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Home Inspector Nightmares: Vol. 9

Here’s another batch from our favorite field guys and gals. Home inspectors that see the darndest things.

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Toboggan ice-dam solution

Granted, this is quite a clever setup. But it seems like it might be less work to fix the ice-dam problem!
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Jacked-Up House

I'm not certain how much weight that jack stand is rated for, but I'm pretty sure a house is a bit over the limit. It's important to understand load-bearing posts. Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech
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The Rocky Throne

Does something look unsteady in this photo to you? We thought so too. Here's how to fix this issue.
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What's a TPR Valve?

Not willing to be outwitted by a water heater, Jim decided that the TPR (temperature, pressure relief) valve should only drip when he wanted it to drip. A TPR valve is an important safety feature, and the photo shown above is NOT an appropriate solution!
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All employees MUST wash their hands before returning to work!

Genius! With this setup, you can wash your hands and your feet at the same time! A small bathroom requires a certain amount of planning.
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Ceiling kitchen venting

Marion loved the smell of her cooking so much, it seemed a waste to vent all of the wonderful aromas outside. Generally, most people would prefer kitchen venting to exhaust outside the house.
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Brilliant extension ladder leg extender

Brilliant extension ladder leg extender

Another clever use for a five-gallon bucket, just prior to kicking the bucket. Please be careful with extension ladders, folks. Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech
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Ladder Extender Part 2

This is just a temporary solution until the 10"-thick slab is poured. Install an attic ladder as a handy way to use your rafter space in the garage.
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Leaking Faucet

That's the definition of "hard water." On the plus side, the water spraying out should soon melt the icicle. Might be time for a new faucet and maybe to install a freeze detector in the house.
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Leaking fill valve repairPhoto: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Leaking fill valve repair

Once Warren caught the recycle/re-use bug, he just couldn't stop. Even going to the extent of breaking the fill valve on his toilet for a chance to re-use this plastic container. Might be even smarter to replace the fill valve with a new kit. Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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