Jacks, Raymond decided to put his newfound skills to use installing a new garage door opener.
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Hair dryer

Frank got this brilliant idea while drinking beer at the local watering hole. The rest is history. Of course, he had to add a new circuit to pull it off. His wife loves it.
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Attic stairs sans treads

It’s nice to see that some folks really care about safety measures for their neighborhood peeping Toms. There’s got to be a better way to access that attic.
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Speed bumpPhoto: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Speed bump

Ahhh...the glow of satisfaction from a job well done. Clearly, plumbing and drain installation isn't for everyone.
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SEAL team 7 training stairs

After careful years of planning and tending the weed bed, Myrtle thought balusters would just destroy the view. That looks like quite a tumble if you took a bad step on those stairs!
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Tank top

Expecting the toilet to grow sideways, Tom planned ahead. Installing a new toilet was far too much work.
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Lamp in the freezer?

I don’t know why freezers don’t have lights, so I just put one in myself. Maybe the lamp was just overheating?
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P-trap, not mouse trap

Must've been something really tasty plugging up that trap! Better get a new one put on before it starts leaking!

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