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Home Inspector Nightmares: Vol. 16

The guys and gals in the home inspection world see a lot of the things humanity is capable of. And not all of it is pretty-or smart-or safe.

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Under the boardwalk-boardwalk!Courtesy of Structure Tech

Under the boardwalk-boardwalk!

Once I get a little wood filler in the cracks, this is going to look amazing! Installing wood flooring does take just a little bit of skill.

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The Addam’s family utility roomStructure Tech

The Addam’s family utility room

Judging from the shape of this boiler system, the radiators likely need bleeding. But at least they have a place to drain the supper dishes.

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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Walking in the winter wonderlandCourtesy of Structure Tech

Walking in the winter wonderland

If only the squirrels living in the soffits would quit using this vent to drain their bath water ... I guess they just don’t understand ice dams.

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Porcelain throne for the uninhibitedStructure Tech

Porcelain throne for the uninhibited

So much for the one place a guy can be left alone! Delores wanted to make sure that she could give Ron additions to his to-do list at all times. Time to plan out some bathroom walls!

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Rorschach door painting

Rorschach door painting

Without thinking, tell me what you see. There are techniques involved with painting a door.

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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Not that anyone ever would…

Not that anyone ever would…

Between the Jetsons and Santa Claus, I don’t know who’s worse. Suffice to say they’ll be ticketed or towed from now on! But seriously, you can buy all the parts you need to install gutters at home centers.

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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Helpful signageCourtesy of Structure Tech

Helpful signage

I know every time I want to start a fire in the fireplace, I check the chimney cap to see if it's OK. Maybe the flue should get inspected.

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Larry Bird's boyhood home

Larry Bird's boyhood home

After bouncing the basketball off the roof for five years, I guess mom and dad finally agreed to get junior a backboard. Time to re-shingle this roof!

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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50% off on railings. Let’s go!Courtesy of Structure Tech

50% off on railings. Let’s go!

Dad must’ve thought that the kids would need a stair rail that grew along with them, so they added one more railing for each growth spurt. Believe it or not this is almost legal. At least it passes the 4-in. ball test. The problem is that there’s no returns at the ends.

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Not everyone has the luxury of a copy editor. Maybe it’s “unoppertable” because the installer never finished skool. It’s not that hard to install a light fixture that works.

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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